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Falster Farm 2013 mini bulls for sale


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Particulars about the outstanding Miniature Hereford and Miniature Jersey bulls available on Falster Farm Mini Cattle Ranch in East Texas.

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Falster Farm 2013 mini bulls for sale

  1. 1. Falster Farm & Mini Cattle Ranch
  2. 2. We sell Heirloom Mini Herefords and MiniJerseys both domestically and around theworld.New Zealand, Australian, Thailand,Belgium Customers too.US and Canadian Customers
  3. 3. We offer Heirloom Mini Herefords and MiniJerseys.Baby pure bred mini Hereford bull calfBaby pure bred heirloom mini Jersey
  4. 4. Live Cover• Falster Farm Stud• Herd Sire RentalArtificial Breeding• Frozen Semen• Frozen EmbryosFalster Farm Genetics are recognized around the world as being in the foremostranks of quality and service.
  5. 5. KNF SIR TRISTANTristan is a true son of KNFGENERAL STAN WATIE –close to the ground, deep andbroad bodied. Body conditionand conformation is terrific witha Frame Score of 000.His personality matches ourrequirements : respect andassertiveness, exactly what ismost desirable in a herd sire.Naturally polled, he is availablefor sale or live cover at the Studonly.Registration No.: 43026559 Birth Date:04/18/2009 Sire: KNF GENERAL STAN WATIE {DLF,HYF,IEF}(P42617895) Dam: KNF LILLIE FAYE (42690149) Horn Status: Polled Inquiry email —
  6. 6. KNF PRINCE RUPERTRupert has the strongest geneticdisposition to produce gourmetbeef of any bulls born on FalsterFarm. Low to the ground, wide ofchest and broad bodied. His bodycondition and conformation ispicture perfect with a Frame Scoreof 000. He is one of those rareHerefords that has huge hams.He is an Embryo Transplant of thesame embryos shipped to Belgium.As the other bulls we are offeringhis personality is one of respect andassertiveness. He is marvelous,simply marvelous.Registration No.: 43097488 Birth Date:02/01/2010 AI/ET: AI PERMITTED Sire: OZARK MTN KING H218(P42359178) Dam: LC OZARK MTN QUEEN H002 (P42058797) Inquiry email —
  7. 7. KNF SIR DAVID FRANZEDavid is the splendid example ofthe heirloom miniature Jersey Bull.Conformation is right on target witha Frame Score of 000. He is oneof those rare Jersey bulls that isfriendly.David’s parentage has proven to besuperior in milk production.His personality is one of politecuriosity , however, he is assertivearound the females, traits you lookfor in a herd Jersey sire.Registration No.: Pending w/ American Mini Jersey Birth Date: 03/12/2012 Sire: KNF BENNETT ORLANDO Dam:KNF KATHERINE COW Breeder Owner: Falster Farm Inquiry email —
  8. 8. KNF BEBFORD FORRESTForrest is the #1 herd sire prospectof the Class of 2012. ExceptionableBody Condition and Conformationwith a Frame Score of 000. He alsofits the low-line model of being longand low to the ground, you can seethe top line displaying a straightback. This bull will perform withunsurpassed reproductive vigor.Both parents are naturally polled.His mother was the #1 in her class.This youngster is about as good asone can find!Registration No.: Pending w/ American Hereford Association Birth Date: 03/25/2012 Sire: KNF GENERAL STANWATIE Dam: KNF SOUTHERN ELECTRA Breeder Inquiry email —
  9. 9. KNF CIBOLO CHIEF 12B5His Body Condition andConformation is obviously in peakform with a Frame Score of 000.(photo shows tatto ink after rain, sowe put up with it)He is full brother to many bullcalves that have sold for $5,500.Like his sire, his personality is oneof respectful inquisitiveness andassertiveness, exactly what werequire in our herd sires.Registration No.: Pending w/ American Hereford Association Birth Date: 03/30/2012 Sire: KNF CIBOLO Dam: KNFMISS MYSTRY Breeder Owner: Falster Farm Inquiry email — nancy@falsterfarm.comChief is the #2 herd sireprospect of the Class of 2012.
  10. 10.  KNF SIR RICHARD de EXETERSeldom do we have a year in whichthree bulls make the selection asherd sires, in fact this is the 1st timein 13 years. This bull is sooutstanding that I couldn’t cut him -too good not to show him off.He is a little more boxy, has a supertop line and very well balanced.Vigorous, with ample scrotum.As he follows in his sire’s hoof printproducing consistent gourmet beef,this bull will provide years of qualityproduction.Registration No.: Pending w/ American Hereford Association Birth Date: 05/24/2012 Sire: KNF GENERAL STANWATIE Dam: KNF LILLY JOY Breeder Owner: Falster Farm Inquiry email — nancy@falsterfarm.comExeter is the #3 herd sireprospect of the Class of 2012.
  11. 11.  KNF TEXAS PETE 12B2Texas Pete is so small I figured itbest to show him off against aregular Mini Hereford Bull calf.This little bull is so cute that Icouldn’t cut him . In fact he is sosmall, we ought to start a newdesignation of ― Toy Hereford‖, I’mjust funnin’ ya.He is being sold as a bull, howeverhis get is not established and hemay perform best as a pet to loveon and cuddle with.Registration No.: Pending w/ American Hereford Association Birth Date: 05/05/2012 Sire: KNF CIBOLO Dam: KNFTEXAS LILLY Breeder Owner: Falster Farm Inquiry email —
  12. 12. To discuss any of the Bulls available onFalster Farm please call Nancy GailFalster — 903.629.3034, oremail —