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Ywc 2 lesson 10


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Ywc 2 lesson 10

Published in: Education
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Ywc 2 lesson 10

  1. 1. Listen and repeat the countries
  2. 2. England Ireland Poland Scotland
  3. 3. Spain The USA Germany Argentina
  4. 4. Brazil Israel Italy Russia
  5. 5. China France Japan Thailand
  6. 6. Look at the pictures and complete the sentences with a nationality or a language
  7. 7. He is He speaks He is He speaks and English English English Irish Irish Gaelic
  8. 8. She is She speaks He is He speaks and Polish Polish Scottish Scottish Scotts
  9. 9. He is He speaks They are They speak Spanish Spanish American English
  10. 10. We are We speak They are They speakGerman German Argentinian Spanish
  11. 11. I am I speak I am I speakBrazilian Portuguese Jewish Hebrew
  12. 12. They are They speak She is She speaks Italian Italian Russian Russian
  13. 13. I am I speak He is He speaks Chinese Chinese French French
  14. 14. ThaiJapanese She is She speaks He is He speaks Japanese Thai
  15. 15. Bob is American . He is 17 YEARS OLD. Mary is 17 years old. She is 17 years old. My dog is 5 years old It is 5 years old.
  16. 16. My dogs are black. They are black. Mike and Bob are Argentinian. They are Argentinian. We are Brazilian
  17. 17. I am American. You are my friend. You are my friends.