Q6. Evaluation.


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Q6. Evaluation.

  1. 1. Q6 EvaluationQ6. What have you learnt abouttechnologies from the process of constructing this product?
  2. 2. What have I found hard?The thing that I have found the hardest is using Quark. Ihave found this the hardest because it was a newtechnology to me and I had to learn how to use it in a shorttime. Even though there was a step by step guide to usethere was still certain bits that I had to practice more thanthe others as some things where harder to remember andothers where simple such as text boxes and picture boxes. Ihave also found it hard using Adobe premiere as that wasalso new. I only started to use this in my evaluation but itwas hard to figure out even though I only had to use it forone lesson. I also found it hard to use the cameras as theywere very confusing and sometimes did not always workand do what I wanted them to do.
  3. 3. What I found easy?The easiest thing to use was photo shop because I haveused it many times before in the past and I use it whileI am at home. It was easy to get used to all the tools onphoto shop. Some elements of photo shop I learntsuch as making a shape have a clear back ground,these are the kind of things I did not know as I don’tuse shapes when using Photoshop. But it was not hardto learn and remember as they where only little things.I have also found Blogger* easy to use as it was verystraightforward. I found it easy to print screen my workonto paint to then go on to add them to my blog.
  4. 4. Prezi Prezi is a presentation software that can includephotographs and text. This was a new technologybut it was straight forward to use as it had guidesthat helped you on what to do, but they also havelabelled icons so it is easy to find out how to usethings. It helps to make a boring page of textmore appealing and inventive and also a lot moreeye catching. However doing to many blog taskson prezi can be a little boring and not inventive.
  5. 5. Blogger Blogger is a site where anyone can join and create a blog with postsand can follow each other and people from all over the world. Ifound it easy to sign up for an account and also to start uploadingposts straight away. One thing I found useful for this coursework ison each post you can change the dates and times so they re arrangethe order they go in, this helped me to order my blogs after I hadcompleted them all. blogger is also good for uploading images andvideos. the only thing about blogger is that without any otherinternet software being imported onto it, it is very plain and boringthat’s why there is an edit HTML link which embeds other thingsonto the blog such as slide share and xtranormal presentations. Theonly thing which i found hard about blogger was uploading videos.It took a long time and a lot of different steps to upload videos asonce they where uploaded sometimes they had to be uploaded offof a different software.
  6. 6. EffectiveI found Prezi and Blogger very effective. Prezihelped me to put things on my blog easily in aunique and creative way. I also found photoshop very effective as it was easy to make mymagazine front cover and also edit photos formy contents page.