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ATD Florida Suncoast Chapter New Member Orientation


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ATD Florida Suncoast Chapter New Member Orientation

  1. 1. To be the organization of choice for workplace learning and performance professionals in the greater Tampa Bay area by achieving world class chapter distinction. New Member Orientation Our Vision
  2. 2. Welcome! The Florida Suncoast Chapter of the Association for Talent Development (ATD) is a nonprofit professional association serving both local and national members in the Suncoast region of Florida. The ATD Florida Suncoast Chapter is a local chapter affiliated with the National ATD. The chapter's members are practitioners, managers, administrators, educators, students and researchers who work in the field of talent development. 2© ATD Florida Suncoast 2015
  3. 3. ATD Florida Suncoast History Since 1974, the Florida Suncoast Chapter of the Association for Talent Development has been part of the network of affiliated ATD chapters across the United States. At the present time, the Chapter services 182+ active members. 3© ATD Florida Suncoast 2015
  4. 4. Agenda • Our Benefits • Our Website • Our Events • Our Newsletter • Our Board • Sponsors • Corporate Members • CPLP • Volunteers • YOU! 4© ATD Florida Suncoast 2015
  5. 5. Overview The services we provide as a chapter will assist you as a Talent Development professional and help you fit all the pieces together perfectly. 5© ATD Florida Suncoast 2015
  6. 6. Our Benefits • ATD Florida Suncoast members have access to our members only website for job postings: • Monthly networking and marketing opportunities at meetings • Access to other members for sharing ideas, knowledge and experience through our ATD Florida Suncoast LinkedIn Group • Participation in Special Interest Groups like Young Professionals, Elearning, Organizational Development and Sr. HRD • Participation in a Geographical Interest Group in Sarasota • Reduced national ATD membership fees 6© ATD Florida Suncoast 2015
  7. 7. Our Website • Chapter history • Vision, mission, values and code of conduct • Our current board • Events, SIG’s and GIG’s • And more! 7© ATD Florida Suncoast 2015 Our website contains everything you need to know about the chapter: There is a Members Only section where you will find valuable information about Talent Development. These areas are marked with a lock icon at the end of the tab.
  8. 8. Our Events Upcoming events can be found on the home page but ALL chapter events are listed in date order on the EVENTS tab of our website. 8© ATD Florida Suncoast 2015 • Learning Events • Learning Forums • Lunch and Learns • Learning on Locations • Smart Start Breakfasts
  9. 9. Our Events (cont.) Special Interest Groups (SIG) • Organizational Development (OD) SIG • eLearning virtual SIG • Young Professionals (YP) SIG • Senior Human Resource Development (Sr. HRD) SIG Geographical Interest Groups (GIG) • Sarasota GIG 9© ATD Florida Suncoast 2015 We would love your ideas for other SIG and GIG meetings! Please contact Pat Smolen at
  10. 10. Our Newsletter Each month, we publish “The Learning Ledger” and email it to our members and contacts. We also have archived newsletters on our site. (Archived newsletters are for Members only.) Each newsletter provides information about events scheduled for the coming month, lists new members, various educational articles for Talent Development professionals, position referral and our board of directors and their emails. 10© ATD Florida Suncoast 2015 Do you have content you would like to contribute to our Learning Ledger? Please contact Andy Uskavitch at
  11. 11. Our Board (2015) • President: Clara Rose • President Elect: Nick Elkins • Past President: Steve Cascone • VP Member Services: Jim Barr • VP Programs & Workshops: Stephanie Jones • VP Finance: Vicky Allen • VP Marketing and Communications: Kari Knisely • VP Professional Development: Christine Terrill • Secretary: Jennifer Buckley • VP for SIGs and GIGs: Pat Smolen 11© ATD Florida Suncoast 2015
  12. 12. Our Extended Board (2015) • Newsletter Editor: Andy Uskavitch • Sponsor Services Manager: Nicole Cendrowski • Webmaster: Kari Knisely • Community Involvement Manager: Carolyn Eagen • OD SIG Representative: Cindy Moran • SrHRD SIG Representative: Cindy Moran • Sarasota GIG Representative: Susan Lowy & Jo Ann Froman • Young Professionals Representative: Glendon Rowe • E-Learning SIG Director: Nick Elkins • Registration Manager: Jennifer Buckley • Board Advisors: Ed Nolan & Jean Slepecky 12© ATD Florida Suncoast 2015
  13. 13. Sponsors Sponsor Services recognizes and promotes organizations in the local Talent Development community that support the Florida Suncoast chapter. There are two sponsor services programs: • Sponsors of Distinction are businesses and organizations that support the Florida Suncoast chapter by purchasing a full basket of chapter services, including three chapter memberships. • Business Sponsors are independent businesses (consultants, for example) that support the Florida Suncoast chapter by purchasing a select basket of chapter services, including one chapter membership. 13© ATD Florida Suncoast 2015 See:
  14. 14. Corporate Members The Florida Suncoast Chapter of ATD has adopted a corporate membership program that allows corporations to purchase memberships for their employees at discounted rates. For more information, see our website and contact our Sponsor Services Manager (Nicole Cendrowski at 14© ATD Florida Suncoast 2015
  15. 15. CPLP Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP)™ The ATD Florida Suncoast Chapter is proud to offer CPLP Study groups throughout the year to assist those aspiring to obtain their CPLP Certification. For more information see our website and contact our VP of Professional Development (Christine Terrill, CPLP at 15© ATD Florida Suncoast 2015
  16. 16. Volunteers 16 Get the Most Out of Your Membership - Get Involved and Volunteer! • A great professional development opportunity • An opportunity to build your network • A way to give back to the learning profession • Volunteer based on your availability • Projects can be big or small, a one time or 12 month commitment © ATD Florida Suncoast 2015 To learn about current opportunities, contact a board member today!
  17. 17. 17 You © ATD Florida Suncoast 2015 You are invited to take advantage of all the resources and networking available to you. YOU can help us make our chapter even more successful by getting involved as a volunteer. We welcome YOU to our award-winning ATD Florida Suncoast Chapter!
  18. 18. Summary Thank You for joining our chapter. Your Board of Directors is here to serve you, please feel free to reach out to them with questions or concerns. 18© ATD Florida Suncoast 2015