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Task cards and examples of ways to use a range of apps for content creation in the Gr 3-9 classroom.

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  1. 1. Group 1 PicCollage Examples
  2. 2. Collage Station Identify some common types of clouds, and relate them to weather patterns. 1. Use the PicCollage App to search for images of types of clouds. 2. Be sure to label each image and offer a short explanation of the type(s) of weather associated with the clouds. 3. Export your collage to the camera roll. Pic Collage Task: Create a photo collage of different types of clouds. Label each type of cloud and tell what type of weather is associated with the cloud. Scan the QR code to watch a video about types of clouds. LearnAlberta sign-in Username: LA13 Password: 9418! (You’ll need to agree to the terms and conditions)
  3. 3. Pic Collage (Free)
  4. 4. Grade 7 Social Studies 7.1.4 - assess, critically, the economic competition related to the control of the North American fur trade by exploring and reflecting upon the following questions and issues: • How did the First Nations, French, British and Métis peoples interact with each other as participants in the fur trade? • How did the fur trade contribute to the foundations of the economy in North America? • Create a short video presentation outlining key aspects of the fur trade. Use images and voice over in your presentation. • Scan the QR Code for images and information. 1. Collect images and save them to your camera roll. 2. Use the app 30 Hands or Videolicious to create your presentation. Toward Confederation Images
  5. 5. 30 Hands Skip this step New Presentation Give Title and Add Slides Choose your type of slide (photo or draw) Choose your photos. You can choose more than one at a time.
  6. 6. 30hands Drag to re-arrange your slides if neccessary. ! Tap on Begin Recording Record your voice. Swipe to move to the next slide. Tap the arrow to publish the video. Save to camera roll.
  7. 7. Videolicious - Free Choose Shots > Camera Roll Select your images in order. Record your voice over. Drag up the photos as you record your voice. Choose your music.
  8. 8. Videolicious - Continued Choose your music. Preview & Save Give it a title Save ! The video will be saved to your camera roll. ! You can also email out from Videolicious.
  9. 9. Slideshow Station ! •Choose one of the communities we have been studying: Peru, Tunisia, Ukraine and India. •Create a slideshow to describe daily life in the community. •You can search for images directly in Haiku Deck or you can use the QR codes to gather images and save them to your camera roll. Haiku Deck (free) How does daily life reflect quality of life in the communities (e.g., employment, transportation, roles of family members)? UkraineIndia Peru Tunisia
  10. 10. Haiku Deck• When you first open it you are prompted to create an account but you can skip this step. • Create a new slide show. Add a new slide Play presentation Layout of text Select Image Write Text Without signing in you cannot ‘share’ your presentaion Tip: Take a screen shot of each slide to save them to the camera roll.
  11. 11. Popplet$4.99 free
  12. 12. Concept-Mapping Station ! •Create a concept-map to compare the democratic structure in Ancient Athens and the Iroquois Confederacy. •Please be sure to include these headings: •Structure of government •How decisions were made •The role of women ! •Note: If you want to add images, please save them to your camera roll. Possible Apps to use: Mindomo - More complex interface. You can create an unlimited number of mind- maps. Popplet Lite - Easier interface for younger children. Lite version - You can only create one mind-map at a time. identify the democratic principles exemplified by ancient Athens and the Iroquois Confederacy
  13. 13. Popplet Lite- Free Export & Email ! ! In FreeVersion you cannot save the popplet right in Popplet. They need to be completed in one sitting and then exported. In the full version (4.99), you can collaborate with others over wifi on a popplet and save popplets directly in popplet. Add a new popplet
  14. 14. Explaining Station 1 Create an explanation of how you solve this equation. ! 632 - 486 = Doceri (free) 1. Use one of the apps on the side. Write your equation. 2. Record and explain your strategy for solving the equation. ShowMe (free) Educreations (free) Explain Everything ($2.99) Demonstrate an understanding of addition and subtraction of numbers with answers to 1000
  15. 15. Explaining Station 2 Create an explanation of what happens during photosynthesis. You will find an image of a plant and draw on the image while explaining the process. Doceri (free) 1. Find an image of a plant. Save it to your camera roll. 2. Use one of the apps. Insert your image and record your explanation of photosynthesis. Draw on the diagram while explaining. ShowMe (free) Educreations (free) Explain Everything ($2.99) illustrate how life-supporting environments meet the needs of living things for nutrients, energy sources, moisture, suitable habitat, and exchange of gases Scan the QR code to watch a video about photosynthesis. LearnAlberta sign-in Username: LA13 Password: 9418! (You’ll need to agree to the terms and conditions)
  16. 16. Doceri New RecordVoice and Screen cast Add image Pens and Drawing tools Undo and redo
  17. 17. Doceri- To save your video to the Camera Roll Select your recording and drag to the camera roll icon.
  18. 18. Screen Chomp free Show Me free Saves recordings online. No account required. Saves recordings to your ShowMe account. Account required to share content. Saves recordings to your ShowMe account. Account required to share content. Educreations free Other Free Screen- Casting Apps