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Domestic Violence Presentation


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Published in: Education
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Domestic Violence Presentation

  1. 1. Domestic Violence By: Jonathan Carballa and Karla Gonzalez
  2. 2. ✤ “the acts of violence or abuse done against a person living in one’sWhat is “Domestic Violence”? household, especially a member of one’s family.“(Random House) ✤ It can be either be physical or mental ✤ Physical: hitting, verbal, or sexual ✤ Mental: psychological, emotional, or economical(FOW)
  3. 3. ✤ Tana Greene was in 9th grade when she fell for one of the mostStory Time popular boys at her Virginia high school. Within a year, she was pregnant, then married soon after. Six months later, the abuse began. It was both mental and physical. He unplugged the phones and took them to work so she wouldnt call anyone. He beat her, then cried and promised not to do it any more, then beat her again. "You dont want to tell anyone," she says now, 35 years later. "You think, If I just looked better, if I just cleaned better..."✤ FACT: Tana’s story will be going into the eNOugh violence campaign. Meckleburg County, in North Carolina, is one of the worst places with domestic violence. It ranks #4 in the nation.(The Charlotte Observer)
  4. 4. ✤ CANADA:✤ 38% of women are killed due to domestic violence.Statistics:✤ 4% of men are killed due to domestic violence. ✤ In most cases, domestic violence against men is caused by other men. (Hambrook)✤ AFRICA (Uganda):✤ 68% of women have experienced some sort of violence.(Mubiru)✤ AUSTRALIA (Canberra):✤ *hidden statistics* 66 deaths due to domestic violence since 1988, 57 of them being women.(Canberra Times)
  5. 5. Statistics(continuation)✤ CANADA:✤ 97% of the time, men use violence against children.(Doak)✤ *(child abuse poem for domestic violence month)*
  6. 6. ✤ ANSWER:“WHAT ABOUT MEN!?”✤ Simple as that.
  7. 7. I’m still in the relationship because..✤ FEAR✤ “I can’t run away”✤ he “loves” me/ CULTURE OF SILENCE (Doak)
  8. 8. Human Rights and Domestic Violence✤ It doesn’t violate human’s rights.. right? After all, men are “Tarzan”.. right?✤ NO. And not only does it violate human rights but also human dignity.✤ “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman, or degrading, treatment or punishment.”(Carr, 153)
  9. 9. Evangelium Vitae, also known as the Gospel of Life, states that“women occupy a place, in thought and action, which is CST Document 1unique and decisive...[that] rejects the temptation ofimitating models of “male domination”, in order toacknowledge and affirm the true genius of women inevery aspect of the life of society, and overcome alldiscrimination, violence and exploitation.”(John Paul II)
  10. 10. ✤ CST Document 2 Justicia in Mundo, also known as Justice in the World, states that “listening to the cry of those who suffer violence and are oppressed by unjust systems and structures, and hearing the appeal of a world that by its perversity contradicts the plan of its Creator, we have shared our awareness of the Church’s vocation to be present in the heart of the world by proclaiming the Good News...”(Synod of Bishops)
  11. 11. ✤ We need to act on issues like domestic violence. Let’s help open the Let’s Continue the Fight.. eyes of those who are blinded by an ideal world where violence is hidden from those who don’t experience it.✤ Operation Kony could open a lot of eyes, so can domestic violence. ✤ There’s not only one but three solutions.
  12. 12. Domestic Month is October Month✤Domestic Violence Violence✤ This year, teenagers could submit their poetry to express what they feel about domestic violence.✤ It’s not very popular, but with our voices, we can spread the word to those that we know.
  13. 13. ✤ NNEDV, which stands for National Network to End DomesticNNEDV and VAWA Violence, is an online organization that is trying to help pass the VAWA Act by donating money to the website and providing people with information about domestic violence. The website is: (NNEDV)✤ VAWA, which is Violence Against Women Act, is an act that is trying to end violence against women. (WASHINGTON) ✤ When it was first passed in 1994, it showed a decrease of 53% of domestic violence.
  14. 14. Shelters✤ Shelters such as Friendship of Women in Brownsville, TX welcome any woman who is being mistreated by her partner at home.✤ If any man gets into the property, they will be taken to jail. (FOW)✤ Shelters like this and hotlines for domestic violence can help end this treatment towards women.
  15. 15. WORK CITED
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