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brief biography of paul cezanne for kids

Published in: Education, Business, Real Estate
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  1. 1. Paul CézanneFrench painter. Born January 19, 1839.
  2. 2. In France…
  3. 3. He was born in Aix-en-Provence in thesouth of France.
  4. 4. He went to school in his city Aix-- Provence
  5. 5. Where he enjoyed looking toward the provence.
  6. 6. After school he went to the university to study law, as his father wanted... But…
  7. 7. He didn´t like it, so…
  8. 8. He went to Paris!!!
  9. 9. to study
  10. 10. Let´s see!1)What was his name?:2)Where he was born?
  11. 11. He used to paint the world as he saw it.usually painted still-lifes and developed the style of using geometric shapesas the basis for his paintings. He believed that everything in the world wasmade up of either a sphere, a cone, a cylinder or a cube.
  12. 12. Now self portrait... How to do it?...