Summer Reading 2010


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Mrs. Perry's recommendations for Summer Reading 2010.

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  • Summer Reading 2010

    1. 1. Summer Reading The Perfect Time for a Great Book
    2. 2. Fantasy Lose yourself in another world.
    3. 3. Glass Houses Vampires aren’t always the nice guys!
    4. 4. Shiver A heart warming shapeshifting wolf story.
    5. 5. Warrior Heir Normal teens discovering they have amazing powers. Wizards and battles galore.
    6. 6. Wings A new and interesting take on faery books.
    7. 7. Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side A funny and romantic vampire love story. In my opinion, EVEN BETTER THAN TWILIGHT.
    8. 8. The Red Pyramid The first in the new series by The Lightning Thief author - Rick Riordan. Deals with Egyptian Gods.
    9. 9. You Are So Undead To Me Think Buffy the Vampire Slayer with zombies.
    10. 10. Bad Girls Don’t Die Creepy, creepy, creepy ghost story.
    11. 11. Enjoy the Fresh Air
    12. 12. Contemporary Fiction Like to get lost in other people’s problems?
    13. 13. Hate List Heart-breaking story about the ramifications of a school shooting.
    14. 14. Lawn Boy A story of a 12-year-old boy crazy summer when he runs his own lawn mowing business.
    15. 15. Red Kayak Tragic story involving death, guilt, and friendship.
    16. 16. Right Behind You After a terrible tragic event, one boy must try to live with the guilt of his actions and get on with his life. Will others be able to forgive him?
    17. 17. Fun in the Sun
    18. 18. Sci-Fi Travel to different worlds and explore futuristic technology and settings.
    19. 19. The Maze Runner Creepy life or death survival adventure.
    20. 20. Girl in the Arena Modern-day gladiators.
    21. 21. Hunger Games 24 teens, 1 arena, a fight to the death. Only 1 can come out alive.
    22. 22. Tomorrow, When the War Began The first in a seven book series about teens fighting a war against unknown invaders in Australia.
    23. 23. Uglies Would you like to live in a world where everyone looked “perfect”? What if it came at a price?
    24. 24. Keep In Touch Go to http:// and sign up for a free account to keep track of what you read over the summer. You can see what I’m reading too.
    25. 25. Relax and Enjoy