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June Magazine 2010


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This PDF is the June 2010 issue of the Sysco Food Magazine.

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June Magazine 2010

  1. 1. June 2010 Grill!
  2. 2. Stonemill Kitchens is the place for people who enjoy preparing and sharing great food. Our passion for food inspires us to create premium quality dips that you can serve with confidence right out of the package, or as a versatile ingredient for a wide variety of delectable dishes. Item Packsize Description #7444191 6/10 oz. Dip Artichoke & Parmesan #7443672 6/10 oz. Dip Pepperoncini Three Cheese #7556362 6/10 oz. Dip Seafood and Parmesan #7444171 6/10 oz. Dip Spinach & Artichoke Parmesan Orval Kent is more than just a refrigerated prepared foods supplier. We’re the name trusted to deliver fresh, high-quality products for more than 50 years. We’re the innovative recipes and traditional favorites that drive consumer loyalty. Item Packsize Brand Description #3162203 3/9.5 lb. SYS CLS Salad Coleslaw Dixie Original Recipe #1063957 2/5 lb. ORVKENT Salad Egg #1199546 3/10 lb. ORVKENT Salad Macaroni Elbow #6743769 2/5 lb. BBRLIMP Salad Macaroni Deluxe #2964047 2/4.5 lb. BBRL Salad Pasta California #1342047 3/10 lb. SYS CLS Salad Pasta Italian #6742746 2/5 lb. BBRLIMP Salad Potato Deluxe #1627512 1/10 lb. ORVKENT Salad Potato Sour Cream W/Dill
  3. 3. Sun Rich Fresh Foods is an entrepreneurial company with a single purpose: to create a fresh, safe, convenient fresh-cut fruit experience. Item Packsize Brand Description #8365083 1/8 lb. SUNRICH Salad Citrus Kit (Mint) Show Item #2527836 1/8 lb. SYS IMP Red Grapefruit Sections #2921815 1/8 lb. SUNRICH Orange Sections #2527851 1/8 lb. SYS IMP Gold Pineapple Chunks #1839307 1/8 lb. SUNRICH Pineapple Spears #2527786 1/8 lb. SYS IMP Fruit Salad Combo #2527802 1/24 lb. SYS IMP Fruit Salad Combo #3957198 1/14 lb. SYS NAT Alfresco Fruit Salad #3609450 Sysco Classic Dressing Ranch Buttermilk Premium Banquet 4/1 gal. A richly flavored ranch dressing made with fresh cultured buttermilk and toasted onion. Toss with greens, pasta and avocado salads. Serve as a dip for vegetables and batter fried appetizers. Refrigerate. #6475321 Sysco Imperial Dressing Raspberry Fat Free 2/1 gal. A tangy-sweet blend of vinegars, raspberry, lemon and cucumber juices with a unique blend of herbs and spices. As an option, mix with fresh fruit or cucumber and carrot salad. Ambient temperature recommended.
  4. 4. Rapid River steaks are aged 21 days for maximum flavor and tenderness, hand cut to precise specifications, and vacuumed sealed to lock in freshness and extend the shelf life. Buying precut steaks will give you exact portion costs, save labor, and give a consistent quality steak every time. All of our steaks are individually wrapped for ease of handling. Rapid River steaks are cut in a USDA inspected plant to ensure food safety and a save product that you will be proud to serve. The ground beef patties are made fresh every day to give you the freshest product available. #1327923 Rapid River Beef Ground Bulk 80/20 2/5 lb. #1808419 Rapid River Beef Patty 2X1 80/20 w/vac 1/10 lb. #6371363 Rapid River Beef Patty 3X1 80/20 Round Pouch 1/10 lb. #7978281 Rapid River Beef Patty 3X1 85/15 Exp. Pouch 1/10 lb. #8140329 Rapid River Beef Patty 4X1 80/20 Pouch Pack 4/2.5 lb. #4720577 Rapid River Beef Stew Meat Boneless Fresh 2/5# avg. #4720013 Rapid River Steak Ball Tip Flat Cut Choice IW 18/oz. #4738157 Rapid River Steak Ball Tip Flat Cut Choice IW 24/6 oz. avg. #4720344 Rapid River Steak Ball Tip IW 24/6 oz. #4720585 Rapid River Steak Ball Tip IW 18/ 8 oz. avg. #4721373 Rapid River Steak Strip Boneless CC CH IW 15/10 oz. avg. #4721383 Rapid River Steak Strip Boneless CC CH IW 12/12 oz. avg. #4723089 Rapid River Steak Tenderloin CC CH 1190A IW 12/6 oz. #4723100 Rapid River Steak Tenderloin CC CH 1190A IW 20/8 oz. #4722050 Rapid River Steak Top Sirloin CC CH I/W 20/6 oz. #4722163 Rapid River Steak Top Sirloin CC CH I/W 18/8 oz. To say Americans love a great cheeseburger would be an understatement. Annually, we consume over 8 billion burgers in restaurants alone. More than half of the beef we purchase at the grocery store is ground beef, and most of that we use to make burgers. You can see the same trends within the Certified Angus Beef © (CAB©) brand. #1162676 CAB Beef Ground Chuck Patty RD 2X1 FRS 32/8 oz. #5256599 CAB Beef Ground Chuck Patty RD 3X1 40/5.3 oz. #5451380 CAB Beef Ground Chuck Patty RD 4X1 56/4 oz.
  5. 5. #5838756 Rotella Ciabatta Bites 1.3oz. New! 8/12 ct. #7016138 Rotella 3.5” Ciabatta Square New! 5/12 ct. #1621085 Rotella Split Top Hamburger Bun New! 6/8 ct. #1978220 Rotella 8-9” Sour Hoagie Roll New! 6/6 ct. #1397074 Rotella Bread Sour Dough Reuben Loaf New! 6/32 oz. #1415074 Rotella Bread Marble Reuben 6/31.86 oz. #7287808 Rotella Bread Marble Reuben Sliced 14 CT 6/33 oz. #1997204 Rotella Bread White Reuben 25 oz. 9/16” 1/8 ct. Rotella’s Italian Bakery has built its reputation on quality and service. Our eighty plus years experience in the wholesale bakery business has established us as one of the premier wholesale bakeries in the industry, providing fresh frozen products nationwide. #6547246 Rotella Bread Roll Dinner Sweet 9/12 ct. #8154793 Rotella Bread Ciabatta Rolls 8/6 ct. #5194422 Rotella Roll Hoagie Ciabatta 6” Sliced 9/4 ct. #1417476 Rotella Roll Kaiser Onion Sliced Baked 4” 6/8 ct. #2104180 Rotella Bread French Sliced Baked 15” 6/21 oz. #6547345 Rotella Bread Loaf Pepper Sliced 6/1 ct. #2271658 Rotella Bread Loaf 9 Grain Open Top 6/38 oz. #9605593 Rotella Bread Wheat Berry 21 Slice 6/33 oz.
  6. 6. Buffalo Hashbrowns Ideal for any daypart, Sysco Classic Golden Grill Hashbrown Potatoes take on a familiar taste in a more innovative format when potato shreds are infused with hot sauce and topped with blue cheese. Instructions: Mix one carton of Sysco Classic Golden Grill Hashbrown Potatoes with hot water 140-160° (60-72°C) mixed with Buffalo Hot Sauce (3¾ cups for mildly hot to 5 cups for hot) for total liquid quantity of 15 cups. Close carton; let stand 30 minutes to refresh. For each serving, brown 1 cup refreshed potatoes on well- oiled grill at 375-400°F (190-205°C) for about 4 minutes until browned around edges and bottom. Top with 1 oz. (1/4 cup) blue cheese. #6404743 Franks Sauce Wing Buffalo RTU 4/1 gal. #3664646 Golden Grill Potato Hashbrown 6/40.5 oz. Russet Dehydrated PACKAGING AND YIELD INFORMATION Case Pack 6/37.5 oz. Cartons Net Weight (lb.) 14.06 Gross Weight (lb.) 16.3 Prepared Yield per Carton (lb.) 9 Prepared Yield per Case (lb.) 54 ½ Cup Servings per Carton 66 ½ Cup Servings per Case 396 #3327624 La Casit Tomatillo Green Whole 6/#10 NEW! #6182356 Arrezzio Sauce Pizza Prepared 6/#10 w/Cheese Cal #5989538 Arrezio Marinara All Purpose 6/#10 #6228514 Casa Solana Tomato Ground 6/#10 Salsa Lista Base #5948815 Casa Solana Tomato Diced Pet 6/#10 1/4” Salsa Style
  7. 7. Unlimited $5.00 Coupon See your MA for Details #4321337 Allens Bean Baked Oven fancy 6/#10 Allens Baked Beans are the foodservice favorite, with low portion cost, great plate coverage and outstanding popularity just heat and serve. #6977005 Funnel Cake Fries #8465540 TIO PEPE’S Churro Fries 600/each More and more restaurants are now 4/108 ct. Introducing TIO PEPE’S Churro offering a twist on the traditional Fries - a delicious pastry with a French fry.....and now you can too! warm center and a crispy exterior With the same great carnival fun in a mini sized portion. Rolled in taste, Funnel Cake Fries are the cinnamon sugar, TIO PEPE’S perfect dessert offering. Churro Fries offer the perfect anytime snack in a fun new format!
  8. 8. Frozen Shellfish #3360112 Portico Simply Scallop Sea Dry IQF U10 NATL 2/5 lb. #1056803 Portico Simply Scallop Sea Dry IQF 10/20 NATL 2/5 lb. #1056779 Portico Simply Scallop Sea Dry IQF 20/30 NATL 2/5 lb. #2489979 Portico Bounty Scallop Sea Water add 10/20 NATL 2/5 lb. #2489995 Portico Bounty Scallop Sea Water add 30/40 NATL 2/5 lb. #4819769 Portico Prime Mussel Whole Blue VP 23/29 Chilean 10/1 lb. #7159007 Packer Mussel Green Lip Half Shell Frozen 12/2 lb. #1353010 PanaPesca Clam Whole In Shell Vacum Pack 17-22 ct. 10/1 lb. #2287449 Hillman Oyster Half Shell Select IQF 1/144 ct. Fresh Imperial Seafood #6855219 Marine Harvest Salmon Filet Boneless Trimmed 2-3# FS 1/12 lb. avg. #2109098 Packer Whitefish Filet 8-10 oz. Fresh PB/OUT 1/10# avg. #3860012 Packer Whitefish Filet 10-12 oz. Fresh 1/10# avg. #6230452 Packer Scallop Sea Fresh U/10 Dry 1/gal. #1649623 Packer Scallop Sea 10/20 ct. Fresh 1/1 gal. #6383871 Packer Oyster Shuck Select Fresh 1/1/2 gal. #7476260 Packer Mussel Fresh Prince Edward Island 1/10 lb. #6501548 Packer Mussel Whole Whitewater Restaurant Ready 1/10 lb. #6435457 Packer Clam Littleneck 1/100 ct. #8518609 Packer Oyster Live Combo 2-East 1-West 3/12 ct.
  9. 9. Frozen Salmon #8016917 Portico Prime Salmon Atl Filet Sliced Nor Smoked USA 2/2.5#AV #5115540 Trident Salmon Filet Redi Grilled 4 oz. 1/10 lb. #8496341 Portico Simply Salmon Atl Portion Skinless 6 oz. Nor 1/10 lb. #8496366 Portico Simply Salmon Atl Portion Skinless 8 oz. Nor 1/10 lb. #2558369 Portico Simply Salmon Keta Portion Skin On 8 oz. 1/10 lb. #2558377 Portico Simply Salmon Coho Portion Skin On 6 oz. USA 1/10 lb. #2558385 Portico Simply Salmon Coho Portion Skin On 8 oz. 1/10 lb. Frozen Fin Fish #6151948 Portico Simply Halibut Portion Skinless Boneless 8 oz. 1/10 lb. #5655189 Passport Seabass Portion Chile Skinless 6 oz. Chilean 1/10 lb. #9938051 Orca Bay Mahi Filet Skinless Boneless Twin Pk 4 oz. 1/10 lb. #6715821 Orca Bay Mahi Filet Skinless Boneless 8 oz. 1/10 lb. #1609510 Portico Simply Swordfish Portion 1/4 Round Skin On 8 oz. 1/10 lb. #5205056 World Select Barramundi Filet Skinless 7-9 oz. 1/10 lb. Frozen Shrimp #8718223 Portico Prime Shrimp Cooked Coldwater 250/350 4/2.5 lb. #7251343 Arista Shrimp Pud Cooked Tail Off 200/300 5/2 lb. #5442431 Packer Shrimp P&D Cooked 150/200 ct. 4/5 lb. #4783136 Pacific Treasure Shrimp P&D 71/90 Raw Tail Off 5/2 lb. #1211721 Portico Bounty Shrimp P&D Pieces Raw Medium 70/85 ct. 6/3 lb. #7097785 K&P Shrimp Raw P&D 41/50 Classic Skewered 4/12 ct. #4921957 Big Bobs Shrimp Raw Skewered Garlic Lime 4/2.5 lb. #8021495 Ocean Cuisine Shrimp Skewered P&D 26/30 Tail On 1/10 lb.
  10. 10. Serve Comfort Classics With Our Bone-In Chicken Since 1951, when we invented food service’s first fully cooked frozen fried chicken, Pierce Chicken® has delivered the bone-in products customers crave. Today, you can count on us for a versatile line-up with multiple prep options. Our IQF line offers a convenient and safer alternative to fresh chicken. Our pre-breaded products ensure the taste and crunch your customers will love. Whether you just want a little head start in the kitchen or you need fried chicken on the plate in less than ten minutes, we have the products for you. Average Case Product code Description Pieces/Case Pack Fully Cooked Breaded #1286210 Honey-Dipt® Fried Chicken, 4pc ptn pack (1/2 Brst, Th, Dr, Wing) 48 12/14.25 oz. #1166719 Honey-Dipt Fried Chicken, 4pc ptn pack (1/3 Brst, Th, Dr, Wing) 48 12/13.5 oz. #1166669 Honey-Dipt Fried Chicken, 3pc ptn pack (1/3 Brst, Th, Dr) 48 16/12 oz. #1458223 Super-Chik’n Fried Chicken, 8pc bulk (1/2 Brst, Th, Dr, Wing) 48 1/15 lb. #1381219 Super-Chik’n Fried Chicken, 9pc cut bulk (1/3 Brst, Th, Dr, Wing) 68 1/15 lb. #7138623 Super-Chik’n Drumsticks 52 2/5 lb. #1440486 Hume Dinger’s® Fried Chicken, 4pc ptn pack (1/2 Brst, Th, Dr, Wing) 48 1/15 lb. #7244015 Sysco Dixie Crisp Fried Chicken, 8pc bulk pack (1/2 Brst, Th, Dr, Wing) 48 1/15 lb. Fully Cooked Unbreaded #2473270 Roastery® Herb Half Fryer 12 1/10.25 lb. #2544484 Roastery® Quarters 24 1/11.25 lb.
  11. 11. Innovative Temperature Measurement Solutions Cooper-Atkins Corporation thrives as a superior supplier of temperature, time and humidity instruments for a variety of global markets. The knowledge and expertise gained from our longevity in the thermometer industry strengthens our position as a leading manufacturer. The driving edge of our success has been the consistent quality of products and services we provide. #1653864 Pocket Test Thermometer 2/each Two blister packed pocket thermometers on one card. The sheath also contains a built in recalibration tool. #1953942 Sysco Professional Refrig./Freezer 2/each Thermometer 2” diameter dial faced thermom- eter that can be hung or self standing. NSF listed HACCP standards in red on dial face for immediate ID of problem temperatures. #9594193 Sysco Digital Pocket Test with 1/each Temperature Alarm This is a waterproof, recalibrateable, digi- tal thermometer that also has an on/off switch with automatic shutoff after ten minutes. A max temp feature will also test dishwasher temperatures. #1954148 Horizontal Glass Tube Thermometer 2/each This thermometer monitors the tempera- ture of your freezer or refrigerator. The tube is non toxic and glass. Comes with an alumi- num case and magnifying lens. Can hang, stand or mounted permanently. #1953686 Cooper Antibacterial Boxed 1/200 each Clean and sanitize temperature probes quickly and without skin contact. Each wipe contains 70% isopropyl alcohol.
  12. 12. Introducing Solo® Sauces and Sides Containers. Let you customers dip everything from chips to wings to rings, or let them see all your sides in a whole new light. SUPC Product Code Item Description Sauces & Sides Containers and Lid #6642528 DSS2-0001 2.5 oz. Black Container 2,500 #6643874 DSS3-0001 2.5 oz. Black Container 2,500 #6646311 LDSS23-0090 Clear Lid - Fits 2.5 and 3.5 oz. Black Containers 2,500 New Reveal™ polypropylene plastic cups offer great clarity, are durable and crack resistant; yet, cost much less than the traditional clear PET plastic resin cups. Life is a lot easier when the same lid fits 4 cup sizes (12-24 oz.) in both flat and dome styles. True flush fill design ensures that when you fill a 16 oz. cup, you will be giving your customer exactly 16 oz. and not 18 oz. SUPC Stock# Description Case/Pack #7577552 PX12 12 oz. cup 20/50 #7577610 PX16 16 oz. cup 20/50 #7577709 PX20 20 oz. cup 20/50 #7577719 PXT24 24 oz. cup 20/30 #4066320 626TS Flat Straw Slotted Lid, 10/100 Fits 12-24 oz. #7013954 DLR626 Clear Dome Lid w/ Hole, 10/100 Fits 12-24 oz. #4202255 House Recipe Tea bag Iced without Tape 96/1 oz. #4138590 Sahara Burst Drink Mix Fruit Punch 12/24 oz. #4138608 Sahara Burst Drink Mix Orange 12/24 oz. #5895867 Monin Syrup Cherry 12/25.4 oz.