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Brand analysis and positioning strategies
Student, Media and Communication

November 2011
Singapore Polytechnic

Published in: Marketing
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  1. 1. DMC/2B/01 KARMAINE TAN A D V E R T I S I N G A N D B R A N D M A N A G E M E N T C A 1 Brand Analysis
  2. 2. The Brand
  3. 3. Brand Story Started in 2003 in Myongdong Third largest cosmetics company in the country. Operates more than 800 shops in Korea and 318 outlets in 19 countries.
  4. 4. Key Message THEFACESHOP makes natural products. Inspired by nature
  5. 5. Brand Positioning
  6. 6. Naturalism True to its brand slogan 'Inspired by nature', the brand is built on the appeal of nature ingredients from almost 600 varieties of botanical extracts. All products are claimed to have been produced from natural products with no chemicals.
  7. 7. Variety Product line: Skin care - toner, emulsion, creams, essence, eye care, massage, peeling, sun care products. Make-up - foundation, cheek, eye care, lip care, pencil, nail Body care - body, hand and foot care products Hair care - washing, styling, treatment and essence Men's line - basic skin care Baby line - basic skin care and baby products Fragrance - body fragranceTHEFACESHOP product prices range from $2.90 for nail polish to $60+ for a serum.
  8. 8. THEFACESHOP provides a variety of products and price ranges to cater to a wide range of consumer bases   where there is something for everyone.
  9. 9. Value THEFACESHOP aims to provide value for customers by offering quality products at reasonable prices. They signed on Korean celebrities as brand ambassadors to raise the brand image. This changed the notion that lower price equals lower quality with the brand's quality products (including perception of quality) and aggressive marketing.
  10. 10. fresh clean Brand Personality THEFACESHOP is: reliable and attractive. natural
  11. 11. Places emphasis on its natural products Simple, clean packaging Fresh-smelling and attractive Products that work
  12. 12. Brand Values Naturalism -  Skin-friendly products created from approximately 600 natural ingredients -  In sync with the global trend towards working with nature and utilizing organic products Variety -  Over 1000 current products, introduces about 30 new ones every month -  Product lines for both men and women of all ages -  Believe that there is natural beauty in everyone and that they have something for every consumer -  Want to be recognized as ‘the people’s brand’
  13. 13. Brand Values Constant growth -  The company aims to be a leading global cosmetic brand -  Continuously expanding its product range to meet changing demands -  Relies heavily on local and global research and development plus consumer surveys to further improve its products and services.  Affordability -  Aims to develop high-quality products and innovations while keeping prices affordable.  -  Customers are always delighted to find that THEFACESHOP’s products are of high quality without the high-end prices.
  14. 14. Brand Audit: S.W.O.T Analysis! Strengths The Face Shop has good brand awareness due to the large number of stores it has in Singapore. The brand concept has been well-received so far. Also, in Singapore, Korean brands are trusted for their good quality skin products Weaknesses There is an increasing number of competitors in the local market. The Face Shop is losing their younger customer base. Opportunities The growing popularity of Korean culture and music in Singapore has lead to increased interest in Korean products. The Face Shop's use of Korean celebrities helps in attracting younger consumers into the store. Threats There is a risk of newer and fresher Korean counterparts overtaking The Face Shop. Also, more and more brands are getting into the 'organic beauty' market. #
  15. 15. What is the Consumer Persona" of THEFACESHOP customers? The typical consumers are women, aged from 16-35 and are students or working adults. They might also be interested in Korean culture and beauty.
  16. 16. What is their relationship with the THEFACESHOP?"   Key Influences -  Recommendations by family and friends -  Online reviews -  Endorsements by the Korean celebrities
  17. 17. Purchasing Behaviour -  Budget-conscious, seek out value-for-money purchases -  Product packaging is a big factor on whether they make the purchase -  Like the natural, skin- friendly products -  The organized, attractive store layout made them take notice and walk in Views on the Brand -  The reasonably priced but high quality products appeal to consumers, as they want value without sacrificing on the quality -  The wide range of products and low price allow them to try out new types of products -  Perceived as trendy due to its eco-friendly approach and the recent popularity of Korean brands and products -  Products are reliable. Consumers are pleased that their purchases are effective and affordable.
  18. 18. What are the communication implications? THEFACESHOP should: -  Associate its brand with young, trendy events and people to boost brand recognition and preference amongst younger consumers -  Launch more eco-friendly initiatives to improve the perception of its natural, chemical-free products
  19. 19. theend. …………...Questions?