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  • Key Account customers are removed from the regular sales force’s jurisdiction and place within a separate organization unit. greater understanding should lead to improved both performance
  • As a rule a customer gets the status of “ key account “ if he meets the following characteristics: 1. Generates high profits on a stable basis 2. constantly provides addition opportunities for growing sales volumes; considers us a reliable partner/ adviser for long-term bus. Relations.
  • As a rule
  • Key market improvement plan 2013

    1. 1. KEY ACCOUNT MANAGEMENTIMPROVEMENT PLAN 2013 Powerpoint Templates
    2. 2. CONTENTS PageExecutive Summary 04-05Mission & Vision 06Customer Service Vision 07Goal & Objectives 08Block in Achieving Objectives 09KAM delivering results 10Section 1: Summary of Key programs, Areas of improvement & Actions Key program 1 – Key Account Separation 11 Key program 2 – Key Account Selection 12 Key program 3 – Key Account/ Market Organization 13 Key program 4 - Key Account Value proposition 14 Powerpoint Templates Page 2
    3. 3. CONTENTS PageSection 1: Summary of Key programs, Areas of improvement & Actions Key program 5 – KAM Recruitments 15 Key program 6 – Key Account Planning 16 Key program 7 – Key Account Plan Execution 17 Key program 8 – Monitoring & Measurement 18 Key Account Department Chart Organization Chart 19 The role of Key Account Manager 20-21 Powerpoint Templates Page 3
    4. 4. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Winning the Key Mass Market/ Food retailing Business in KSA. According to experts, local companies must alter their business models and operations to tap KSA rapidly growing key mass market where scale matters and price is king. Prosperity outside of major coastal cities, an evolving middle class and fierce competition will drive more Local companies to develop innovative, low-cost business models to reach new markets and customers across the various regions. Local Companies/ suppliers will need to transform key areas of their businesses – including sales channels, distribution, R&D, procurement and human resources – to capture this historic opportunity. The Industrial and consumer products companies alike will have to reevaluate their business models and operations to sustain rapid revenue growth and profits. Powerpoint Templates THE PRESENT Page 4
    5. 5. Having identified the opportunity to grow in our business financially and exponentially through developing and adding value to our key account costumers. Specifically, we have discovered that if we can maintain our current customers retention levels and provide additional, value added services to this customers base, we will achieve some important company objectives.First, we’ll be able to increase our revenue levels and subsequently bottom line profits by having existing customers to introduce more of our product lines. Moreover, we’ll increase our competitiveness in the market place as a preferred supplier in their sector. (of course after gaining competitive advantage)Second, We’ll have the opportunity to gain a larger share on our key customers wallet. This will cement the relationship with our customers ensuring long-term retention of their business.Third, We’ll have the opportunity to hire someone (Key Account Manager) capable in planning and managing key accounts to produce real business growth in our organization’s profit. Powerpoint Templates THE FUTURE Page 5
    6. 6. MISSION AND VISION To satisfy the needs of our customers, we will make every effort to provide fresh & tasty product that always available on time at reasonable price. We envision to become the customer’s first choice in quality branded mass produced bakery and confectionery products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & the GCC region. Powerpoint Templates Page 6
    7. 7. Customer service vision The new Key Account Management is aiming to provide the best customer service to our key market segment influencers as well as its consumers by diligently listening to our customers’ concerns, being capable and knowledgeable in our job duties, and showing a willingness to go above the customers’ expectations when addressing customers’ issues and interest. OUR FUCHSIA VALUES will make us different – Treat our Customers as our top priority. Earn positive and trusted relationships with customers & Operate with the highest levels of integrity. Powerpoint Templates Page 7
    8. 8. GOALS AND OBJECTIVE To remove Key Accounts Customers from the regular sales force’s jurisdiction and place within a separate organization unit. To improve Customer Satisfaction Score on this Accounts and establish a stronger sense of partnership. To meet the requirement of the contract and provide necessary support and service to create a better business relationship. To increase the volume of our business on this market. To optimize profitability of the business in an account. Powerpoint Templates Page 8
    9. 9. Blocks in achieving objectives Low level of Face to Face meetings with Key Accounts Lack of “farming” of accounts to produce organic growth Failure to recognize and spot opportunities for adding value due to lack of commercial awareness. Not identifying the evolving needs of the customers at an early stage. Lack of questioning skills to uncover problem/ pain areas within an account where we can provide a value added solution. Poor negotiating skills Failing to identify the key decision-making process within a key account. The inability to delegate tasks, leading to poor time management. Lack to focus on growing the customers’ business with us. Skills gaps between Account representative and Key Account Representative. Powerpoint Templates Page 9
    10. 10. KAM Delivering ResultsResearch shows that structured and resourced account strategies andplans deliver consistently higher revenues and margins, lead to highercustomer satisfaction levels and hence to lower customer attritionrates.The Key account management will help our company to gain the statusof strategic rather than as a commodity supplier to our majorcustomers, guarding margins & improving security of retention. 20% of our customers generally produce 80% of revenues, solosing such key accounts is expensive and damaging to our bottomline. Proper Key account management will maximizes the chance ofkeeping these key accounts.The KAM aims to concentrates on how to develop profitablecustomers. A focused approach to KAM. Will lead to a dramaticincrease of both opportunity costs and direct costs of sale and lead toa major fall in the win ratio.. Powerpoint Templates Page 10
    11. 11. SUMMARY OF KEY PROGRAMS, AREAS OF IMPROVEMENT & ACTIONSKEY PROGRAMS-1 KEY Account Market separationAREA of IMPROVEMENT Focus on improving the Key Account Market segment to build trust and confidence that leads us to a Long Term Relationship which are essential to our long-term success.Action The Marketing dept. with the support of AGMC will try assembling a KEY Account Management TEAM to focus & understand our customers business, their plans, their key concerns and their views of us as a supplier. The Marketing department will encourage customer-facing departments such as production, sales admin., and Distribution <dispatch> is also represented in the KA Team, and keeps up to date with account developments.DECRIPTION: Trying to get The new plan goal is to detach KA from the present department and become a newdone/ desired result unit of the organization, which will name KEY ACCOUNT DEPARTMENT.OWNERSHIP: Who is Marketing department with the support of the Assist. Gen. manager andresponsible of this action? sponsors.PLANNED Start/ End Date: Planned start date: End date:Resources Needed: people, At least 2 Marketing personnel to conduct SWOT Analysis. 1 extrabudget, equipment/ system.. vehicle to carry out the action plan.KAM Attributes Impacted by this Responsiveness to account issues <promotion, after sales service,action contracts, distribution and positioning> Powerpoint Templates Page 11
    12. 12. KEY PROGRAMS-2 Key Account SelectionAREA of IMPROVEMENT Focus on identifying and selection process to determine exactly the most potential customer that can contributes growth to our company.Action The TEAM will analyze each customer details in addition to historical <sales> and potential review to determine whether to ADD to the segment or not. Other specific action to be taken will be done through account history checking by product performance, service effort and profitability.DECRIPTION: Trying to get The team wanted to establish the lists of Key Accounts based ondone/ desired result customer’s potentiality, historical sales data and needs analysis.OWNERSHIP: Who is Marketing/ Sales Departmentresponsible of this action?PLANNED Start/ End Date: Planned start date: End date:Resources Needed: people, 2 Marketing personnel budget, equipment/ system..KAM Attributes Impacted Valueby this action Powerpoint Templates Page 12
    13. 13. KEY PROGRAMS-3 Key Account OrganizationAREA of IMPROVEMENT Focus on improving Internal Communications among departments up to top management level to improve commitment as well as to practice TEAM WORK effort. (Production- Dispatch-Sales-Marketing)Action We’ll establish Change Management program - Key Account Organization Chart, Key Account Management Duties and Responsibilities & Accountabilities. All new staff must be trained to accept the change and work towards a new approach.DECRIPTION: Trying to get The Marketing Dept. in supervision of the AGMC will try to put up together a balanced Keydone/ desired result Account Team to communicate effectively with decision makers at every level within. The team may include the following people: •1- Key Account Manager •1- Key Account Coordinator •4- Key Account Supervisor •13- Merchandisers’ •Key Account Salesmen We need to ensure that there is a team of people in place with skills and professional interest that match those of customers team.OWNERSHIP: Who is Marketing Depart with the support of the AGMC and sponsorsresponsible of this action?PLANNED Start/ End Date: Planned start date: End date:Resources Needed: people, 2 Marketing personnelbudget, equipment/ system..KAM Attributes Impacted by Responsiveness/ Knowledgeablethis action Powerpoint Templates Page 13
    14. 14. KEY PROGRAMS-4 Value PropositionAREA of IMPROVEMENT Focus on improving the Value Proposition – Product quality, After sales service, Marketing Support and better product value than the competitors.Action The TEAM will closely monitor the production dept. behavior and its quality to deliver the best result to customers. Will be involved in the weekly product evaluation to improve quality of products. To carefully understand the customers’ needs and wants and present necessary action plan to the management for immediate resolve of necessary plan of action.DECRIPTION: Trying to get To reduce doubts and to be certain that our key customers keep comingdone/ desired result back, we will strictly put into practice the product evaluation where carefully review the competitors Quality, Price, Delivery and Convenience in comparison with our products.OWNERSHIP: Who is The whole Organization (PRODUCTION DEPT, QUALITY DEPT,responsible of this action? SALES & MRKTG, ENGINEERING DEPT & TRANSPORT DEPT)PLANNED Start/ End Date: Planned start date: End date:KAM Attributes Impacted Responsiveness/ Knowledgeable/ Helpfulby this action Powerpoint Templates Page 14
    15. 15. KEY PROGRAMS-5 Key Account Manager RecruitmentAREA of IMPROVEMENT Focus on improving the Key Account management to establish trust with Customers, Front liners as well as to the product itself.Action We will Hire a new Key Account Manager, eligible & experienced person to focus in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of customer relationship and development. We will hire a skilled and knowledgeable person to lead the new TEAM, an individual who must generate profitable revenue over the long term. We will recruit a KA manager that can resolve any internal difficulties and not only know how to sell, but also to know the details of the market & the competitors involved, posses a deep understanding of the customer’s business & an ability to act as consultant in this field of activity.DECRIPTION: Trying to get We want to expand our business with different customers’ organizationdone/ desired result and increase penetration – We need a people with management skills to realize the KAM, rather than place all the responsibility on the shoulders of someone who is not necessary suited to the task. Our Customers should feel confident that we have the staff to meet their requirements.OWNERSHIP: Who is The AGMCresponsible of this action?PLANNED Start/ End Date: Planned start date: End date: Powerpoint TemplatesKAM Attributes Impacted by Responsiveness/ Knowledgeable/ Helpful/ AccessiblePage 15this action
    16. 16. KEY PROGRAMS-6 Key Account PlanningAREA of IMPROVEMENT Focus on profitable customers and even prospects that have higher potential to grow in value for us. Focuses on the identification of larger sales opportunities and the growth of revenue from an account.Action The KAM TEAM must build a strategic plan towards its mission and vision as well as how to achieve the Goals and Objectives. The TEAM must provide regional action plan, Customer Call cycle plan <weekly/ monthly>, strategic process and product positioning and strategic promotional plan.DECRIPTION: Trying to get The Team is trying to increase KA productivity by maximizing accountdone/ desired result penetration while looking an opportunity to sell new product.OWNERSHIP: Who is The new KAMgr./ Marketing Team with the supervision of AGMCresponsible of this action?PLANNED Start/ End Date: Planned start date: End date:KAM Attributes Impacted Responsiveness/ Knowledgeable/ Helpfulby this action Powerpoint Templates Page 16
    17. 17. KEY PROGRAMS-7 Plan ExecutionAction The KAM TEAM will perform a regular review of the alignment between the parties, and try involving both parties to improve the chances of successful plan execution. The Key Account Manager will guarantee Enter order or recognition of order in system, Alert account to any changes (reimbursement), and Assure account satisfaction, Show appreciation of business and Reinforce prior purchasing decisions.DECRIPTION: Trying to get To Assure smooth implementation of the plan in order to takedone/ desired result corrective action if necessary and to reclassify where appropriate.OWNERSHIP: Who is The KAMgr./ Marketingdept. With the supervision ofresponsible of this action? AGMCPLANNED Start/ End Date: Planned start date: End date:KAM Attributes Impacted Responsiveness/ Knowledgeable/ Helpfulby this action Powerpoint Templates Page 17
    18. 18. KEY PROGRAMS-8 Monitoring and MeasurementAREA of IMPROVEMENT Focus on improving skills in measuring / assessing accomplishments on Cost of Actions, Resources Consumed, Sales, Cost of goods, Services and goods provided, Promotion effort, Revised targets and budgets.Action The KAM TEAM will provide a method or process to •Get feedback from account • Analyze win / loss •Compare performance against goal •Benchmark own performance against competition The Team will review and evaluate: per qtr. •Calculate ROI •Review sales records •Re- evaluate sales strategyDECRIPTION: Trying to get Evaluation and effectiveness of the action plandone/ desired resultOWNERSHIP: Who is The KAMgr./Marketing Dept. with the supervision of AGMCresponsible of this action?PLANNED Start/ End Date: Planned start date: End date:KAM Attributes Impacted by Responsiveness/ Knowledgeable/ Helpful/effectivenessthis action Powerpoint Templates Page 18
    19. 19. KEY ACCOUNT DEPARTMENT ORGANIZATION Powerpoint Templates Page 19
    20. 20. The Role of Key Account Manager Main Job Purpose: The primary role of a Key Accounts Manager is to effectively manage the Key Account operation. This involves delivering the agreed category business objectives in this channel. The role requires strategic thinking, solid planning and analytic skills, a passion for growth, and an ability to lead and deliver through others.• To be responsible for Volume and NPS for the Channel across the assigned geography.o To ensure that company Account Objectives are fully met.o To ensure that agreed standards of customer service are met.o To ensure that all trading agreements with customers are fully implemented.o To ensure that all planned activities are in place on time.Key Accountabilities:o Ensure achievement of Distribution and visibility Targets for all Product/ Brand.o Develop and implement appropriate Channel & Customer Plans utilizing the support budget to achieve the sales Targets.o Monitor Sales Performance by Product by Customer through Daily, Weekly & Monthly reports.o Conduct frequent Business review meetings with all customers.o Lead the related negotiations with all customers.o Ensure Shelf Planno-Grams are maintained as per the plans.o To actively monitor competitors،¦ activities and suggest / implement appropriate action.o Devote maximum time in the market to understand the dynamics of the Channel. Powerpoint Templates Page 20
    21. 21. o To provide Sales Forecast in line with Sales Trend and Sales Plan.o To ensure that agreed Customer Service standard / parameters are met.o To prepare Annual Work Plan and agree with All-Out-Marketing.o Effective monitoring Sales & Merchandising Force through well designed route plans.o Constantly provide on job coaching to Sales & Merchandising Force.o Maintain a high level of team motivated & focus.o Ensure customer outstanding do not exceed the agreed credit limits.o Ensure customers payouts are settled on time.o Develop CRC - Customer Record Card, Agree stock norms for store / shelf for lead brands with KAs Requirements Professional Skills / Qualifications: Solid communication and interpersonal skills Strong negotiation skills Relevant experience in Key Accounts for a reputable company, preferred. Powerpoint Templates Page 21
    22. 22. End of presentation Thanks… Cris B.R. Marketing In-Charge Powerpoint Templates Page 22