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Karmick solutions documantsharing


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Published in: Marketing, Technology
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Karmick solutions documantsharing

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Welcome to Karmick Solutions Pvt. Ltd for all your web design and web development requirements. We offer services towards web designs, web application development, Ecommerce Solutions, Offshore staffing, Offshore Outsourcing, ERP Softwares, Multimedia and Search Engine Optimization. We are a leading software outsourcing company in India. We help you and your business take a step further with the exposure you need to the web of globalization. We not only design and develop the web application, we also provide a consistent technical support for your business to run smoothly and grow gradually. Karmick Solutions is an offshore outsourcing company with an experience of more than 12 years in web design and development. We have been able to provide the best of services to our clients across the globe owing to our years of experience in web development and our vertical market expertise. We have to our advantage a winning combination of high quality at affordable hourly rates. We have consistently maintained a high standard of delivery for our cost-effective solutions. We ensure the quality of development by having in place a standard format of documentation for every project that we undertake. The various stages of development, integration and testing are laid out before the project starts. This in turn ensures timely delivery of the project and 100% client satisfaction.
  3. 3. Our Products
  4. 4. Our Services Web Site Development • PHP Development • ASP.NET Development • AJAX Development • Web Content Management
  5. 5. PHP is an open source, reflective programming language. Originally designed as a high level scripting language for producing dynamic web pages, PHP is used mainly in serverside application software but can be executed from a command line interface or a stand alone GUI". An easier version would interpret it as a potential server-side scripting language, commonly used to create active and efficient web pages for the purpose of developing web application and e-commerce. Based on clients' individual requirements, Karmick Solutions' PHP team of 40 PHP developers is capable of developing effective and customized LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) & AJAX - based solutions covering a wide range from relatively small websites to bigger and complex Internet applications. We make sure that we deliver fullfeatured, scalable and inexpensive web solutions by supplementing the time and costsaving benefits of open source technologies. You can also hire PHP and MySQL developers from us for all your offshore web application development requirements. Ever since its inception, Karmick Solutions has been investing in customizing and deploying PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository) and Open Source Applications. Our exclusive portfolio of web applications on LAMP platform covering various subjects is evidence enough of our skill & knowledge. We ensure expertise in user interface design and thereby make back-end systems extremely user-friendly.
  6. 6. Microsoft .NET, a collection of Microsoft software technologies, used to connect the big and complex world of people, information, systems and devices, is a significant podium for the Generation Y of the web world. Karmick Solutions' .NET team develops and delivers all-encompassing solutions utilizing the complete capability of Microsoft .NET services. .Net distinctly facilitates an unparalleled level of software integration through the use of XML Web services - small applications to bigger ones - through the Internet. Karmick Solutions helps its clients to design, develop and integrate applications and solutions based on the Microsoft .Net platform. ASP.Net, the Microsoft programming language, with the benefits of .Net framework enables rapid development of dynamic web applications. Our team of qualified and experienced programmers, developers and software coders work with you most sincerely to comprehend your set of requirements and manifest the capabilities of Microsoft .NET framework and develop the system in accordance with the requirements..NET offers many advantages that effect in accelerated development time and much lesser costs.
  7. 7. It is probably the greatest virtue of the today to respect the value of time. With this quality in focus, Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript & XML ) is a modern day programming technique that is gaining considerable grounds. The advanced interactivity of AJAXempowered interfaces resolves the conventional gap between Web applications and Desktop. It helps your website open at once at a mere click of the mouse, getting rid of the lag time. The Ajax developers at Karmick Solutions have developed Ajax driven application sites that have the capacity to open the concerned page right away without any delay, ruling out the question of reloading or refreshing completely.
  8. 8. Increasing website traffic and raising public awareness of your products and services with the help of relevant and refreshing content is the word of the day. Adept copywriting skill is a prime factor to the success of a modern day website. Karmick Solutions has has proved itself as a successful name in furnishing top class content services in the past few years. We see to the following to provide you with effective content development: Keyword optimized text Keyword stemming High keyword density Relevant word content Effective inbound linking Appropriate use of keyword-optimized headers, titles as well as bulleted text.
  9. 9. Address KARMICK HOUSE 116A, Purbalok (Premises No: 1118) Street No: 6th Kolkata - 700099 India Contact numbers : +91 33 24264362 +91 33 65367405 Email :