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All Roads Lead Home - Ten Compelling Reasons the Website (vs. Social Media) Should Be Primary Brand Destination

From Rebecca Murtagh's SFIMA - South Florida Interactive Marketing Association Pubcon Summit Presentation at Nova Southeastern University: All Roads Lead Home

Top 10 reasons all roads should lead "Home" (the website). While brands seek the latest in SEO, social media, mobile, usability, Internet marketing and conversion, many overlook the website as the ultimate destination for all online activity. This will resonate with marketers who are constantly being distracted by social media platforms as "destinations" rather than conduits to create relationships they can nurture and convert more effectively from their own website.

This session was very well attended.
Those present for this standing-room only attendance (and into the hall) session where highly engaged, demonstrating marketers are very interested in making the most of their entire digital strategy and investments.

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All Roads Lead Home - Ten Compelling Reasons the Website (vs. Social Media) Should Be Primary Brand Destination

  1. 1. All RoadsLead HomeRebecca Murtagh@VirtualMarketer#SFIMA
  2. 2. A Center forCivilization Thrived
  3. 3. Fast-forward to a morecontemporary conceptthat has become nearlyas obsolete…#PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Credit: firth.comMain Street USA#PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  6. 6. #1:The static, centralmarketplace no longerdominates commerce.Brands must meet customerswherever they are.#PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  7. 7. Global Social Media Share – March 2013Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer #SFIMA #Pubcon#PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  8. 8. U.S. Social Media Share – March 2013#PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  9. 9. #2:Social users are fickle,forcing efforts onmultiple social fronts.Visibility across many platforms ismore realistic when the websiteremains the common, primarydestination for all efforts.Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer #SFIMA #Pubcon#PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  10. 10. Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer #SFIMA
  11. 11. Do your customers knowwhere to find you?#PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  12. 12. #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  13. 13. The Website#PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  14. 14. #3:Social Platforms HaveLimitations & TermsBrands enjoy more freedom &control when mission-criticalactivity resides on the website.#PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  15. 15. Possession is 9/10ths of the Law#PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  16. 16. Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer #SFIMA #Pubconm not an attorney, but this is worthy of careful considera#PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  17. 17. #4:Facebook is not your friend.Social Media Platforms are self-contained businesses with theirown goals and agenda.Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer #SFIMA #Pubcon#PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  18. 18. #4:Facebook is not your friend.Social Media Platforms are self-contained businesses with theirown goals and agenda.#PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  19. 19. #5:Total from E-Commerce Salescan be greatly diminished onsocial platforms.Website-based transactions enablecross-selling, nimble management,control of policies etc.#PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  20. 20. Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer #SFIMA #Pubcon#PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  21. 21. Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer #SFIMA #Pubcon#PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  22. 22. #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  23. 23. #6:Social platforms collectmuch, yet share preciouslittle Data.Website-centric activity enablesmeasurement of KPI’s,user activity, analytics, etc.#PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  24. 24. #7:Social Platforms AssumesOwnership of Content andRelationshipsWebsite enables brands tocultivate relationships withcustomers, on their own terms.#PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  25. 25. #8:Leaving customer on socialplatforms reduces SEObenefit.Search Engines openly statetheir affinity for social, makingrelationship activity and linkingvaluable to the SEO initiative.#PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  26. 26. #9:A great deal of activity onsocial platforms is notvisible in search.Using the website to publish andfacilitate conversion can directlysupport organic search.#PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  27. 27. #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  28. 28. #10:Owned + Earned = AuthorityBrands can build authority,visibility and results bystrategically leveraging therelationship between owned andearned assets.#PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  29. 29. Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer #SFIMA #PubconSource: Google
  30. 30. Facebook Sign-out Ad Illustration.#PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  31. 31. Dedicated Landing PageContinues offer, allows forperformance measurement &analytics.#PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  32. 32. Email Opt-inEstablishes direct, permissioned contact.#PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  33. 33. Site SurveyPromotes usability, customer satisfaction and ROI.#PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  34. 34. There’s no place like home,There’s no place like home,There’s no place like home.
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