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Acquisition of small targets by large software vendors

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Acquisition of small targets by large software vendors

  1. 1. Acquisition of small targets by large software companies
  2. 2. Agenda – PMI Approach – Success factors in small target acquisitions – Issues and risks in small target acquisitions Agenda
  3. 3. PMI Approach for small and medium sized targets • Goals – Ship products ASAP, scale revenue – Align and integrate development and operations with acquirer immediately • Topics worth mentioning – Product roadmap incl. shipment dates exists at end of due diligence – High level integration plan exists at the end of due diligence
  4. 4. Success factors in acquiring small targets • Minimize attrition in target • Communicate directly and openly • Have coaches buffer and translate large company requirements • Fast and full integration IF • Acquirer understands and can implement the business model of the target (administration, sales, development)
  5. 5. Typical Issues, risks with small targets • Acquirer – Complexity of small targets leads to high workload – Acquirer always outnumbers the target • Target – Overwhelmed (by workload, compliance and reporting requirements, size and org of acquirer) – Attrition, Brain Drain
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