Critical Reception of the High Line


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  • Rise D.Ewa Beach, HISeth J.Denver, COJames C.Uniondale, NYHolly G.San Francisco, CASaya V.Los Angeles, CA
  • Deanne R.Manhattan, NYWendy G.New York, NYIrm M.Manhattan, NYProspect Heights, Brooklyn, NY
  • Good- Beautiful, peaceful for someBad- Crowded, Tourist attraction, increased property values made old family businesses close downGuiliani against high lineJoshua david and Rober Hammond
  • Chelsea has been turned into a tourist utopia, much to the distaste of resident New Yorkers. It has displaced
  • The High Line shows the current trends of the day—looking old and traditional to be authentic.
  • Although the transformation from a crime-ridden industrial district to a safe residential area may seem to be an undeniably favorable development, to those who had long-standing businesses in Chelsea it signaled their demise.
  • Critical Reception of the High Line

    1. 1. High Line Visitors Most people who visit the High Line are tourists. Itis a highly recommended attraction on review sites such as Yelp and Qype. Some New Yorkers have an aversion to visiting the High Line because it has become such a popular tourist attraction. Many of those who have visitedcomplain about the crowdedness of the park and in their reviews recommend visiting hours on weekdays during business hours.
    2. 2. A refreshing change from the “So if you are a tourist like hustle and bustle of the city. Lots An urban oasis. me, definitely make time of great views. Beautiful plants. for the High Line. This wasCool apartment complexes. Theres one of the first things I did a view of the Chelsea Pier that is James C. Uniondale, NY on my trip when I got tobeautiful. What a great asset this is NYC and Im so glad I did.” to the city. Seth J.Rise D. Ewa Beach, HI Denver, C O Not only the design and the atmosphere This park is very well of the park unique and innovative, it has kept, clean, and free transformed a neighborhood which was of weirdos and formally known as the "Death Avenue" Jane R. panhandlers (at least into a trendy, upscale, and more Little when I was there). importantly, family friendly area. Rock, AR Saya V. Los Angeles, CA If you ever visit NY, this place is a MUST SEE! Very serene and beautiful. A stark contrast of what NY is perceived to be and everything that you would expect from NY. A one of a kind park. Holly G. San Francisco, CA Meet the Tourists
    3. 3. Meet the New Yorkers The High Line is not a park in the traditional concept, certainly not to relax. Its a piece ofmodern art, a cool urban construction, a showstage for fashionistas to have more fun, whileadding exotic glamour to mix materialism and nature… Thats why High Line is SO crowded with Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, NY European tourists. Deanne R. Manhattan, NY All the tourist books are touting this as the "new thing to see in NYC." And it really is. But go on a weekday. Wendy G. New York, NY Irm M. Manhattan, NY
    4. 4. TheCriticsDecide…
    5. 5. A Resident’s Response to Tourism"Attention High LineTouristsWest Chelsea is not TimesSquare. It is not a touristattraction.... If you love NewYork, leave it alone.”
    6. 6. “Disney World on the Hudson” A New York Times Op-Ed by Jeremiah MossMoss describes his initial excitement for theopening of the High Line, but he was severelydisappointed with its lack of peacefulness due tocrowded walkways and guards who “admonishedme when my foot moved too close to a weed.” Hedid not feel that the park was welcoming andextends this perspective to the business ownerswho were ousted by luxury residence buildings.
    7. 7. The High Line: New York’s Monument to Gentrification Essay by Michael Bourne“Everywhere you look you see lovingly restored cracked plaster and million-dollar gardens made to look like neglected weed beds.”“The High Line is the distressed skinny jeans of public parks, the gourmet taco truck of urban touristattractions, and as such, it represents the high-watermark of the hipster aesthetic, which venerates poverty and decay as signifiers of authenticity.”
    8. 8. How is the High Line Detrimental?• The new venues and visitors displaced the long standing businesses that were there• Property values rose significantly as business decreased because of new companies opening up shop for visitors and luxury apartment residents• There’s no more room for blue-collar workers
    9. 9. How is the High Line Beneficial?• Since it’s opening, crime rates have substantially decreased in the neighborhoods that the High Line goes through.• Although the old businesses there struggled, the new “hipster” venues flourish
    10. 10. Overall...• The High Line as a park has received positive feedback from tourists and New Yorkers alike, despite the crowdedness• The making of the park has been a successful undertaking in salvaging the remains of an old railway, though it’s own popularity seems to hurt its intention to create a peaceful haven above the bustling city life
    11. 11. Websites•• shadows-of-the-high-line.html?_r=2&hp&• new-yorks-monument-to-gentrification.html•• ion-high-line-tourists.html• yes-above-street-high-lines-second-installment/