Importance of Intellectual Property Rights in Crowdfunding Campaigns


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Whenever you are going to raise your business by launching it on crowdfunding platform, you should beware of your rights and how your intellectual properties are treated. Whether you are relate to a business or launching your project to earn the benefit from your creation you need to protect your intellectual and stop it from an unauthorized use. Karmakrowd help you to determine which path is best fitted to file your subject of your crowdfunding campaigns intellectual property.

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Importance of Intellectual Property Rights in Crowdfunding Campaigns

  1. 1. KarmaKrowd is a crowdfunding platform that provides every crowdfunder an opportunity to create their campaigns and protect their campaigns intellectual properties. KarmaKrowd also offer marketing services to ensure every campaign manager to raise their campaigns success rate.
  2. 2. Intellectual Property Intellectual property is a creation, invention, brand, software, a design, words, or song. Intellectual property rights allow creators & owners to prevent others from the unauthorized use of their invention or creation in sake of earn benefit from your creation. So it is very important to protect your intellectual properties by examining which one is best fitted for your invention. Generally, it depends on what you have created.
  3. 3. Common types of intellectual property protection rights includes: Types of Intellectual Property • Patent • Trademarks • Copyrights
  4. 4. Patent grant owners to prevent others from making, using, offering for sale and importing your inventions and take legal action against them. Patent Your Intellectual Property  Your invention has to be new. It wouldn’t be a part or modification of any existing invention.  It can last for 20 years from the date you apply for it.  Patent right is valid only in the country where it registered.
  5. 5. Trademarks It stop preventing others from using it without your permission. Trademarks are names, logos, sounds and taglines that recognize your brand, goods or services. It lasts for 10 years and you can renew it every 10 years. It is valid only in the country of registration.
  6. 6. Copyright Copyright allow authors, artists & creators to stop other peoples to use your creation. Copyright protects:  Literary works  Music, films, sounds & music recordings  Computer Software  Illustration & photography  Dramatic & artistic works
  7. 7. Copyright You can’t copyright an idea but can protect the work that you have used in your creation. Copyright protection generally lasts for the lifetime of the author plus 70 years It can be valid in other countries too under international copyrights agreement.
  8. 8. Karmakrowd Intellectual Property Service Crowdfunding campaigns are best to raise your business money. So it would be necessary to protect your campaigns intellectual property to stop unauthorized use by others. Karmakrowd help you in protecting your crowdfunding campaigns intellectual properties. We help you to examine which IP protection right is best fit based on appropriate subject of your crowdfunding campaign.
  9. 9. For More Info Visit or Contact Us (248) 561-3700 Follow Us Follow Us