eLearning and corporate training


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eLearning changes traditional learning reality and it optimizes a training project’s results thanks to the use of information and communication technologies involved in educational activities.

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eLearning and corporate training

  1. 1. e-Learning and Corporate TrainingeLearning: the key to the development of human capital
  2. 2. Facts• E-Leaning solutions are in huge demand in the corporate world.• E-Learning has become one of the most preferred ways of imparting training. According to Top Training 125 (Training Magazine, 2012): 94% of these companies have a technological infrastructure to support the delivery and management of training.
  3. 3. Demands are growingWith the internet becoming each day morepowerful, a bigger number of companiesare turning to web-based employeetraining.There is a growing demand for well designed e-learning which is consistent with and reinforcesthe company brand experience.Today there’s a lot of pressure: local marketshave become global and there’s a need toadapt to change in order to stay productive.
  4. 4. • Aside from cutting edge facilities, equipment and materials, companies need trained collaborators that are committed to all products and service processes.
  5. 5. Technology is constantly updated in order to stay up to speed THE BIG QUESTION! How can we have collaborators thatare also up to date and that can adapt themselves to these changes?
  6. 6. Training is the best answer Distribute In order to academic Training increase and allows you the technical to efficiency in knowledge which tasks required by all fulfilled your staff Preparing your staff is an investment that can’t be postponed!
  7. 7. However, traditional training methods imply: Mayor planning and Large budgets logistic efforts Content transmitted toMove collaborators participants from their work to maximum can another place be similar but never identical Content not always available
  8. 8. E-Learning changes this realityIt optimizes a training project’sresults thanks to the use ofinformation andcommunication technologiesinvolved in educationalactivities.It also lets the student learn attheir own pace and in theright time without having tomove from one point to theother.
  9. 9. Centered in the studentA virtual course, withinstructional design’sbest practices in mindcan guarantee anincrease in the learningprocesses’ qualitybecause it is centeredin the student and noton the instructor or tutorand content isreinforced withtext, audio, images, examples, practices andfeedback among manyother learningstrategies.
  10. 10. E-Learning Advantages Standardization • All collaborators receive the same content Reutilization • Different people can take advantage of the same training in different places of the world. Asynchrony (flexibility in schedules): • Each collaborator can be trained in the time that suits the company best. Self-taught • Each person learns in a self inflicted manner and at his or her own pace following an already set structure and schedule.
  11. 11. This solution simplifies corporate training e-Learning has accomplished significant advances in corporate training not just because it applies technology to learning but also because it contributes to skill development and human resources’ growth in organizations. It helps in standardizing the training, lowering costs and increasing interactivity among the trainees. It also allows better quality control of the training process.
  12. 12. More benefits… Self-paced Time saving More flexibility learning Cost saving:Environmentally cost effective Result-tracking friendly (travel and materials) Improved Easy access: Anywhere, interactivity 24/7 anytime Standard training material
  13. 13. “Because online training or e-learning is more cost-effective than classroom-based training, as well as more flexible and enviornmentally friendly, organizations are increasingly looking fonr online employee training courses to fill their employee training needs”.-skillsoft.com
  14. 14. Being able to train all employees worldwidevia distance learning on the same securityprocesses and procedures, and flexresources”. “SHIFT eLearning developed products that allowed Toyota Motor Corporation to reach 40 countries simultaneously achieving considerable and effective savings in our training processes. ToyotaMotorCorporation chose SHIFT eLearning because it providedus with world tested high quality interactive solutions that allowed us to reach our staff in 40 countriessimultaneously which represented considerable savings and an excellent cost-benefit relationship.”
  15. 15. Learn moreaboute-Learning!