Darwin's voyage final


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Darwin's voyage final

  1. 1. The Voyage of the Beagle(1831 - 1836)Dr. Karobi Moitra
  2. 2. Who was Charles Darwin? A famous naturalist Traveled around the world in the HMS Beagle Came up with the idea of “Origin of species by means of natural selection” Organisms selected by how(1809 - 1882) fit they were to survive - “Survival of the fittest”
  3. 3. Down House in Kent (England)
  4. 4. How did Darwin get interested in Science &Nature?As a child his favorite pass times were climbing trees,catching rats, playing with dogs and taking long walksin the country to collect whatever he could findCharles did not do well at schoolAt age 13 he and his brother set up a chemistry lab in thetool shed of their garden where he learnt the basics ofscientific experimentationAs he grew older he became interested in bird watching,collecting minerals, beetles and taxidermy (collecting andstuffing specimens)
  5. 5. Darwin’s education1826 his father sent him off to Edinburgh Medical SchoolHe spent his time bird watching, collecting specimenshiking and reading books about nature.He quit medical school 1 1/2 years later.Darwin decided he wanted to be a clergyman/naturalistHe passed the final exam with flying colors with the help ofRevd. Henslow and dreamed of exploring the tropics.
  6. 6. Darwin the explorerIn 1831 Darwin was offered the position of a naturalistOn the HMS Beagle by Captain FitzroyDarwin’s father did not want him to go because he thoughtit would be a “complete waste of time”Darwin set sail on the HMS Beagle on the 27th of Dec1831He became seasick immediately and started havingsecond thoughts about the voyage.
  7. 7. The Ship
  8. 8. Darwin’s cabin
  9. 9. The Voyage (1831 to 1836)
  10. 10. Darwin’s specimensGiant tortoisesLizards25 species of insects15 new species of fishCocoanut crabsCoralBirdsShellsMineralsAnd a lot more…….
  11. 11. Darwin’s finches
  12. 12. Adaptive radiationSpecies evolve rapidly to exploit any empty eco-space
  13. 13. Adaptive radiation in Darwin’s finches One ancestral species (ground dwelling seed eating) Different species evolved in different niches Origin of species by means of natural selection Niches exert the selection pressure
  14. 14. Darwin’s TheoryThe origin of species by means of natural selection Large populations Struggle for existence Struggle for existence Survival of the fittest Survival of the fittest Natural selection Natural selection Speciation
  15. 15. Darwin’s bookPublished in 1859Based on principlesoutlined by Wallaceand Darwin in 1858at a presentation onJuly 1st at theLinnean Society
  16. 16. Referenceshttp://www.darwin-online.org.ukhttp://www.pbs.orghttp://www.smccd.nethttp://www.natcenscied.orghttp://www.AboutDarwin.com