The 2012 State of Social Media and Web Analytics in Higher Ed


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This presentation gives a good quantitative and qualitative overview of how institutions have adopted analytics to inform their marketing decisions. By sharing the main results of the 3rd yearly survey on the State of Web and Social Media in Higher Ed, trends, emblematic success stories and useful resources, Karine Joly will also help you become a web and social media analytics evangelist at your institution.

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  • A century ago, I worked as a news anchor for a radio station – as this historical artifact – a photo taken 15 years ago - proves it And, yes, for the Millennials in the room. We did have computers and we already used them to do sound editing even back then. Although this was kind of a new thing.
  • And, this is how the radio analytics looked back then – the radio ratings were done through phone surveys – twice a year and it was exciting to get an idea of many people where listening us at every hour of the day – and sometimes that we we’re doing better than the competition. It was nice to get an idea of what the statistically representative sample listen before they were surveyed. Nice to get an idea.
  • Radio, newspaper and magazine analytics were nice but when I started to work on the Web in 2000,
  • it was love at first sight – such a powerful channel with out-of-this world analytics.
  • Here’s a peak at the analytics for the first week of April on my blog While I was able to find out twice per year how many people were listening to my morning newscast on the radio, I can now easily find out how many visited my blog, at what time, how much time the spent, what they read, what they did after, where they were and all sorts of other data points.
  • Radio, newspaper and magazine analytics were nice but when I started to work on the Web in 2000,
  • 56% public in 2011
  • Like in 2011
  • “ Using web analytics in our redesign process has proven to be effective in determining what areas departments are putting their efforts into that just aren't getting any traffic and adjusting accordingly.” Ben Greeley, Web Manager at Colby College
  • The 2012 State of Social Media and Web Analytics in Higher Ed

    1. 1. The State of Online Analytics in Higher Ed Karine Joly - July 2012
    2. 2. @karinejoly Slides, Report, Links &
    3. 3. My Love Story with…Online Analytics
    4. 4. 2000
    5. 5. 2010
    6. 6. The Higher Ed Online Analytics REVOLUTION
    7. 7. State of Higher Ed Analytics SurveysMay 2010 n=399May 2011 n=358April 2012 n=344
    8. 8. 2012 Survey n=344
    9. 9. Institution SIZE (# of students)
    10. 10. 58%Public
    11. 11. 94%Non-Profit
    12. 12. 2010, 2011 & 2012 Consistent samples
    13. 13. Show me the data!
    14. 14. 97%track web traffic
    15. 15. Top Online Analytics Tools (2012)
    16. 16. 97%
    17. 17. 62%
    18. 18. 40%
    19. 19. Weekly Time Spent on Analytics
    20. 20. <
    21. 21. < <
    22. 22. <
    23. 23. Top 15 Metrics Institutions Track Page views 85% Visits 84% Unique visitors 80% Facebook Likers 66% Visit length 65% Referring websites 63% Search engines traffic 60% Time on site 60% Geo locations 52% Time on page 51% Average number of page per visits 51% Facebook Likes 50% Page bounce rates 50% Twitter followers 50%
    24. 24. Tracking
    25. 25. Tracking
    26. 26. Tracking
    27. 27. Top 5 Conversions Institutions Track Do Would track like toAdmissions inquiries 35% 46%Adm. applications 31% 48%Web content use 31% 44%Multimedia content use 26% 43%Online donations 18% 41%
    28. 28. Who gets the reports?People whoimplementchanges
    29. 29. Who gets the reports?My boss: 56%His boss: 34%President: 14%The Board: 9%
    30. 30. Top 5 Ways Institutions Use Analytics To improve/redesign the website 72% To inform web content strategy 66% To inform marketing strategy 50% To optimize social media 46% To educate your stakeholders 38%
    31. 31. Behind and Beyond the Numbers
    32. 32. Use Case #1:Institutional “Mobile-Friendly”Website Redesign Lemoyne College
    33. 33. BEFORE
    34. 34. “Because I was able toillustrate both trendswith hard data, I wasable to successfullymake the case for notonly a redesign, but a Michelle Tarby Web Directormobile friendly site.” LeMoyne College
    35. 35. AFTER
    36. 36. Use Case #2:DepartmentalWebsite Redesigns Colby College
    37. 37. “It has been effectivein determining whatareas departmentsare putting theirefforts into that justarent getting any Ben Greeleytraffic -- and adjusting Web Manager Colby Collegeaccordingly.”
    38. 38. BEFORE
    39. 39. AFTER
    40. 40. Use Case #3:Online donationsoptimization University at Buffalo
    41. 41. 6-month referral traffic with direct link to onlinedonation form6-month referral traffic without direct link toonline donation form
    42. 42. “We met face-to-facewith most schools,showed them the statswe had and themajority were shocked Kara Sweet Web Specialistenough to UB Office ofimmediately add the Development Communicationslink.”
    43. 43. Use Case #4:Search Optimizationon… YouTube!The University of Chicago
    44. 44. “I delved into YouTubeanalytics and foundthat none of thesearch traffic to ourvideo was coming Dave Pickettfrom the phrase Social Media Editor University of ChicagoUniversity of Chicagocampus tour.”
    45. 45. Thank you! @karinejoly Slides, Report, Links &