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  1. 1. UNIVERSIDAD Politécnica ESTATAL DEL Carchi Business administration AND MARKETING NAME: Karina Lima TEACHER: Iván Fuertes MARZO – AGOSTO
  2. 2. Hello, name is Karina, I live in Tulcán, I am from Ecuador, I´m student, I study Business Administration in UPEC, I´m single. I like swimming, I swim in the morning. I don´t like cooking because it is awful. English a subject that teaches us to master the English language to be able to communicate when we travel to foreign countries or when we have to make a contract with foreign people because this language is one of the languages ​​in the world that is used for communication and simpre is handled by all since this language we can communicate easily. PERSONAL INTRODUCTION
  3. 3. We must ask the following questions: How are Name And you This is Were are Fine DOSSIER NICE TO MEET YOU STARTES UNIT (a) GREETING AND INTRODUCTIONS
  4. 4. Hello i´m Karina. What´s your name? I´m Alejandra. Nice to meet you, Alejandra. Where are you from? I´m from Colombia. And you? I´m from Ecuador. This is my friend, Yadira. Hi, Yadira. How are you? Hi, I´m fine thanks. Example:
  5. 5. COUNTRIES NATIONALITIES Spain Madrid Britain London Poland Warsaw Italy Rome Brazil Brasilia Greece Athens Canada Ottawa COUNTRIES AND NATIONALITIES Example:
  6. 6. 10 Ten 50 Fifty 100 One hundred 200 Two hundred 1000 One thousand 1000000 One millón 40 Forty 99 Ninetynine 23 Twenty tree NUMBERS
  7. 7. AFIRMATIVE NEGATIVE INTERROGATIVE SHORT ANSWES I´m I´m not Am I…? Yes, I am/ No, I´m not You´re You aren´t Are you…? Yes, you are/ No,you aren´t He´s He aren´t Is he…? Yes, he is/ No,he isn´t She´s She aren´t Is she…? Yes, she is/ No,she isn´t It´s It aren´t Is it…? Yes, it is/ No,it isn´t We´re We aren´t Are we…? Yes, we are/ No,we aren´t You´re You aren´t Are you…? Yes, No,you aren´t They´re They aren´t Are they…? Yes, they are No,they aren´t THE VERB “TO BE” Example: •Is she from Greece? •No, she isn´t, She is from Spain. •Are they finnish? •No, they aren´t. they are Polish.
  8. 8. Pants Mp3 player Green Red Dictionary Coat Atlas Dress Skirt Jacket Pencil Ereser Black Bike ruler Schoolbag FAVORITE OBJECTS STARTES UNIT (b) VOCABULARY 1.- In my schoolbag i have eraser. 2.- My favorite clothes are pants. 3.- My favorite color is pink.
  9. 9. A AN A sharpenes An atlas A dictionary An eraser A pencil An umbrella GRAMAR ( A / AN )
  10. 10. Tooth Teeth Box Boxes Glass Glases Boy Boyes Child Children Baby Babies WRITE THE WORDS BELOW IN THE PLURAL
  11. 11. 1.- This is a telephone and that is a television. 2.- These are laptops and those are video cameras. 3.- That is cell pone and these are watches. 4.- These are digital camera and That is a CD. 5.- These are skateboards and that is a bike. THIS / THAT – THESE / THOSE
  12. 12. HOME
  13. 13. There is a couch in the living roon There are cushions on the couch There aren´t three armachairs. There isn´t a vase on a table THERE IS / THERE ARE - SOME / ANY
  14. 14. Prepositions of place
  15. 15. There is a closet nex to the bookcase. There is above the bed There is a bed oppositive the desk There is a pillow on the bed There is a tv between the desk and the bed EXAMPLE:
  16. 16. AFIRMATIVE NEGATIVE Interrogative I have (I've) I have not (I haven't) have I? you have (you've) you have not (you haven't) have you? he has (he's) he has not (he hasn't) has he? we have (we've) we have not (we haven't) have we? you have (you've) you have not (you haven't) have you? they have (they've) they have not (they haven't) have they? The verb “TO HAVE”
  17. 17. Jerry has a computer Tony and Stella have skateboards. Phil doesn´t have a digital camera Bob and Bill don´t have a CD player EXAMPLE:
  18. 18. FAMILY
  19. 19. padre: father madre: mother hermano: brother hermana: sister suegro: father-in-law suegra: mother-in-law cuñado: brother-in-law cuñada: sister-in-law esposo: husband esposa: wife abuelo: grandfather abuela: grandmother hijo: son hija: daughter nieto: grandson primo: cousin (male) prima: cousin (female) sobrino: nephew sobrina: niece concuñado: husband of one's spouse's sister concuñada: wife of one's spouse's brother consuegra: mother-in-law of one's son or daughter novio: boyfriend novia: girlfriend nieta: granddaughter tío: uncle tía: aunt FAMILY MEMBERS
  20. 20. Day after day
  22. 22. NAME: KARINA LIMA ORDOÑEZ SCHOOL: "BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND MARKETING" LEVEL: FIRST HALF "B" DATE: 18/05/2013 Hi my name is Karina, I live in Tulcán Sunday is my favorite day. I usually get up late and have a big breakfast. Then i do my homework for school. I also help my mom cook lunch. In the afternoon i usually meet my friends and play basketball. we sometimes hang out at the mall if the weathers is bad. I never go out on sunday evenings. my friends Alejandra and Jasmin often comes over and we play video games or we watch a DVD. then i surf the net and chat with my friends online before i go to bed at 9 o´clock. the sundays are fun.
  24. 24. 1.-DO YOU LIKE SURFNET? •Lady surfnet on everyday. •Dario surfnet on every afternoon. •Alvaro surfnet on everyday 2-.DO YOU DRIVE A CAR? oMichael drives a car on sunday. oMariana doesn´t drive a car on wednesday. oAlvaro drives a car at night. 3.- DO YOU PLAY BASKETBALL? oLady play basketball on Saturday. oMarina dosen´t play basketball sundays. oMichael play basketball at morning. 4.- DO YOU LIVE IN TULCAN? oDarío live in Tulcan. oMichael live in Tulcan. oAlvar olive in Tulcan. 5.- DO YOU HAVE CHILDREN? oDario have one child. oAlvaro dosen´t have children. oMariana have four children.
  25. 25. WRITE A DESCRIPTION ABOUT PEOPLE IN YOUR FAMILY Hello, name is Karina, I live in Tulcán, I from Ecuador, I´m student, I study Business Administration in UPEC, I´m single. I like swimming, I swim in the morning. I don´t like cooking because it is awful. My mother name´s Maura, she is forty year old, she have one daughter and son, She lives in Tulcán, She from is Ecuador. My mother likes to cooking, she cook every day. She don´t like playing because it is awful. NAME: KARINA LIMA ORDOÑEZ SCHOOL: "BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND MARKETING" LEVEL: FIRST HALF "B" DATE: 02/05/2013
  26. 26. •GRAT: The child makes great effort to learn. •WONDERFUL: Jorge gift was wonderful. •FANTASTIC: Com shopping my mother's fantastic. •AWFUL: The neighbor's car is awful. •TERRIBLE: the accident that occurred in Julio Andrade was terrible. •BORING: The movie we watched in the cinema was boring. •TIRED: School walk was tired. •DISGUSTING: The young sports disgusting morning. •Under: The book is under the desk. •Between: The bed is between the nightstand and closet. •ABOVE: There is tv is above the closet. •SKATEBOARD: Oscar's skateboard is damaged. •VIDEO CAMERA: The video camera of my brother is damaged. •SKIRT: My friend's skirt is too short. •COAT: My mother's coat is black and very pretty. •DRESS: The child is not allowed to dress for school. •GLOVES: That gentleman gloves are made of wool. •SCHOOLBAG: The schoolbag of the teacher is very big and blue. •ASKED: Math teacher asked me to do a duty tomorrow. •COUNTRIES: The North American countries are visited. NAME: KARINA LIMA ORDOÑEZ SCHOOL: "BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND MARKETING" LEVEL: FIRST HALF "B" DATE: 30/04/2013 NEW VOCABULARY
  27. 27. NAME: KARINA LIMA ORDOÑEZ SCHOOL: "BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND MARKETING" LEVEL: FIRST HALF "B" DATE: 25/04/2013 DESCRIBE THE PLACE YOU LIVE BEDROOM •There is a stereo in the closet. •There is a bear in the stereo. •There is a clok on the desk. •There is a picture on the bed. •There is a dump under the desk. •There is rung under the bed. •There is a tableninght next the bed. •There is a lamp on the table tableninght. •There is a pillow on the bed. •There is a bear on the bed.
  28. 28. •There is a shower opposite the toilet. •There is a toilet between the shower and sink. •There is a sink nex to toilet. BATHROOM •There is a stove between the sink and fridge. •There is a fridge nex to the stove. •There is a sink nex to the stove. •There is a cobinets above the sink. KITCHEN
  29. 29. NAME: KARINA LIMA ORDOÑEZ SCHOOL: "BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND MARKETING" LEVEL: FIRST HALF "B" DATE: 14/06/2013 Susan "Sue" Storm, known by his alias, "Invisible Girl" and later "Invisible Woman" is a fictional character who belongs to Marvel Comics, wa Sue met and fell in love with the scientist Reed Richards and later the two began an affair. At that time Reed Richards worked in a spaceship with the aim of enabling travel to other solar systems when the government decided to sponsor this trip decided to conduct a test immediately. Sue Storm and decided to accompany the trip also joined Sue's brother, Johnny Storm and friend of Richards, Ben Grimm. Already in the space ship encountered a cosmic ray shower, which forced to abort the flight. Back to earth Sue Storm discovered that radiation had caused changes in your body and now could become invisible at will. Along with his three companions, who had also acquired superpowers, Sue founded the Fantastic 4 and took the name Invisible Girl, which later changed by the Invisible Women.
  30. 30. like fire, water, earth. Or just one person. NAME: KARINA LIMA ORDOÑEZ SCHOOL: "BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND MARKETING" LEVEL: FIRST HALF "B" DATE: 13/04/2013 TASK WHERE YOU EVIDENCE THE USE OF SUBJECT PRONOUNS, OBJECT PRONOUNS, POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES AND POSSESSIVE PRONOUNS SUBJECT PRONOUNS •I study in college •You need to drink wáter. •He has a new car. •She does not have a duty to math. •It is raining. •We go for a walk. •You read a lot. •They are good friends.
  31. 31. •She loves me. •Sent you a message. •We went with him. •He adores her. •I saw it with my friends. •I saw it with my friends. •My parents trust in you. •We don't like them. OBJECT PRONOUNS •This is my car. •Your car is very big. •His house is enormous. •Her face is beautiful. •Its blade is broken. •Our engagement will be announced tomorrow. •Your son is beautiful. •Their work was excellent. POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES
  32. 32. •This book is mine. •This pencil case is yours. •Paul is a relative of his. •Blouse found hers. •Ours need watering. •Yours are bigger. •These are your notebooks and those are theirs. POSSESSIVE PRONOUNS
  33. 33. NAME: KARINA LIMA ORDOÑEZ SCHOOL: "BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND MARKETING" LEVEL: FIRST HALF "B" DATE: 20/07/2013 On a dark night with candles just proceeded to tell scary stories like WIDOW, THE GUAGUA AHUCA, etc…When deperente started hearing footsteps and the door opened, small shadow saliouna derepente increasingly approaching us is toward larger, were about to mourn when derepente came and told us to go to sleep and it is very late and tomorrow we have to travel. Then we realized it was my uncle hiso scare us, for being late, and that these stories were counting estbamos depronto reality and we could happen to us.
  34. 34. NAME: KARINA LIMA ORDOÑEZ SCHOOL: "BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND MARKETING" LEVEL: FIRST HALF "B" DATE: 29/06/2013 Edison did his homework in college when language ending after I played basketball, and played football. He went to the house to see the photos of the birthday which was last Friday which played with his little sister, and we agreed that we did computer work. The sister was very happy playing but lost so said he had a new game. After the party I went for a walk in the park Ayora and I imagined I was in another country. edison he remembered all this- Last Saturday we watched a horror movie with my friends at my house. My cousin called me to leave but it was raining. he did not want to be in the house he had broken a window. Last week language teacher told us to read a book, I read the book longer than we said we read. SIMPLE PAST
  35. 35. we said we read. NAME: KARINA LIMA ORDOÑEZ SCHOOL: "BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND MARKETING" LEVEL: FIRST HALF "B" DATE: 08/06/2013 THE FEAST OF FRUITS AND FLOWERS IS UNIQUE IN THE WORLD ARE RECOGNIZED BY EVERYONE IN THE CONTINENT. Hi I'm Karina and I am Tulcan I'm going to talk about an important holiday celebrated in my country Ecuador, Which is the festival of Flowers and Fruits. It celebrates the forty days before Easter, specifically at the carnival that lasts about a week. Ambato offers visitors beautiful places with beautiful landscapes, places of tradition, culture and the various programs that organize neighborhoods and institutions of the city. The party is the election of the Queen of Ambato, Queen's Choice Interparroquial, The Blessing of Bread and fruit, the Parade of the Fellowship, The Festival of Folklore, Food Festivals, Music Festivals, Concerts, and Round last nocturnal.
  36. 36. Blessing of Flowers and Fruit Bread: The first thing that occurs in the mass activity is the blessing of the flowers, fruits and bread that develops in the atrium of the city Cathedral. Parade of the Fellowship: one of the most important events that takes place during the holidays. Thousands of young people from different educational establishments involved with marching bands and parades. Barriales Festivals: The festivals of Ambato is given in each district of the city, where we see their celebrations with the participation of the band Our Lady of the Elevation and Los Angeles, its streets full of dance groups, Ecuador and Latin Traditions captive to all those who attend. Nocturnal Round: takes place at night, the floats are decorated with flowers and fruits. The Queens parade in their beautiful floats. The extras are full of color and music.
  37. 37. NAME: KARINA LIMA ORDOÑEZ SCHOOL: "BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND MARKETING" LEVEL: FIRST HALF "B" DATE: 25/04/2013 I dreamed that we ivam ride with my friends from school and my teacher for Galapagos penguins, we ivam by plane. Derepente stopped the plane in the air to see people who were down and they looked very tiny ants appeared and we laughed and made ​​fun. The plane was very large in which we ran ourselves, others sang, and drink wine instead of so much other emotion to get to Galapagos. When we arrived we famasos encotramos with many coming to these beautiful islands, all my friends and I were excited to see that it was William Levy with which we took pictures and took us on his yacht to tour the island, when I turn off the yacht and all got scared…............ That's when I woke up…………
  38. 38. NAME: KARINA LIMA ORDOÑEZ SCHOOL: "BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND MARKETING" LEVEL: FIRST HALF "B" DATE: 06/07/2013 WILLIAM LEVY William Levy was born in Cuba on August 29, 1980, but also has American nationality, admission to the University by a grant that was given because he loved baseball and continued business administration but I choose to leave and entertainment, is a model quoted by all modeling agencies. Where was introduced to television. After he was hired to be the protagonist of several novels, those that most caught my attention was "Triumph of Love" with Maite Perroni. He also did a movie in Guayaquil, Ecuador called "Pieces of Life".
  39. 39. He has a son named Christopher Alexander was born in March 2006 and a daughter named Kailey Alexandra Levy born in March 2010. His latest novel is making the Miss Universe Ximena Navarrete is a success in the world of novels.
  40. 40. NAME: KARINA LIMA ORDOÑEZ SCHOOL: "BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND MARKETING" LEVEL: FIRST HALF "B" DATE: 02/07/2013 MY BIOGRAPHY I am Karina, I live in Tulcán, Im from Ecuador, I study in the Universidad Politécnica Estatal del Carchi. When I was five years enter the kindergarten, then played with my companions to dolls, and I liked draw smiley faces. When I was eight years went dancing at the party crier Tulcán Canton, after that I left my school cheerleader.
  41. 41. When he was eleven between the Tulcán College where I met my friends who took me until today, there chose the specialty of Contabilida and after having so many follies pasodo I graduated and was very sad but at the same time of great joy. After that go to the UPEC where I am now studying business administration and marketing. Finally in conclusion in life but have great difficulty esuerzo and courage we will always overcome any problem.
  42. 42. NAME: KARINA LIMA ORDOÑEZ SCHOOL: "BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND MARKETING" LEVEL: FIRST HALF "B" DATE: 06/07/2013 Today is July six - 2013 I first on Friday I woke up at six o'clock. I leave my bed tending and arranging my room. I change to go to college. I eat breakfast smoothie with a sandwich then I wash my face and teeth sepille so fix me and after that I asked my mom collation to go to college. I arrive and I am Accounting class, also Language. I am not go to lunch because he had classes at two in the afternoon and also had to do a job. I am come home at five p.m. so almorze at that time then I went to sleep because I was so tired too.
  46. 46.  The measurement of time since man exists differentiate the day from the night, ie the time the first measurements were made through astronomical observations and for a long time the sky was the main instrument of that measurement.
  47. 47. The ancient Egyptians divided the day guided or according to the position of the sun uses the shadow cast by a gnomon or style on a surface with a scale to indicate the position of the Sun in the diurnal motion. According to the arrangement of the gnomon and the shape of the scale can measure different types of time, the most common being apparent solar time. and during the night they did through the hourglass. Egyptian water clock, more or less modified, continued to be the most efficient instrument for measuring time over many centuries.
  48. 48.  The Romans also used a candle where each fragment consumed was a night piece worn. Then came "The Sands of Time" or hourglass operate on the same physical concept of water clocks, ie let gravity do flow a set amount of an item (in this case water sand) to determine various lengths of time.
  49. 49.  During the Middle Ages were the ingenious weight-driven mechanisms. Watches since joined the fast-paced world of mechanization. In the thirteenth century, at the edge end of the Middle Ages, appeared the first industrial machine: the clock. These watches were made of steel primitive and suffering from the expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes. Were inaccurate in a range of 15-30 minutes a day and had to be adjusted daily. Its initial purpose was to ring the bells every hour on the towers of castles, churches or population centers
  50. 50.  • In the fifteenth century clocks were invented a hand to mark the hours and in 1505 the German Peter Henlein blacksmith managed to build mechanical watches so small that they could be pocketed.
  51. 51.  • The first watchmaking revolution occurred in the seventeenth century, when the Dutch scientist Christiaan Huygens invented the pendulum clock,
  52. 52.  • The first wristwatch was made at the request of the Queen of Naples Maria Carolina of Austria in 1812. This unique clock made at the whim of the Queen was a single pocket watch attached or rather mounted on a bracelet of gold and precious stones. However, the first wristwatch wrist or rather was a creation of the Brazilian Alberto Santos Dumont and Louis Cartier in 1901.
  53. 53.  in 1929, the American watchmaker Marrisson Albin Warren invented the quartz watch, with an accuracy of 30 to 0.3 seconds per year.
  54. 54. In 1957 came the electric wristwatches. The first electric wristwatch in the world was the Hamilton Electric • HUMANITY SINCE CREATED A NUMBER NOT WATCH AS WE KNOW TODAY.
  55. 55. English classes in our lives is very important because we can use it in different activities of our life. The English helps us communicate when we are doing some business. The English is a language that all people use it as an official language in world