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Ingles ejercicio extra

Interpretation of dreams

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Ingles ejercicio extra

  1. 1. “Interpretation of Dreams”
  2. 2. Interpretation of Dreams A very strange dream that I had was that I was near a waterfall, in that cascade I fell and I liked being there, then my boyfriend arrives to hug me dressed as a boyfriend and my dream changes to a big wedding, in that dream I am Very happy and all my family is in that place and the wedding was big with two big cakes on the gift table, my dream ends with a kiss from my husband Meaning of my dream: 1. Waterfall To see a waterfall in your dream is symbolic of letting go. You are releasing all those pent up emotions and negative feelings. Alternatively, the dream represents your goals and desires. In particular, if the waterfall is clear, then it represents revitalization, regeneration and renewal. To dream that you are at the bottom of the waterfall suggests that you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed. You are experiencing difficulties in coping with your feelings. 2. Wedding Cake To see or cut wedding cake in your dream symbolizes harmony and domestic bliss. You are enjoying life and have a bright, happy future ahead of you. To eat a wedding cake in your dream signifies your sensuality. 3. Wedding To see or attend a wedding in your dream symbolizes a new beginning or transition in your current life. A wedding reflects your issues about commitment and independence. Alternatively, your wedding dream refers to feelings of bitterness, sorrow, or death. Such dreams are often negative and highlight some anxiety or fear. If you dream that the wedding goes wrong or ends in disaster, then it suggests that you need to address some negativity immediately. If you dream that you are attending a wedding, consider how you feel at the wedding. If you are upset or sad, then it means that you are unhappy about the current status of your life. If you are happy, then you are embracing a new change in your life.
  3. 3. To dream that you are getting married to your current spouse again represents your wedded bliss and happiness. It highlights your strong commitment to each other. It may also signify a new phase (such as parenthood, new home, etc) that you are entering in your life. To dream that you are planning a wedding to someone you never met is a metaphor symbolizing the union of your feminine and masculine side. It represents a transitional phase where you are seeking some sort of balance between your aggressive side and emotional side. The dream may also indicate that two previously conflicting aspects are merging together as one. If you are getting married and have dreams of your pending wedding, then it highlights the stress of organizing a wedding. Conflicts over wedding details, tension with family and in-laws, fear of commitment, and loss of independence may all cause wedding anxiety dreams. Research has shown that up to 40% of brides and grooms have dreams about their ceremony and things going perfectly. To dream that Santa Claus is attending your wedding highlights the jolly occasion. Dreaming of a hearse at wedding represents a major transition in your life. The symbolism of both the hearse and the wedding is about an end to something and the beginning of a new phase in your life. To dream that you are late to a wedding or that the wedding started without you means that you feel left behind while everyone around you is doing new things or going in new direction.