KarmaKrowd - Premium Crowdfunding IP Protection Services


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Join KarmaKrowd to raise your business with a great method of crowdfunding. That opens up lots of ways for you to raise your business in the market. And with the help of KarmaKrowd you can also find great advertise techniques that delivers you a great quality of customers. So, if you are starting a small business and worried about its success, then KarmaKrowd is only the name that is always ready to help you.

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KarmaKrowd - Premium Crowdfunding IP Protection Services

  1. 1. KARMAKROWD KarmaKrowd is a leading crowdfunding platform that provides inventors, entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses with low-cost upfront legal fees to file patents, trademarks and copyrights before launching a rewards- or equity-based crowdfunding campaign. www.karmakrowd.com
  2. 2. THE POWER OF CROWDS Community Shares Cooperatives Online Giving Crowdfunding www.karmakrowd.com
  3. 3. ABOUT KARMAKROWD  KarmaKrowd help protect our campaign manager’s IP, but we go one important step further to ensure the success of our Crowdfunder’s campaigns. It also provides a full portfolio of marketing services to each and every campaign manager. KarmaKrowd is confident that this step will improve the success rate by helping Crowdfunders promote their campaigns by teaching them how to raise awareness better marketplace awareness, reach the right target audience with carefully polished marketing messages and convert a much higher percentage of visitors into active participating donors or investors. www.karmakrowd.com
  4. 4. ABOUT KARMAKROWD  KarmaKrowd’s platform also differs from the competition because it targets very well- established, business-to-business and business-to- consumer marketing channels. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms KarmaKrowd’s goal is to help Crowdfunders setup a business and make it successful long-term by helping them build lucrative sales and distribution channels that will make them successful many years after their crowdfunding campaign has ended. www.karmakrowd.com
  5. 5. CROWDFUNDING - THE BASICS •Register on platform •Work out the rewards •Design your pitch •Upload a video •Access any support •Campaign lasts 30- 90 days •Use all your networks •Use the forum and updates •If you reach your target you receive the money. •Thank donors •Complete the project •Send out rewards www.karmakrowd.com
  6. 6. It’s Not Just About The Money Tip: It’s Not Just About The Money – It Can Be A Gateway To Engagement •An opportunity to build community or customer base •An invitation to participate in and influence a new venture •Shared ownership from donation, through reward to celebration www.karmakrowd.com
  7. 7. CROWD FUNDING : WHAT IS IT? Crowd Funding is an internet-inspired means of raising money from the mass market, for a project or business. It is a relatively recent concept that originally had its origins in community and arts-based ventures, which members of the public were inclined to support for mainly benevolent reasons. www.karmakrowd.com
  8. 8. KarmaKrowd’s main mission is to launch successful long-term, sustainable businesses by helping them form a business, protect their intellectual property and employ marketing practices that will help them build their startup into a successful company. www.karmakrowd.com
  9. 9. To know More About KarmaKrowd - Crowdfunding Campaigns Visit www.karmakrowd.com Or Contact Us (248) 561-3700 And Follow Us At Facebook www.facebook.com/Karmakrowd Follow Us At Twitter www.twitter.com/KarmaKrowd