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Q2 evaluation redone


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Q2 evaluation redone

  1. 1. Q2. How does your media productrepresent particular social groups?
  2. 2. My magazine represents a specific music subculture.This is when groups of people have a ‘culture’ or inthis case a favourite music genre, whichdifferentiates them from the larger culture to whichthey belong. Eg My magazine will not be bought bypop music lovers because it does not appeal to thatspecific target audience.
  3. 3. This means that my magazine, front cover, contents page & double page spread must all appeal to ‘rockers’. Every aspect of the magazine must be clear and precise and appeal to them. For instance cover stories and even images. This is the type of story that would attract mytarget audience because This is the type of images a lot of rock bands tour that appeal to a rock and have concerts and audience because this is agigs. So this would keep rock singer. them up to date on the music world.
  4. 4. Another way in which my magazine appeals to rockers is thecolour scheme. ‘rockers’ are stereotyped to like dark coloursand so my music magazine will attract them as the coloursused are dark and this matches to what they like and look for.This was also proven from my questionnaire and audiencefeedback. Also these colours connote rock, so if my magazinewas pink and bright coloured it might be mistaken for a Popmagazine and therefore be bought by the wrong targetaudience.
  5. 5. Another way in which my magazinerepresents particular social groups is thestories. The cover stories inside the magazineand shown on the front cover are specific tobands in the rock genre. Therefore it willappeal to rock social groups as this is whatthey know and love. People who do not likerock music will not know what the magazine isadvertising and therefore will know themagazine is not targeted at them.
  6. 6. One other way in which the magazine appealsto a particular group is the images it contains.There are no photographs of people who donot look like they enjoy rock music. Theimages used all connote either the stereotypelook of rock or are of rock bands/gig tickets. Ifthe magazine was to show an Indie band thenrock music lovers would not want to read it orthink it appealed to them.