Karl w. miller executive bio


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Karl w. miller executive bio

  1. 1. Karl W MillerPartner at NEAH Energykmiller@neahenergy.comSummaryMr. Miller is a Senior Business Leader in the Capital Markets and Energy Sector. Mr. Miller Advises, Investsand holds Board positions with Energy and Industrial companiesMr. Miller is a energy industry expert with focus on trading, risk management, asset acquisition and overallmanagement of energy companies in the oil, natural gas and renewable sectors.Mr. Miller has built, restructured and managed energy businesses for major public energy companies andutilities on several continents, including PG&E Corporation, Electricite de France, El Paso Energy, EnronCorporation and JPMorgan Chase.Mr. Millers extensive industry skills include:# Proven leader in the design and implementation of multiple new business initiatives in the electric generation,natural gas, oil and overall energy sector# Dynamic implementation and execution of complex acquisition strategies, corporate restructurings,bankruptcy reorganizations, proxys, and business development initiatives# Ability to evaluate, adjust strategy and direction of business initiatives to insure they stay on course to achieveaccretive corporate earnings and other stated objectives# Demand side management, electricity load shedding, interruptible electricity and fuel supply contracts, andother complex demand/supply initiatives to load balance transmission grids and achieve energy efficiency# Experience in management of employees, key vendors, third party contractors and consultants# Negotiation and relationship management with industry regulators to include various Public UtilitiesCommissions (PUC’s), Independent Transmission Grid Operators (ISO’s) and the Federal Energy RegulatoryCommission (FERC).# Management and responsibility for profit and loss of business units and generating accretive corporateearnings in conjunction with best practices risk management oversight# Comprehensive understanding and experience in coordinating inter-company business units to achieve statedbusiness goals Page1
  2. 2. SpecialtiesMr. Miller is an energy industry expert with focus on trading, risk management, power plant development andoverall management of energy companies in the oil, natural gas and renewable sectors. Mr. Miller’s has adedicated RSS feed and can be followed at http://www.naturalgasstocks.com/Karl_Miller/ andhttp://www.karlwmiller.blogspot.com/ExperiencePartner at NEAH EnergyJanuary 2008 - Present (5 years 4 months) Newco Energy Acquisition Holdings, LLC (“NEAH”) is an acquisition company formed to opportunistically acquire energy and energy-related assets and companies and, in some cases, invest in the public or private equity and debt of such assets or companies, with substantial growth and profit potential. 2 recommendations available upon requestChairman and Shareholder at ARI Holdings, Inc., Airstreams Renewables, Inc., ENSA North AmericaOctober 2010 - August 2011 (11 months) ARI Holdings Inc., through its subsidiaries Airstreams Renewables, Inc. and ENSA North America, is a leading vocational training solutions provider committed to delivering compliance, education, certification, and industrial training to the energy and hazardous duty industrial sectors, with strong ties to the global energy and industrial sectors. 6 recommendations available upon requestChairman and Chief Executive Officer at MMC Energy2002 - 2008 (6 years) Energy Asset Acquisition Comany 5 recommendations available upon requestBoard Member and Shareholder at Newmarket Power CompanySeptember 2004 - January 2007 (2 years 5 months) Private Power Generation CompanySenior Vice President at PG&E2001 - 2002 (1 year) Public UtilitySenior Vice President at Électricité de France (EDF)2000 - 2001 (1 year) Public Utility 1 recommendation available upon requestManaging Director at El Paso Energy1999 - 2000 (1 year) Page2
  3. 3. Public Natural Gas and Oil ProducerDirector at Enron1994 - 1997 (3 years) Global Energy Merchant and Asset OwnerProprietary Trader/Portfolio Manager at JP Morgan Chase1992 - 1994 (2 years) Public Financial Institution 1 recommendation available upon requestDivision of Enforcement Investigator / Derivatives Analyst at US Commodity Futures TradingCommission1991 - 1992 (1 year) Government RegulatorPublicationsRenewable Energy Investments Set To CrashEnvirotech & Clean Energy Investor October 2009Authors: Karl W Miller The US renewable energy industry is being hindered by unrealistic targets and flawed financing strategies. Things could already have started to go bad, writes Karl Miller.Natural Gas: Tying Supply, Demand and Politics Together in the U.S. EconomyInvestorIdeas January 2010Authors: Karl W Miller Natural gas is a clean fuel for the U.S. Washington Politicians need to start listening to senior industry executives to put a credible energy plan in place and focus on investing in America.Skills & ExpertiseEnergyRenewable EnergyAsset ManagementMergersPrivate EquityDue DiligenceValuationCorporate FinanceCommodityFinancial ModelingProject FinanceVenture Capital Page3
  4. 4. Commodity MarketsFinancial AnalysisNatural GasHedgingInvestmentsFinancial StructuringCapital MarketsInvestor RelationsTradingEquitiesCleantechAsset ManagmentMergers & AcquisitionsEducationThe Catholic University of AmericaB.A., AccountingUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Kenan-Flagler Business SchoolMBA, Finance 1 recommendation available upon request Page4
  5. 5. Karl W MillerPartner at NEAH Energykmiller@neahenergy.com16 people have recommended Karl W "I have known Karl since we were classmates at Kenan-Flagler (UNC). He was a leader in our class and his emergence as a knowledge expert in the energy field comes as no surprise. In terms of critical thinking skills and intellectual horsepower, he has few peers. In terms of team building and organizational development skills, he is inclusive, a great listener, and consistently adds value to the conversation." — Colin J. McKearnan, Student, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Kenan-Flagler Business School, was with another company when working with Karl W at NEAH "I have been working with Karl for the last couple of years and have found him, at all times, to be a superb business partner who is always very happy to help and advise when needed. I met with Karl over dinner in London last year and found to have a very good sense of humour too!" — Ross Hicks, Banking and Finance Advisory Recruitment., Hillman Saunders, was with another company when working with Karl W at NEAH "I met Karl when he was Chairman and CEO of MMC Energy, Inc. and Calpine Energy Services had just entered into an energy management contract with MMC to provide energy management and help with asset optimization. I found Karl to be personable, smart, and very focused on the bottom line. Karl brings leadership skills, business acumen, and in-depth knowledge of and experience in the energy industry to any organization." — Brett Kruse, Manager, Market Integration Services, Calpine, was with another company when working with Karl W at Airstreams Renewables Inc "Karl was the reason I joined MMC - I couldnt pass up the opportunity to work with someone as dynamic and entrepreneurial, with such a wealth of energy experience. I learned a tremendous amount in my tenure working with Karl; hes an excellent communicator and never short of ideas." — John Malone, Vice President, MMC Energy, reported to Karl W at Senior Energy Industry Advisor "Karl has extraordinary energy sector insight given his very high level work experience. Karl has excellent judgment and has enjoyed great success in very complex energy transactions. He will add great value to any energy advisory engagement." — John Cavalier, Vice Chairman, CIBD/Chairman Global Energy, Credit Suisse, was with another company when working with Karl W at Senior Energy Industry Advisor Page5
  6. 6. "Karl is an insightful and diligent deal maker in then energy space that focuses on the critical parts of thetransaction to get the deal completed."— Geoff Roberts, Managing Director, Enron Corp., managed Karl W at Senior Energy Industry Advisor"Mr. Miller is a bright, energetic and personable leader. His knowledge of the energy field is comprehensiveand includes electricity, oil and gas, and renewables. I have worked with him extensively on projects in theWestern U.S. and give him my unqualified recommendation."— Steve Churchwell, Partner, DLA Piper, was with another company when working with Karl W at SeniorEnergy Industry Advisor"Karl left a very good impression to me when we worked together. Karl was managing MMC Energy at thattime and we jointly presented the company to investors in Europe. He has always done this in a veryprofessional and trustworthy matter and I got to know Karl not only as a good manager, but also as a verynice and reliable person."— Guido Pickert, Director, Value Relations GmbH, was a consultant or contractor to Karl W at SeniorEnergy Industry Advisor"Karl is a charismatic leader who understands the dynamics of the energy industry from both an operationsstandpoint as well as from a macroeconomic/policy level. While working with Karl on various investorroadshows he demonstrated impeccable presentation skills and an ability to articulate the MMC story veryeffectively from from the hip as well. His extensive knowledge of the capital markets is another asset thatobviously helped in that exercise."— Wil Inscho, Vice President, Barretto Pacific Corporation, was with another company when working withKarl W at MMC Energy"I was one of the founding shareholders of MMC Energy. I invested in MMC purely on the reputation andcredentials of Karl Miller, the Company Founder. During Mr. Millers tenure as Chairman and CEO heoversaw the transition of MMC from a private energy acquisition company to a public company listed onNASDAQ and was responsible for acquiring a portfolio of energy assets at significant discounts to marketvalue and raising substantial capital for the company through private and public offerings, as well as leadingthe Company to record profits. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Mr. Millers energy marketknowledge, global relationships and financial expertise as a senior executive in the energy sector and willinvest with him again in the future."— Rob Samuels, Owner, Provident Jewelry, W. Palm Beach, Naples, Jupiter and Ft. Myers, was withanother company when working with Karl W at MMC Energy"I introduced Karl to the energy business in 1994 and not only did he transtion easily into it, he ended upbecoming one of the worlds foremost experts on energy policy in America. Ive contributed to some majorsucess stories and I would put Karl at the top of the list--Scott Gerson, President at Focus Capital Markets"— Scott Gerson, President, Focus Capital Markets, was a consultant or contractor to Karl W at MMC Page6
  7. 7. Energy "Karl Miller, as a frequent contributor, has been a great source of information for our site, www.investorideas.com . The site visitors and investors that follow energy stocks, turn to his commentary on a regular basis . His articles are always right on the money, direct and insightful. He is very much a leader in his thinking; ahead of the curve. Many of his articles have been some of our most read pages on the Investor Ideas site. For anyone wanting to know and understand the energy sector, I recommend following him." — Dawn Van Zant, President, founder, Investorideas.com, was with another company when working with Karl W at MMC Energy "Karl has always distinguised himself for his great ability to sense the markets. This combined with his deep knowledge of the energy sector makes him a trustworthy and reliable advisor." — Daniel Olaechea, DIRECTOR, SOCIETE GENERALE, was with another company when working with Karl W at MMC Energy "Karl is a inspiring, deal oriented manager who is leads his team in a very focused manner. He lead a structured origination team who quickly became a top tier player in the European energy market." — Ricky Sullivan, Senior Executive, Origination/Business Development, EDF Trading Limited, London, reported to Karl W at Electricite de France "“I have known and worked with Karl Miller for over 18 years as a banker, colleague and friend. Throughout this time Karl has utilized his considerable knowledge of finance and energy markets to solve complex problems. He has led a wide variety of teams that met lofty goals, achieved significant results and generated substantial profits. I am confident that many organizations can benefit from Karls talent as a leader and a professional.”" — Peter Kelly, Credit Analyst - Credit Audit Group, Chase Manhattan Corporation, worked directly with Karl W at Chase Manahttan Bank "Karl and I were good friends during business school in Chapel Hill over fourteen years ago, and I have followed his career as a major fan of Karls energy insights ever since. He is a quality individual of the highest integrity and character, extremely focused and a driven leader in the global energy sector. He has truly been a pioneer in the energy sector, having demonstrated time and again his market vision and execution capabilities both in the United States, Europe and Asia. He has demonstrated his market vision and ability to convert that insight into an executable and profitable business consistently. He has my unqualified recommendation as a leader and a person of high caliber and ethical standing." — Michael OFlynn, Student, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Kenan-Flagler Business School, studied with Karl W at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Kenan-Flagler Business SchoolContact Karl W on LinkedIn Page7