Wedding photography


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Wedding photography

  1. 1. Where does their work come from? Most photographers are assigned to a photography business company and some are also freelance where they are self-employed and can be more recognised. A 1942 wedding with bride in traditional long white wedding dress.
  2. 2. How do they make money? Freelance photographers can sell their photographs but will also get paid by the couples who have hired them. Then they can recommend to other people etc. Sell them to Wedding magazines/Online/Bridal stores are also included. The typical range of starting salaries is between £10,500 and £21,250. Many entrants to the profession start as assistants, resulting in some extremely low starting salaries - sometimes less than £10,000. Salaries at the top end of the profession typically range from £25,000 to £65,000 but can be much higher for those who become famous or highly sought-after.
  3. 3. What is the purpose of theirphotography?Mostly to promote and sell their product,Entertain and become the best.Give insight and persuade people tochoose them as well as show off thebeautiful photography.To capture a moment.
  4. 4. Where are their photographs used?Magazines, books, web pages/internet,cd’s, individual clients, galleries, blogs,Stores and advertisements.Paul Johnson is one of UK’s award winning weddingphotographers based in London, Essex, Kent areas. He has hisown official site where his pictures are put up as well as sellingSome of his Art.Paul is more of a personal photographer where he would takephotos of clients and keep their pictures on his blog rather than trying to sellhis photography everywhere.
  5. 5. How do the photographs affect theviewer?They capture a special moment and makeit a memorable experience for the couplewhich makes them happy.It persuades other people to do the samething of either taking the photographs orhiring them.It makes them want to publicize it.
  6. 6. Where does their work come from?Most of their work is freelance as they are able to capture amoment anywhere in the world and make it apart of travel. Thatgives them more freedom and versatility in their work rather thansticking to one plan a company may give them.Although some photographers do work forcompanies theyre able to also make theirown business out of it so either way they canmake themselves more recognized butwould be harder if they was to beself-employed.
  7. 7. How do they make money?Travel is a very common type of photography so thefield is very intense and competitive to those whoenjoy it and base their work on it. They have to makesure their work is out there and make it the best forpeople to buy them and place them in magazinesbooks/galleries.Those who are successful can have their work put up innot only periodicals but online/websites/shows/galleriesstores even such as Thomas cook etc. Booklets andtheir art can be bought as posters/canvases fromordinary people who will use it as decoration and interiorDesign. All of these are ways of them making money if they’renot putting the art up themselves.
  8. 8. Dario is a international photographer who has visited more than30 countries. His work has appeared in several publicationssuch as Sport Diver magazine, Shutterbug magazine, andDigital Photographer magazine and has been used as marketingmaterial for companies like Hotwire, The Active Travel Show inthe UK, easyCruise, and Windjammer Barefoot Cruises.
  9. 9. What is the purpose of their photography?The purpose is to mostly educate and inform. It informs theviewers on the sights of other places you canvisit as a holiday experience. Holiday resortsand hotels can use these pictures to advertisetheir destination and it helps the viewers geta clearer image of what more there is to see inthe world. It also educates them as we see different cultures and how people live around the world which makes it interesting. It makes us see the beauty of places where problems occur and see its not as bad as we think so we develop more knowledge about a country through pictures which tell a story and make us think differently.
  10. 10. Where are their photographs used and how do theyaffect the viewer?Photographs can be used in a variety of sectors such asmagazines/books/brochures/online/hotels/galleries/studiosShops/blogs/wallpapers/individual clients/advertisements.These photographs affect the viewers because it teaches them aboutthe different environments and what the world has to offer. Thesepictures are beautiful to look at and persuades people to want to goand visit as it almost makes them look surreal. It amazes people tosee photographers can capture such pictures from different views andmake them look so eye-catching.
  11. 11. Wedding and travel photography have acontrast between them as they focus ondifferent subjects.Wedding find clientsTravel can go anywhere and find something