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  • Isilon storage systems start with a cluster which is made up of the OneFS operating system, at least 3 nodes, up to 144, and an InfiniBand internal network which has 1 InfiniBand switch and optionally a 2nd one for redundancy. InfiniBand is used because it is extremely fast with very little latency. Speeds currently range from 20 – 40 Gigabit.
  • With Isilon Scale-out NAS, you can have unimaginable room for your Big Data storage needs—over 15 petabytes of capacity per cluster in a single filesystem and volume.You can also scale both capacity and performance almost instantly to meet your specific business need—all without any additional IT burden and with Isilon, performance and capacity scale linearly.Our platform offerings include three flexible product lines tailored for specific business needs. You can choose the combination of three different Platform Nodes that best suits your storage needs:S-SERIESThe EMC Isilon S-Series combines unmatched IOPS performance with high efficiency and an ultra-low overhead scale-out NAS package. With SSD technology for file-system metadata and file-based storage workflows, the S-Series delivers additional performance gains for metadata intensive operations while improving overall latency.The answer for ultra-performance primary storage, purpose built for high IOPS-intensive random access file-based applications. X-SERIESThe EMC Isilon X-Series, our most flexible and comprehensive storage product line, strikes the right balance between large capacity and high-performance storage. The highly versatile X-Series is an ideal solution for high-concurrent and sequential throughput applications. NL-SERIESThe NL-Series is designed to provide cost-effective, large capacity storage. To achieve this, the NL-Series combines high density and efficiency, with massive capacity capabilities. The result is a highly economical scale-out storage solution at an extremely attractive price per TB of capacity and low overall TCO.
  • EMC Isilon offers a full Suite of Enterprise Infrastructure Software. On this first of two slides, we highlight four software innovations and one hardware innovation that can additionally expand the quality of Isilon Data Protection.On the left you’ll see a list of key Data Protection requirements, and on the right, the corresponding EMC Isilon Software Solution - or in the case of the Backup Accelerator, the Isilon hardware solution -for each Data Protection requirement.
  • EMC Isilon offers a full Suite of Enterprise Infrastructure Software. On this second of two slides, we highlight four software innovations that can additionally expand the quality of Isilon Data Management capabilities.On the left you’ll see a list of key Data Management requirements, and on the right, the corresponding EMC Isilon Software Solution for each Data Management requirement.
  • So with file-based, unstructured data representing the fastest-growing component of today’s enterprise data centers, EMC Isilon Storage offers an industry leading solution for simple, scalable, efficient, and available Scale-Out NAS.With Isilon, you can: Reduce the complexity of scale-out storage with a single volumeEasily manage performance and growth requirements Meet increased demand on IT resources Note to Presenter: If continuing on to the Mavericks announcement, please transition to the next section with this text:We’d like to share with you the steps we are taking to equip enterprises to manage a growing broader range of large-scale enterprise applications and infrastructure environments. What follows next is detail about our May 21st pre-announcement regarding EMC Isilon Scale-Out NAS innovation designed to address the challenges and opportunities that arise with the new world of Big Data and Enterprise IT.
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  • Emc isilon config requirements w tips & tricks

    1. 1. 1EMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLYTips & Tricks - ConfigurationRequirementsEMC² - ISILONSCALE-OUT NASCarlos GaleanoCarlos.galeanocantillo@emc.comMidTier Storage DivisionRegional Storage Specialist NOLA
    2. 2. 2EMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLYIsilon:An Intelligent Storage ModelOne single unified system to manageSingle file system, single volumescaling from 18 TB – 15.5 PBHighest performance, fully symmetricpeer nodesEasy to manage - No RAID, LUNS ormultiple FS to manageEasy to grow – Scale capacity inminutesNo bottlenecks, No hot spots80% + utilizationAUTOMATED TIERINGTapeStorageTier 2ActiveArchiveStoragePrimary HighPerformanceTier 1 StorageInactive dataActive data
    3. 3. 3EMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLYAUTOMATED TIERINGIsilon:An Intelligent Storage ModelAutomatic data movement– Policy-based tieringmanagement– Transparent reallocation– NO application changesOptimize storage resources– Automatically migrate data toTier 2 to match storageresources with datarequirements– Eliminate data migrationTapeStorageTier 2StoragePrimaryTier 1StorageInactive dataActive data
    4. 4. 4EMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLYHow to start a design:Minimum System ConfigurationAn EMC Isilon storage system requires:– At least three (3) nodes of the same type MINIMUM.– Two (2) Infiniband Switches in the back-end clusternetwork(for redundancy).– The same version of OneFS on each node. Today, the mostupdated OneFS version is OneFS 7 (a.k.a. Maverick).– For user access to the Isilon Storage System, at least one1GBEth connection is required (two pors for redundancy).For large files and high performance access, a 10GBEthnetwork is desirable.– Each node of an Isilon cluster requires its respectivelicense for the different software modules:▪ SnapshotIQ, SyncIQ, SmartConnect, Smartlock, SmartQuotas,SmartPools, Insight IQ.
    5. 5. 5EMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLYWhat happens if a HW upgrade isrequired?Check the # of Infiniband ports available forthe back end. If needed, upgrade theswitches.The additional node (nodes) must fit thesame configuration (memory & disk) andmodel of the existing nodes for the same tier.All the upgrade nodes require the samesoftware licenses as the exisiting nodes.Verify the rack space required for the newnodes.
    6. 6. 6EMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLYIsilon Scale-Out: ArquitectureENTERPRISE CLASSISILON IQ NODESThe power of paralelism(Intra-clusterInfiniband)Symmetric N-way cluster(optional 2ndswitch)•From 3 to 144 Nodes, 18TB a 15PB•Single cluster Peer-to-peer•Distributed single File system OneFS™•Single storage Pool/namespace•One Management PointCPU, Cache, I/O, DisksSMBclustershareNFS/vol/vol0/users/share“PURE NAS”
    8. 8. 8EMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLYEMC Isilon: Type of nodesScale-Out NAS Product FamilyLinear Scaling of Performance & CapacityPurpose-built for IOPS-intensive, random accessfile-based applicationsA flexible solution toaccelerate high-concurrentand sequential throughputapplicationsPurpose-built forcost-effective, largecapacity storageS-SeriesX-SeriesNL-SeriesNL-400 Nodes:-36TB-72TB-108TBX-Nodes:X200X400S-200 Nodes
    9. 9. 9EMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLYEMC IsilonSuite of Enterprise Infrastructure SoftwareRequirements Numerous and flexiblesnapshots Fast and flexibleasynchronousreplication Policy based clientfailover with loadbalancing Policy basedimmutability Scalable backup to tapeInnovationsSnapshot IQ - Unlimitedand flexible snapshotsSyncIQ - Fast and flexibleasynchronous replicationSmartConnect - Policybased client failover withload balancingSmartLock - Policy basedimmutabilityBackup Accelerator -Scalable backup to tapeData Protection
    10. 10. 10EMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLYEMC IsilonSuite of Enterprise Infrastructure SoftwareRequirements Policy based automatedtiering Quota management andthin provisioning Analytics platform tomaximize performanceand resource utilization VMware integratedmanagement featuresSoftware InnovationsSmartPools - Policy basedautomated tieringSmartQuotas - Quotamanagement and thinprovisioningInsight IQ - Analyticsplatform to maximizeperformance and resourceutilizationIsilon for Vcenter -VMware integratedmanagement featuresData Management
    11. 11. 11EMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLYAvailableSimple ScalableEMC IsilonNo Compromise Scale-Out Storage