HYPERLINK "http://www.articlesbase.com/womens-health-articles/tea-bag-soak-in-water-is-it-a-possible-cure-for-bacterial-va...
Tea bag soak in water   is it a possible cure for bacterial vaginosis
Tea bag soak in water   is it a possible cure for bacterial vaginosis
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Tea bag soak in water is it a possible cure for bacterial vaginosis


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Tea bag soak in water is it a possible cure for bacterial vaginosis

  1. 1. HYPERLINK "http://www.articlesbase.com/womens-health-articles/tea-bag-soak-in-water-is-it-a-possible-cure-for-bacterial-vaginosis-2082672.html"Tea Bag Soak in Water - Is it a Possible Cure for Bacterial Vaginosis?<br />If you have been fighting with recurrent BV for some time you probably would have tried so many different things to try getting rid of this infection. I recently heard of this very strange possible cure for BV which really seemed strange to me!<br />Here is the cure: Two tea bags soaked in water and let to cool in the refrigerator and then at night, you put them high in the vagina for three nights. But is this really a possible cure for vaginal odor and Bacterial Vaginosis?<br />To begin with, Tea bags would not be healthy for the vagina because they would be a different pH to your vagina. They would be slightly acidic. As you may already know, your vaginal pH changes throughout your menstrual cycle. The tea bags you put in your Vagina cannot be the same as your own pH thus may affect vaginal flora. Tea bags in your vagina would also prevent vaginal cleaning and allow for bacterial growth, so would risk infections and TSS.<br />The key to getting rid of BV is to recreate the natural pH levels which have become upset. Normally, the pH of a healthy vagina is slightly acidic, and if you have bacterial vaginosis, this means that the level has shifted to alkaline and this sparks off the growth of harmful bacteria.<br />Tea bags have an almost neutral pH, so will not help to cure it. However, anything cool will help to give some symptomatic relief but that's all.<br />Although antibiotics will give some relief, as they kill off the bacteria, they also kill off the good bacteria and this means that once they are stopped, the whole cycle could begin again. The best way to treat BV is to look at ways of supporting and enhancing the good bacteria (which maintains control) as this means that any harmful bacteria will be killed off before it creates any symptoms.<br />Home remedies for bacterial vaginosis can work very well. Try out this very good guide: Elena Petersons’ Bacteria Vaginosis Freedom Guide. This ebook was very helpful for my BV and ever since, I have been recommending it to just anyone who is suffering form this condition. Most people who use the recommendations in this guide always find permanent cure for their BV.<br />Do you want to naturally and permanently cure your Bacterial Vaginosis? Click on the following like to read more about Elena Peterson’s Bacteria Vaginosis Freedom Book.<br />