TBSS-Scilab Singapore Center Company Information 24 July 2014


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Scilab is an open-source mathematical modeling software that is comparable to Matlab. Scilab Enterprise is committed to the French Government to maintain it as an open-source software. TBSS-Scilab Singapore Center is the partner of Scilab in Singapore.

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TBSS-Scilab Singapore Center Company Information 24 July 2014

  1. 1. TBSS GROUP TBSS-SCILAB SINGAPORE CENTER Scilab Singapore User Group Saigon Vietnamese Delicacy Scliab Vietnam User Group
  2. 2. Saigon Vietnamese Delicacy Scilab Singapore User Group TBSS GROUP ORGANIZATION CHART Scliab Vietnam User Group
  3. 3. TBSS-SCILAB SINGAPORE CENTER Advisor Scilab Singapore User Group
  4. 4. Saigon Vietnamese Delicacy ManagementFee ManagementFee ManagementFee Governance Governance Governance Governance Service Fee Earning General Expenses, Charity, Membership in SingaporeAgreement Governance Sponsor Scilab Singapore User Group Contract Agreement Project Expenses ,Prizes Scilab Projects and Courses EEE Projects and Courses Expenses Expenses ,Charity Projects, Courses, Trading and Services Trading and Services Profit Investment Profit Investment Expenses Management Courses and Consultancy TBSS GROUP RELATIONSHIP DIAGRAM
  5. 5. TBSS-SCILAB SINGAPORE CENTER CAPABILITIES • Oversees and Manages the Center in – Training and Educational Activities – Project and Consultancy – Migration and Deployment – Specialized Developments – Scilab User Group Management, Operations and Support. • Manages, administers and funds the Scilab Singapore User Group. (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/Scilab-Singapore-User-Group- 6715291?home=&gid=6715291&trk=anet_ug_hm) • Manages Scilab projects in Singapore. Scilab Singapore User Group
  6. 6. TBSS-SCILAB SINGAPORE CENTER COMPLETED TASKS • Organized technical talks at Nanyang Technological University, Temasek Polytechnic and Ho Chi Minh University of Technology with TBSS Center for Electrical and Electronics Engineering and TBSS Khai Kinh Co. Ltd. • Established working agreement with Temasek Polytechnic on the use of Scilab in the Diploma programs. • Established working relation with Singapore University of Technology and Design on the use of Scilab. • Established working contact with Nanyang Technological University on the organization of Scilab Challenge. Singapore- Scilab User Group Scilab Singapore User Group
  7. 7. TBSS-SCILAB SINGAPORE CENTER CURRENT TASKS • Finalizing projects and modules for Temasek Polytechnic. • Finalizing Scilab Challenge with Nanyang Technological University. Singapore- Scilab User Group Scilab Singapore User Group
  8. 8. SCILAB SINGAPORE USER GROUP SERVICES • To promote the use of Scilab in Singapore • To provide community assistance in Scilab users in Singapore and support Scilab Vietnam User Group • To facilitate exchange among users • To organize Scilab technical and social activities such as talks, gathering, meetings, public lectures, .. • To set up and maintain social platforms • To provide technical assistance • To co-ordinate with TBSS-Scilab Singapore Center on administrative and governance matters Singapore- Scilab User Group Scilab Singapore User Group