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TeachMeet Hills, October 31st 2011.
2 Minute Presentation Micro Presentation.
The presentation I should have had up.

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Drama, Technology & You

  1. 1. Drama Lesson Ideas for Every Classroom
  2. 2. Drama – Why It’s Important Arts Education – vital for holistic education Often forgotten. It has been proven to improve achievement in literacy and numeracy. Not all kids are pen/paper learners. I recommend reading “Champions of Change.” Teacher fear – “oh no, they’re out of their seats!” SO...
  3. 3. What Are We Currently Using? Blogging – class and individual. Digital Portfolio – Google Docs Trial – collaborative script writing. Radio Plays Using Audacity.
  4. 4. Video/The Connected Classroom Xtra-normal. Webcame on DET laptop. Filming performances and writing critiques. Consider buddying up with another school and performing over the video conferencing network.
  5. 5. Role Play in English & Maths Sometimes good old fashioned ideas help. These are great for both primary and high school:  Dress up and present a short monologue as your character.  Create a set box for a scene in a book you’re reading together.  Create the shapes you are learning about in maths. Practise counting money and numbers by having kids form groups. From here get the kids to work together on a group problem.
  6. 6. For The Science, PE, HSIE Teachers Re-enact a scientific experiment. Become the different metals, chemicals and show the reaction physically without words. Role play risk taking situations and how they can be avoided. In HSIE pick a historic event and imagine you are journalists at a press conference covering the event.
  7. 7. Different Learning Styles Remember that not all kids are pen and paper learners. If you’re having trouble engaging kids these ideas might be a good way to encourage them to take a renewed interest in your subject. Consider visiting: Curriculum Support – not just for DET teachers. Improvisation Encyclopedia – Google it. Great games. http://www.drama-teaching.com
  8. 8. For More...  Follow me on Twitter :  @karlao_dtn  Or visit:  http://dramateachersnetwork.wordpress.com