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Equipment List

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Equipment list

  1. 1. By Karishma Thakeria
  2. 2. We will be using a Film Camera to capture and record all the footage that we need. We will be able to see what footage we have recorded and to see if we may need to film again.
  3. 3. We will use a Tripod to keep our film camera stable whilst recording our footage. This will prevent any of the footage looking shaky and unstable.
  4. 4. We will use headphones which will be connected to our film camera so that we can listen to the sound being picked up. This is a good way to prevent any mistakes occurring and to make sure that all the sound is being picked up to avoid to avoid the sound not being captured within the scene that we are filming in.
  5. 5. We will be using a Memory Card which will enable us to save our footage on and then transfer the filming onto a Mac Computer ready for editing.
  6. 6. We will be using a Film Tape to store all of our footage from the Film Camera. This will prevent us from losing our work. The footage will then be uploaded onto the Mac Computer.
  7. 7. We will also be using a USB to save our work on so that it will be ready for editing and to then be uploaded to our personal blogs and group blogs.
  8. 8. For our paperwork, we will be uploading it to our blogs: Word Press and Blogger (we will send each other work with Facebook or our emails). Once we have finished our production, we will upload the video to YouTube, post it to our blogs/group blog, and post it on Twitter and Facebook. We will also create a production company page on both Twitter and Facebook to display our video on. We will also use other creative websites to upload our work on such as, Prezi, Scribd and others too.
  9. 9. The software that we are going to use to create majority of our work on is Microsoft Office. This is a universal software and is very easy and simple to use. There will be two specific programmes that we will be using within Microsoft Office and they are: Microsoft PowerPoint where we will create our presentations and Microsoft Word where we will create documents that can be uploaded to our blog. We will also be using online uploading software. These consist of, an online website that allows us to create our own questionnaires and then embed them to our blog,, a website that enables us to upload Microsoft Word documents and then embed them to our blogs as well, we will also use Prezi which will allow us to creatively express our work in different types of presentation methods, we will also upload our Microsoft PowerPoint presentations onto : a website that allows you to share your presentations publicly. We will be using to create mind- maps of ideas that we have so that it is presented in a neat way and finally, we will use Final Cut Pro to edit our work on. This is an editing software that is downloaded on the Apple Mac computers. This is also a universal software that is easy to use once practiced.
  10. 10. We will be using Final Cut Pro to edit our footage on. This will enable us to add effects and create footage that looks professional and of a good quality.
  11. 11. We will be using an Apple Mac Computer to transfer our footage on and to edit our work using Final Cut Pro. We are also using an Apple Mac Computer because they are loaded with the software that we are going to use and they are also reliable and easy to use.