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IT Camp 19: Top Azure security fails and how to avoid them


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As delivered at the IT Camp 19 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Karl Ots has assessed the security of over 100 solutions built on the Microsoft Azure cloud. He has found that there are 6 key security pitfalls that are common across all industry verticals and company sizes. In this session, he will share what these security pitfalls are, why do they matter and how to mitigate them.

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IT Camp 19: Top Azure security fails and how to avoid them

  1. 1. @ITCAMPRO #ITCAMP19Community Conference for IT Professionals Top Azure security fails and how to avoid them Karl Ots
  2. 2. @ITCAMPRO #ITCAMP19Community Conference for IT Professionals Many thanks to our sponsors & partners! GOLD SILVER PARTNERS PLATINUM POWERED BY
  3. 3. @fincooper Karl Ots Chief Consulting Officer • Cloud & cybersecurity expert • Community leader, speaker, author & patented inventor • Working on Azure since 2011 • Helped to secure 100+ Azure applications, from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises •
  4. 4. @fincooper 13,7 100% 4,5 / 5 3 6. 34 / 38 experts years avg. Azure satisfaction Azure MVPs GPTW
  5. 5. @fincooper What to expect in this session • Azure security landscape • Top Azure security fails I have wandered upon in my adventures • Why are they bad? • How to fix them? • Resources to help you secure your Azure environment, regardless of your current status
  6. 6. @fincooper With great power comes great responsibility
  7. 7. @fincooper Secure DevOps kit for Azure (AzSK) • Set of tools for assessing the security posture of your Azure environment • Main toolset includes PowerShell module to scan your Azure platform and resources against best practices from Microsoft Core Services Engineering • Easy to get started with non-intrusive platform scans, expands end-to-end tooling from developer machine to DevSecOps
  8. 8. @fincooper Secure DevOps kit for Azure (AzSK) Run AzSK PowerShell tool Analyze results Improve system security
  9. 9. @fincooper Most fails described in this session can be detected by using AzSK
  10. 10. @fincooper Role Based Access Control AAD Object Role Scope RBAC Assignment
  11. 11. @fincooper Role-Based Access Control Subscription Resource Groups Resources Owner Can perform all management operations for a resource and its child resources including access management and granting access to others. Contributor Can perform all management operations for a resource including create and delete resources. A contributor cannot grant access to other. Reader Has read-only access to a resource and its child resources. A reader cannot read secrets.
  12. 12. @fincooper RBAC Roles • A collection of actions • Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines/* • Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines/start/action • Microsoft.Network/virtualNetworks/read • +70 built-in roles for Azure RBAC • e.g. Virtual Machine Contributor, Backup Contributor, Security Reader, etc.
  13. 13. @fincooper Security fail #1 • Unprotected public endpoints • HTTP / RDP / SSH • Mitigation: • Every public IP is a risk and should be carefully reviewed • Use Network Security Groups to control access to / from virtual machines • Use Azure Security Center’s Just-in-time access to dynamically change NSG rules • Use Web Application Firewall to control access to public HTTP endpoints • Configure Service Endpoint Firewalls for PaaS services • AzSK Control ID: • Azure_Subscription_NetSec_Justify_PublicIPs
  14. 14. @fincooper
  15. 15. @fincooper Security fail #2 • Every user is an Owner • …In the Subscription scope • Mitigation: • Default access scope should be Resource Group, not Subscription • Default RBAC access should be Contributor, not Owner • Instead of Owner, use User Access Administrator • AzSK Control ID: • Azure_Subscription_AuthZ_Justify_Admins_Owners
  16. 16. @fincooper Security fail #3 • Untrusted authentication provider being used • (Microsoft Account, Gmail, unmanaged or external Azure AD…) • Mitigation: • Always use trusted Azure AD authentication • Monitor Azure Subscription access using AAD PIM • If necessary, limit AAD Guest user inviting • AzSK control ID: • Azure_Subscription_AuthZ_Dont_Use_NonAD_Identities
  17. 17. @fincooper
  18. 18. @fincooper Security fail #4 • Storage access keys used directly • Mitigation: • Storage Access Keys should be stored in Azure Key Vault and rotated programmatically • Use data pane RBAC roles (new) • Restrict access to Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts/listkeys/action using RBAC • AzSK control ID: • Azure_Storage_DP_Rotate_Keys
  19. 19. @fincooper Security fail #5 • Insufficient monitoring and alerting • Mitigation: • Configure Activity Log retention, default is only 90 days! • Enable Azure SQL Audit logging • Monitor all HTTP endpoint traffic with Application Gateway / Web Application Firewall • Enable Application Insight Smart Alerts • Enable Advanced Treat Protection for Azure SQL and Storage Accounts • Enable Service Health Alerts • Enable custom Activity Log Alerts • AzSK control ID’s • Azure_AppService_Configure_Important_Alerts • Azure_Subscription_Config_Azure_Security_Center • Azure_SQLDatabase_Audit_Enable_Threat_Detection_Server
  20. 20. @fincooper Storage Advanced Threat Protection Access from unusual location Application Anomaly Anonymous access Data Exfiltration Unexpected delete Upload Azure Cloud Service package Access permission change Access Inspection Data Exploration
  21. 21. @fincooper
  22. 22. @fincooper
  23. 23. @fincooper
  24. 24. @fincooper
  25. 25. @fincooper Security fail #6 • No network controls for PaaS storage • Mitigation: • Enable Firewall for your storage layer services • When using SAS tokens, enable IP restriction • AzSK Control ID’s: • Azure_CosmosDB_AuthZ_Enable_Firewall • Azure_SQLDatabase_AuthN_Dont_Use_SQL_AuthN • Azure_DataLakeStore_AuthZ_Enable_Firewall
  26. 26. @fincooper
  27. 27. @fincooper
  28. 28. @fincooper Secure DevOps kit for Azure (AzSK) • Set of tools for assessing the security posture of your Azure environment • Built by Microsoft Core Services Engineering • Used to secure 1000+ Azure subscriptions at Microsoft • Easy to get started with non-intrusive vulnerability scans, expands end-to- end tooling from developer machine to CI/CD to continuous assurance • Call to action: Use AzSK to scan your environment for security fails!
  29. 29. @fincooper Resources • My slides: • Secure DevOps Kit for Azure: • • Microsoft Ignite 2018 session THR2104 Assess your Microsoft Azure security like a pro: • • Whitepaper: Develop Secure Applications on Azure: •
  30. 30. @ITCAMPRO #ITCAMP19Community Conference for IT Professionals Q & A