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10 great examples of breakthrough innovations to inspire your business


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90% of CEO's claim that long term organisational success depends on developing and implementing new ideas. This allow you to access new markets, create brand value and increase revenues. In this presentation you will find great examples of product innovations, process innovations and business model innovations.

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10 great examples of breakthrough innovations to inspire your business

  1. 1. INNOVATION &CHANGE MANAGEMENT senz 10 great examples of breakthrough innovations to inspire your business
  2. 2. 90% of executives claim that long-term organizational success depends on developing and implementing new ideas INNOVATION LEADS TO GROWTH
  4. 4. Sushi restaurant inspired by baggage carousel Sushi delivered via a conveyer belt
  5. 5. Baggage carousel inspired by sushi restaurant Japanese company Parco released a new line of sushi baggage covers, turning the baggage carousel into a sushi restaurant
  6. 6. MRI Scan inspired by entertainment. GE Healthcare made MRIs less frightening for young children
  7. 7. Vacuum cleaner inspired by sawmill Dyson used the conical cyclone technique of a sawmill to make the first bagless vacuum cleaner
  8. 8. The coffee cup lid that acts as a temperature gauge Smart Lid turns to bright red to warn of hot contents and re-colors when it is safe to drink. It also shows when it is sealed properly on the cup.
  10. 10. Online fund raising inspired by tech entrepreneurs ‘Charity: Water’ has created an engaging interactive online experience encouraging donations every step of the way. They have developed a clever piece of technology that allows a donor to track their donation from pocket to project. To date they have raised over US200 million online alone.
  11. 11. Insurance inspired by telecom Norwich Union was the first insurance company to start with the “Pay as you go” formula from telecom
  12. 12. Mc Donald’s inspired by Formula 1 The Drive Thru concept is based on the principles of a fast Formula 1 pit stop
  14. 14. Zipcar invented car rental subscription service Zipcar shifted away from the existing car ownership and car rental business model towards a subscription service which allows members to rent a nearby car by the day or by the hour.
  15. 15. Dollar Shave Club invented subscription based business Dollar Shave Club delivers fresh razors to its members every four weeks for as little as – you guessed it – a dollar a month. A lucrative idea: The club now has 3.2 million members and in 2016 it has been acquired by Unillever for $ 1 billion.
  16. 16. E: T: + 60 (0)16 23 72 042 CONTACT SENZ Do you also want to develop and implement new ideas? We at Senz would love to help you with this. We help your team develop new ideas and win the hearts of your employees and clients Karin van Zuilen Senz founder