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Open Access for Librarians


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Given May 18 at C&U / TSRT Spring Meeting

Published in: Technology, Education

Open Access for Librarians

  1. 1. Open Access for Librarians: What, Why, and How? Karin Dalziel
  2. 2. Librarians need to be informed of open access publishing methods and ideology because it is becoming an increasing force in scholarly literature.
  3. 3. What is Open Access?
  4. 4. Open access (OA) means immediate, free and unrestricted online access to digital scholarly material, primarily peer-reviewed research articles in scholarly journals. OA was made possible by the advent of the Internet. (Wikipedia)
  5. 5. There are two types of open access: Self-archiving, and open access journals.
  6. 6. Why Open Access?
  7. 7. Not everyone has access. This may be because of money or location.
  8. 8. Open access enables global communication and collaboration.
  9. 9. Open access might keep prices and permissions reasonable
  10. 10. How can librarians help?
  11. 11. Talk about it.
  12. 12. Submit to open access journals and repositories.
  13. 13. Publish
  14. 14. Publish
  15. 15. Publish
  16. 16. Open Access for Librarians: What, Why, and How? Karin Dalziel