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Se7en analysis (2)


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Se7en analysis (2)

  1. 1. Se7en analysis Director: David Fincher Detective Mills: Brad Pitt Detective Somerset: Morgan Freeman Killer: Kevin Spacey
  2. 2. Seven genre is a thriller jumpy Edge of your seat shocking thriller Unexpect Eye ed opening violenceThriller is a film that keeps the audience cliff hanging at theedge of their seat. Thriller is something that I shocking . Weknow it a horror films because it don’t scare and revealshorrible and worm things.
  3. 3. In this mid shot we see Somersets curtains are closed, blocking him out from the rest of the world which raises the question… why are they closed? This shot also has diegetic sound od the busy street and the water running from his tap.The chessboard is blurred outin the four ground makingSomerset the main focus inthis shot.
  4. 4. This is a close up shot of DetectiveSomerset who is played by MorganFreeman. Somerset’s equipment is all placed down on a table. This shows us that Somerset is a detective; this also suggests how organised he is. Diegetic sounds of detective Somerset taking hold of his equipment.
  5. 5. The audience can tell that this is a thriller film and not a horror because we do not see any worms and are not tolled about how violent it was.Tilting shot reveals thebody to the audienceSomerset’s voice is thesame when entering thecrime scene . This lets theaudience know thatSomerset has been adetective for a long time
  6. 6. This is a mid shot of detectiveMills, played by Brad Pittentering in the crime scene. The style if his clothing suggests to the audience that detective Mills is a cookey and confident guy. Detective Mills is chewing gum whilst speaking.
  7. 7. The camera is tracking Detective Somerset this shows the audience who is in charge.During the scene it israining, Pathetic Fallacy isused to give the sense ofcontinuity as the atmospherebetween detective Mills andSomerset is awkward. There is diegetic noise of a busy city and bad weather. Its raining
  8. 8. This shot stops at a lowangle because Somersetis offended at Mills This is a low angledassumption. shot of detective Mills and Somerset having a conversation. There is diegetic noise of a busy city and bad weather. Its raining This shot shows boarded up shops, bars on windows in this shot but also the audience does not see a lot of the city.
  9. 9. Bags attached to the board suggests evidence to the crime= Behind the chalk board we can see images of victims/past crime scenes which the police have been involved in. The close up of the chalk board shows the seven deadly sins. The seven deadly sins are what the killer follows as he kills his victims, from the scene we can see the killer has killer three victims already and has five more planned