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SLP Student Presentation


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Published in: Education
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SLP Student Presentation

  1. 1. Shanghai American School’sStudent as a Learner Profile (SLP)
  2. 2. What is the Student as a Learner Profile? The SLP separates your academic achievement from your behaviors. The 4 Behavior Categories• Cooperation and Collaboration• Preparation and Organization• Integrity and Attitude• Active Learning and Effort
  3. 3. Cooperation and Collaboration • asks questions • shows leadership and contributes as a group member What might Cooperation • listens and reflects look like in a science class?How would you show Collaboration in a music class?
  4. 4. Preparation and Organization • keeps materials organized • hands in work on time; brings materials to class How do you show you are Prepared for a PE class? • prepares for quizzes/What does being Organized tests/deadlinesmean in a Humanities class?
  5. 5. Integrity and Attitude • respects property, materials, class environment • demonstrates academic integrity class What do you show Integrity during a math test? • demonstratesIn what ways can you demonstrate a positive Attitude in art class? positive attitude
  6. 6. Active Learning and Effort• uses class time effectively; participates in class• reflects on learning to make improvements; takes reasonable risks• works to best ability; In your Global Language class, demonstrates persistence how can you consistently demonstrate a higher level of Effort? How do you demonstrate Active Learning in an EAL class or a drama class?
  7. 7. Student Learner Profile ScaleE = EXCELLENT exceeds expectationsG = GOOD consistently meets expectationsNI = NEEDS IMPROVEMENT sometimes meets expectationsAC = AREA OF CONCERN rarely meets expectations
  8. 8. Questions?Why is Student Learner Profile important to me? How will I use the Student Learner Profile in myStudent Led Conference?What is a Student Led Conference?
  9. 9. Important Points SLCs happen before report cards✴ A time for celebration and for reflection✴ A time to set goals and create a plan to achieve those goals