Road to Sharkiyah FC


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Road to Sharkiyah FC

  1. 1. Sharkiyah FC Final Group Project FIFA/CIES
  2. 2. CIES DREAM TEAM• Who is the dream team? • Amr Moustafa, Emad Farouk, Karim Fathi, Moustafa Tantawi, Omar Abdallah, Safia Abdel Dayem• What did we do? • Formed a task-force to explore the possibility of the Sharkiyah district bidding for a license to complete in the Egyptian Premier League. • Why? • To provide the Sharkiyah government, and the EFA with the appropriate level of detail • Also, for innovative recommendations for the establishment and operation of a Sharkiyah based Egyptian Premier League team
  3. 3. Business Case Development Development has been influenced by: key government strategy policy and planning documentsclosely aligned to respective state and national football association strategy and policy
  4. 4. WHO IS THE EFA?• The Egyptian Football Federation• Governing body of football in Egypt• Manages the Egyptian Premiere league which represents 19 teams
  5. 5. Alignments Are between state and federal government policy and a Sharkiyah district team in the following areas: Development and success of elite sport in Egypt, and Community building the capacity of national sporting participation in sport, organizations recreation and physical activity, and the building of community sportProvision of community role Focus on driving models and leaders in sport economic growth through infrastructure, skill development and innovation
  6. 6. Ultras Mentality in 2007 increased EFA and the supporters for clubsPremierLeague Clubs are struggling financially due to the revolution
  7. 7. Market ResearchPerformed in Sharkiyah prior to and during the business case formation hasindicated strong public support for the Sharkiyah district teamUsed to build attendance and membership models and was undertaken inApril 2012 * Indicated that 43% of respondents claimed they would attend games, or would be likely to attend during the first season in the Premier League. * A number of 86% stated that they were sure of attending the game if it was against Ahly, Zamalek or Ismaily. Continued research indicated that 39 % of respondents claimed that they would become members if there were more quality facilities
  8. 8. STATE GOVERNMENT FUNDINGSharkiyah government is vital because: Current financial difficulties of teams caused the EFA to seek strong guarantees from any prospective bid A government supported bid is considered an attractive proposition to the EFA Research suggests that private investment in a Egyptian Premier League team would be limited without government support Research suggests that private investment in a Egyptian Premier League team would be limited without government support Many of the companies spoken to were waiting for the state government to take the lead in supporting the bid State government funding could take on many forms including financial guarantee or underwriting, principal sponsorship or annual grant.
  9. 9. Stadium Economics and Match Day VenuesThe 2011-2012 Egyptian Premier League fixture consists of 36 weeks offootballThe district currently has a stadium, which is owned by the PublicUniversity of Sharkiyah It is a 20,000 all seater stadium Average home game attendance of 15,322 spectator Total annual attendance for season home games of 551,231 spectator
  10. 10. ECONOMIC VALUE 1 Provide direct employment opportunities and own income and expenditure for the local state AND by using 50 permanent full time staff, the club would have an annual turnover of 10 million EGP 2 Having 18 home games in Sharkiyah would generate an amount of money to the economy by encouraging new business and enterprises to open around the stadium and club area.
  11. 11. CHOICE OF Sharkiyah dis citi es cap in Sh Pop u trib lation ute d o is ve Its co ital ark r 8 nside The total area of red t is Z e of co tton o be the c aga ya,Sharkiyah is 4,911 Egyp and grain ente zig t, as trade rkm2, about (1,610 large cotto of sq mi). exist n fac there torie . s Sharkiyah has the 10th of Ramadan city, which is a of production city that has many eh ome lso th da zig was a sw ho ha The factories.Zaga mer chant o trad e citiz t ot a an er t l poEurope si n ord ens ,w pul of office th e We st. ith atio n lot ap cot t on t o opu of Sha lati rkiy on per den ah is 1 sity 2 km 2. of 2 ,000,0 ,30 00 0 ci tize ns
  12. 12. S W• 2nd biggest govern ate in Egypt • History of depression in the league• 80 km from Cairo • Not a rich govern ate• Football is the priority sport • Not many local sponsors• Big number of youth play football • Narrow minded minds in sports• Good infrastructure for sporting facilities O T• Big population • The current situation• Many talented players • Sports Law• No competition • Companies law• Government support for private • Illiteracy sectors
  13. 13. R T P O S 1 Known for their preparation and training of horses. Sharkiyah actually produces about 80% of all horses in IS M Egypt. An annual worldwide event is held in September R and all countries who are interested in pure Arabian U horses participate.T O 2 The Sharkiyah hockey team is one of the best teams in Egypt and Africa in terms of number of competitions won, that reaches 12 consecutive African championships.3 Sharkiyah is also home to football star Emad Moteb, as well as Ayman Abdel Aziz, who had a long journey in Turkish clubs. 4 Sharkiyah is also involved in sports such as badminton and three players in the Egyptian national team.
  17. 17. Marketing & Communications Media Ma rke Com ting Relations mu Gove nica rnme tion and Media nt s. Rela tions. Partners. FFA Relations. s. e Re lation at ComC orpor mu nity Rel atio ns.
  18. 18. Structure Board of DirectorsChairman of the board of directors General Manager
  19. 19. Structure
  20. 20. “THE” EVENT
  21. 21. In order to establish a club, a festival should take place in order to increase awareness of our brand.After brief research the following people were born in the Sharkiyah governorate: • Amr Diab: Famous Egyptian singer • Hamada Helal: Famous Egyptian singer and actor • Sir Magdy Yacoub: Famous heart surgeon, known worldwide • Farid Mohamed Khames: Oriental Weavers owner, economist • Cirque Du SoleilIn order to make the event successful these the above 5 must be involved in one way or another.The event will be a football jubilee between Sharkiyah FC and a combination of players from Ahly and Zamalek. .Sir Magdy Yacoub will be guest speaker for the event to highlight on the importance on sports and healthThen Mohamed Farid Khamees, in which he will be offered to handle the sponsoring of the event from A-Z. The president of the club and themayor of Sharkiyah will have a meeting with him in order to persuade him into taking the event, in order to repay for the city that saw hisgrowth and prosperity.
  22. 22. COMMUNICATION THERE ARE 2 TYPES OF COMMUNICATION: INTERNAL EXTERNAL External communication is any communicativeCommunication between stakeholders, staff, effort specifically for people and organizationsanyone who is within the company operating out of our club Create an intranet or in house Advertising system Increase employee loyalty PR Market internally Direct SalesCreate an internal telephone system Sales Promotions Work on team work and team Social Media building Motivate everyone
  24. 24. Legal Aspectsto CONSIDERThe FIFA’s list of the Rules and Regulations and the professional clubs’licences.A list of the African Football Confederation (CAF) Rules and Regulations and the professional clubs’licences.A list of Rules and Regulations from the Egyptian Football Association (EFAEgyptian Sports Law (the governing body sports law)General Egyptian Law and Labour LawThe clubs tax file and their relationship with taxesContracts:- A declaration of the founding of the club (incorporation and partnership)- Contract of land owned by the club- Contracts for procurement- Contracts for workers
  25. 25. RECOMMEDATIONS 2 Law 77 created in 1971 and was All contracts The relationship between the1 3 amended in 1979 and in 2010, is to between the club club, players, management and be changed to allow investments in and stake holders technical team should be a sports so that individuals that invest should be clear to professional one. their money in clubs can actually all parties in profit from it. accordance with local law.