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Elements of space spreadsheets


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Elements of space spreadsheets

  1. 1. Element 1: Surface Type Location Description Function and issues Photo/sketch1.1a Vegetation in surfacing (Grass, shrubs)1.1b1.2a Small unit paving (blocks, setts, etc)1.2b1.3a Large unit paving (flags, large blocks, strips, etc)1.3b1.4a Continuous surface (tarmac, bound gravels, play surface, etc)1.4b1.5a Loose or permeable surfaces1.5b
  2. 2. Element 2: Enclosure & Definition Type Location Description Function and issues Photo/sketch2.1a Freestanding or boundary walls2.1b2.2a Fencing and railings2.2b2.3a Structural use of vegetation (hedges. shrubs, trees)2.3b2.4a Edges and boundaries2.4b2.5a Buildings to define space2.5b
  3. 3. Element 3: Levels Type Location Description Function and issues Photo/sketch3.1a Steps3.1b3.2a Ramps (Gradients/materials)3.2b3.3a Retaining walls and structures3.3b3.4a Seating walls and edges3.4b3.5a Earthforms3.5b