Gender identity


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Gender identity

  1. 1. GENDER IDENTITY CHAPTER 4 By : Karin Ofosuhene
  2. 2. G E N D E R VS. S E X Gender refers to the state of being either a male or a female, it canbe a choice as well. Sex is referred or identified by reproductive functions of the body(biological)
  3. 3. GENDER IDENTITY Transsexual – Someone who undergoes surgery and / or hormonetherapy to identify as the opposite sex. They emotionally andpsychological feel that they belong to the opposite sex they wereborn as. Transgender – Someone that identifies with a gender other thantheir biological one, usually no hormone therapy or surgery is done.
  4. 4. GENDER IDENTITY CONTDThere are so many different kinds of people out there. Just because they arent“normal” doesnt’ mean anyone has a right to dehumanize them.
  5. 5. G E N D E R V S S E X UA L O R I E N T A T I O N Sexual orientation -a persons sexual identity in relation to the gender to whichthey are attracted; the fact of being heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual. Gender – on the other hand is what one identifies themselves as. Who we identifyourselves with can influence who we are attracted to.
  6. 6. CONTD…….Heterosexuality : Being sexually attracted to the opposite sex.Homosexuality : Being sexually attracted to the same sex.Asexual : someone who is not involved in any sexual activitiesBisexual : someone who is sexually attracted to both male and femalePansexual : not limited or inhibited in sexual choice in regards to gender
  7. 7. T H O U G H T S S O F A R ……. Gender and sexuality is such a hot topic. A lot of people struggle withwho they are ,and the confusion of who they are sexually attracted to canbe a struggle. Some may have strong religious values which may hinder them frombeing honest with themselves, especially homosexuals and transgender. Teasing and bullying is also a factor why people are more afraid to“come out”.
  8. 8. S E X UA L I T Y A N D L I M I T A T I O N S Transphobia - is an irrational fear of, people who are transgenderor who otherwise transgress traditional gender norms. Homophobia- fear and or hatred of homosexuals and bisexuals Heterosexism- it is only acknowledging homosexuality as normal
  9. 9. L I M I T A T I O N S C O N T D ….. Homosexuals , bisexuals, transgender, and transsexuals face harmeveryday of their lives. They face rejection , humiliation anddiscriminations from people who do not accept them for who theyare, it is not fair to say the least. People need to be more open mindedand be more accepting.
  10. 10. DISCUSSION QUESTION Do you believe that the idea of Homophobia is real?
  11. 11. L I K E S AND D I S L I K E S I am not too fond of the idea of “homophobia” and transphobia,” I am happy to know that as years go by people are more receptiveto the different genders and sexuality. I am not too fond of people being afraid to come out because thatcan lead to a lot of confusion