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N4 group 2


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B4 Group Presentation

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N4 group 2

  1. 1. NORTHERN QUARTERHistory, Analysis and Precedent Presentation
  2. 2. History of the Northern QuarterPOP BOUTIQUEThe first Pop Boutique storeopened in 1994 in OldhamStreet, Manchester in what isnow referred to as theNorthern Quarter. They h dN h Q Th hadbeen running vintage clothingshops since 1983 and wanted pto create a shop that didnt justsell vintage clothing but allmanner of things your everydayvintage junkie might findinteresting and even buy.
  3. 3. History of the Northern QuarterAFFLECKS PALACEAfflecks is an emporium ofeclecticism, a totem of i di l i i f indiecommerce in Manchester’sNorthern Quarter and aboveall else a fantastic place toshop for anything from Top p y g phats to tattoos.
  4. 4. History in the Northern QuarterMATT AND PHREDS JAZZ BARMatt and Phreds is the only club in the North West dedicated tolive Jazz music and Freestyle J i dF l
  5. 5. History in the Northern QuarterMUSICDave Haslam was a DJ at theHacienda night club in the gnorthern quarter which started acommunity around music makerswho loved to experimentalism.New Order were the flagshipband for dance music in the UK,and their minimalist album sleevesand non-image reflected the labels gaesthetic of doing whatever therelevant parties wanted to do,including an aversion to includingsingles as album tracks.
  6. 6. History in the Northern QuarterMUSICThe Night and Day Café is a music venue located on Oldhamstreet, Th establishment offers a platform for emerging young The bli h ff l f f italent as well as hosting bands such as Glasvegas, TheFutureheads,Futureheads Cherry Ghost The Enemy and Arctic Monkeys Ghost, Monkeys.Matt and Phreds jazz club started around 8 years ago and reallyboosted and helped further the Northern Quarters diversemusic scene.
  7. 7. History in the Northern QuarterMUSICPiccadilly Records was born in 1978, was taken over by thepresent management in 1990 and moved up the road to our i d d h dcurrent location in Manchesters record shopping Mecca, theNorthern Quarter in 1997 1997.The Music industry has pretty much taken over the northernquarter and has had a major impact on the cultural and socialmakeup of the area, so this should be taken highly into p g yconsideration upon creating design ideas/concepts.
  8. 8. History in the Northern QuarterRECREATIONManchester on a whole has always been a vibrant and excitingcity and the Northern Q i d h N h Quarter i no exception. It began to form is i I b fits own niche even in the early twentieth century when a streetdancing culture emerged in the area This small area of the town area.centre has various restaurants/pubs/clubs/bars which are hiddengems located in this quieter part of the town centre. These rangefrom old to new establishments and have a great cultural andsocial impact on the area.
  9. 9. History in the Northern QuarterCUBA CAFE• The Cuba Cafe is a great example of the kind of vibrancy and interest that Manchester h t ff M h t has to offer.• Local residents who are there to enjoy the atmosphere.• The bar is truly unique to Manchester, providing a little taste of Cuba for the customers• The bar says a lot about the Northern Quarter due to its success, and demonstrates how the atmosphere of the area which is quiet, contemporary, intelligent and set back from the inner city centre, is composed by the residents
  10. 10. History in the Northern QuarterMANCHESTER BUDDHIST CENTRE• This is another defining icon of the Northern Quarter and is advertised as bringing the ancient traditions and religion to the modern city.• There are also meditation and yoga classes available which are needed within the city to keep peace and tranquillity within the busy city life.
  11. 11. History in the Northern QuarterFASHION & BOUTIQUEIn the late twentieth century, the growth of the high street anddepartment stores on Market Street and the Arndale Centred M k S d h A d l Cmeant that commercial interest in the Northern Quarter wasdiminishing.diminishingHowever,However the low rent costs and unconventional feel of theNorthern Quarter attracted many independent shops andboutiques to spring up, this grew throughout the 80’s and 90’s q p g p g gand helped encapsulate the over hip feel of the NQ.
  12. 12. History in the Northern QuarterAs the NQ grew in popularity in the re laritindie and hip circles throughoutManchester, the attraction of lowpprice vintage and charity shops grew, g y p g ,and with Manchester having a largestudent population, business wasbooming.Some boutiques and shops haveblossomed more than others, andAfflecks Palace is a phrase familiarwith almost everyone in Manchester.Home to many independent retailerswith products ranging from your p g g ytraditional vintage clothes, to the kindof costumes seen in 60’s horrormovies and everything in between.
  13. 13. History in the Northern Quarter• Another shop notorious for its popularity in the NQ is Pop Boutique, with stores on Boutique Oldham St and in Afflecks. Selling mainly their own g y brand vintage clothing now, it was the prime location for hipsters looking for a second hand or vintage bargain.
  14. 14. History of the Northern Quarter• Pre-18th Century, Agricultural space. h• Housing for cotton industry hits area. Three storied building contain living space on the first two floors and ‘Loomshops’ which were humble in scale compared to the larger ‘mills’ mills which followed on.• 1840’s iron works, engineering and clothing manufactures hit the area.
  15. 15. History of the Northern Quarter• 1820 Sir Oswald Mosley merges the areas markets at Smithfield in close proximity to the Railways and canals.• Mid 19th CCentury are is stripped of housing f offices and i i d f h i for ffi d warehousing.• 1894 Manchester Ship Canal is built which leads to larger 1894, warehousing.• Early 20th Century Oldham Street was claimed for women to Century, be “The hub of the Universe”
  16. 16. History of the Northern Quarter• 1920’s Woolworths Boots and Marks and Spencer were all located here.• Mid 1900’ economy in flux and the area lost its way 1900’s i fl d h l i• 1980’s onward City-center warehouse appartment developments become the trend. Boutique shops and small trend clothes makers and artists take off.
  17. 17. History of the Northern Quarter• Roman Catholic Society• Even though there is no particular place of worship at present within the N h i hi h Northern Q Quarter. D i the l During h late 18th century there would have been influence within the area on its architecture and its people• Sanctus 1: Christianity• Providing Christianity teachings with a modern spin A spin. welcoming society inviting anyone in whom wishes to share their views on God.
  18. 18. History of the Northern Quarter• Buddhist Centre• Appeared in 1977 in Manchester then moved to the Northern Quarter i 1996 teaching to live your lif b Q in 1996, hi li life by:• Being generous• Living i l Li i a simple and contented life d d lif• Speaking truthfully• Living mindfully
  19. 19. History of the Northern QuarterMethodist CM h di Centre:John Wesley opened two Methodist Chapels in the Northern Quarter in 1750’s. Which continuedpreaching until 1883, preaching: hi til 1883 hiShun evil & avoid partaking in wicked deeds at all costsPerform kind acts as much as possibleP f ki d h iblAbide by the edicts of God the Almighty FatherSummaryDue to the past and present influence from different religions their teaching and way of life cannot be ignored in the design of the sites.Weather i b iW h it being, creating a tranquil place f worship or encouraging unifing people within a i il l for hi i ifi l i hispace as each religion has done individually and collectively . Either way this is a large make up ofthe cultural society today and cannot be ignored.
  20. 20. Analysis for Port Street
  21. 21. Analysis for Port Street
  22. 22. Analysis for Port Street
  23. 23. Analysis for Port Street
  24. 24. Analysis for Port Street
  25. 25. Analysis for Port Street• This is a very large site, on a slight gradient which rises from south west to north east.
  26. 26. Analysis for Port Street• This site is concrete and tarmac throughout and is currently used as a car park.
  27. 27. Analysis for Port Street
  28. 28. Analysis for Port Street
  29. 29. Analysis of Port Street• Too much soft landscape• Needs more consistent texture• Lack of green infrastructure g• No thought or design process• The site has just evolved over time with very little human intervention• Road surface access needs improvement• Narrow roads• Good amount of residential buildings with small businesses surrounding the site: potential people to use the site.
  30. 30. Analysis of Newton Street Access and Movement
  31. 31. Analysis of Newton Street
  32. 32. Analysis of Newton Street
  33. 33. Analysis of Newton Street
  34. 34. Analysis of Newton Street
  35. 35. Analysis of Newton Street• This site is a very flat area. Its location in between two buildings in between two roads make it feel enclosed but yet ope , knowing t at t e norm wou be a ot e large bu open, ow g that the o would another a ge building in its place. g ts p ace.
  36. 36. Analysis of Newton Street• Its history of having a building that once stood there mean the land is tough and haggard and consists of stones and concrete with no soil visible. Knowing that a building once stood there is knowing that soil is also not in close reach either.
  37. 37. Analysis of Newton Street
  38. 38. Analysis of Newton Street
  39. 39. Analysis of Newton Street• The site is enclosed by two brick facades by neighbouring properties which again create a nice feature• The ground material is similar to the other sites and is used as a make shift car park• More durable materials to the ground level need to be used to with stand heavy pedestrian traffic• Again there is no major features to attract any use of the site apart from an area to park
  40. 40. Analysis of Spear Street Access and Movement
  41. 41. Analysis of Spear Street
  42. 42. Analysis of Spear Street
  43. 43. Analysis of Spear Street
  44. 44. Analysis of Spear Street • This is a very small area, again in between two buildings which make it very sheltered and shady but somewhat cut off from everything due to its y g location down a back street. It is also surrounded by buildings with a newly constructed art gallery and apartment/offices building opposite. The site is opposite rough but still relatively flat.
  45. 45. Analysis of Spear Street
  46. 46. Analysis of Spear Street
  47. 47. Analysis of Spear Street• The mixed materials and litter create the ground level and weeds• The site is fenced so there is no current usage• The site is surrounded by a brick façade by the neighbouring properties which could be a nice feature of the site• There is no major feature to the site, but art galleries and café attract pedestrians to the area: using these features that surround the site to encourage usage to the site
  48. 48. Precedent Studies • The clash between soft and hard landscape works well, less maintenance to the site and less of an eye sore Good idea on forcing urban planting showing we can use anything at our disposal to incorporate foliage within the city landscape and a feature that would attract passers-by. p y
  49. 49. Precedent Studies Small area Poor lighting originally Good planting scheme Topiary usage p y g High walled area
  50. 50. Precedent StudiesThis canteen was proposed as a ‘Semi open air Café’. This allowed to have anambient temperature for most of the year along with good ventilation, and avariety of degrees of shade from the climate.
  51. 51. Precedent Studies Liverpool Rope Walk Pedestrians have been given greater priority over much of the rest of the road network and a combination of granite sets and yorkstone flags are used with kerbs either raised or set flush depending on the levels of vehicular use.
  52. 52. Precedent Studies Street furniture is restricted to bespoke designed bollards to control on-street parking where necessary, necessary with light fittings mounted to the walls. Tree planting is restricted to the new urban squares.
  53. 53. Spear Street Problems• The site is situated down 3 narrow alleyways which gives a dangerous feel to the site.• There are hi h amounts of pollution i the close vicinity Th high f ll i in h l i i i (rubbish bags, mouldy food)• The site gets pummelled by the noise of traffic coming from the direction of Lever Street.• Views from the site on 2 sides are very dull and boring boring.• Darkness is an issue, as the sun does not have any ground cover around the site.
  54. 54. Spear Street Solutions• Lighting could be added to the site to brighten up the area.• Screening or plants could be added to combat the pollution nearby. b• Screening or trees could also be used to dampen traffic noise.• Gi Giant mirrors could b i i ld be incorporated to b i li h i d bring light into the site. h i• Colour boards could be attached to the surrounding building to improve the overall aesthetics. t i th ll th ti
  55. 55. Newton Street Problems• The site smells awful to the west.• Road traffic is very high and surrounds the site on two sides.• The site is faced with dull buildings.• The site is currently in full sun, could be a sun trap in summer months. h• Traffic pollution is very high around the site.
  56. 56. Newton Street Solutions• Grow sweet smelling plants on site.• Site could be enclosed to prevent noise pollution, or have speakers playing. k l i• Site could be given higher boundaries to block out unsightly views. views• Shelter in the form of trees or artificial awnings ect.• A i certain species of pollutant ridding plants could be Again t i i f ll t t iddi l t ld b grown.
  57. 57. Port Street Problems• Feels very unsafe, we were approached by 2 unsociable characters whilst on site.• The i is ll d by bin bags, traffic and visual pollution i Th site i polluted b bi b ffi d i l ll i in the form of closed buildings.• The site is surrounded by traffic on every side side.• There is an ugly green house situated in the centre of the site.• The it is t Th site i not secured and i currently open plan. d d is tl l
  58. 58. Port Street Solutions• Fencing or an appropriate physical boundary could be put up to stop unauthorised access.• The Th streets could be cleaned; the site could help give the area a ld b l d h i ld h l i h new lease of life whilst encouraging new businesses to the area.• Traffic could be redirected redirected.• Ugly green house could be demolished.• Trees and sun l i plants could b used t b k d T d loving l t ld be d to break down pollution.