Safeguarding matters winter 2010


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Safeguarding newsletter for voluntary and community groups in the London Borough of Barnet

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Safeguarding matters winter 2010

  1. 1. On October 22nd , after many months of waiting, we finally got a review on the proposed vetting and barring scheme. Can we have something simpler please?! In order to meet the new government’s commitment to scale back the vetting and barring regime to common sense levels, the re- view will: Consider the principles and objectives of the vetting & barring regime, including; who and what really needs coverage; The most appropriate function, role and structures of any relevant bodies and appropriate governance arrangements [e.g. ISA etc]; Recommending what, if any, scheme is needed now; taking into account how to raise awareness and understanding of risk and responsibility for safeguarding in society more generally. And CRBs? A separate review will also consider fundamental changes to criminal record checks including limits on what information can be passed to employers and when they can or cannot ask for background checks and the potential for portability of checks be- tween employers. This is more wide-ranging than first announced in May. It is likely that we may get a report back in the New Year and initial changes coming into force in March/April. Further changes may need legislation and therefore would take longer to implement. Consultation Both are open until the 22nd November:- Vetting and Barring Update Winter 2010 SAFEGUARDING MATTERS ContentsContentsContentsContents ☺ CAF advisor role ☺ Faith and Cultural project ☺ Online Child protection training ☺ Who’s who on safeguarding board ☺ November -safeguarding month To contribute to this newsletter please contact Voluntary and Community Sector events for Safeguarding Month 2nd November 5pm till 7pm - Barnet Supple- mentary Schools Forum - at Avenue House. Discussion with members about their safe- guarding needs. 8th November 1.30 to 3pm - Safeguarding in Faith and Cultural Groups - in the Oak Room at NLBP 4. 19th November 9.30am till noon - CYPNet focus on safeguarding - in the Emerald Suite at NLBP. Unpacking the safeguarding boards and safeguarding in faith and BME communi- ties. See pg 2 22nd November introducing online child protection training 24th November 10am till noon - Safeguard- ing surgery - at the One Stop Shop on the Concourse, Grahame Park. 24th November - Barnet Multi-Faith Forum event for Inter-Faith week. A celebration of the diversity of our commu- nity in Barnet - featuring an overview of a project to increase understanding of safe- guarding issues in faith communities. 25th November - Domestic violence briefing Sangam Centre 30th November - Safe Networks present - new safeguarding resources for voluntary and community groups. see pg 3 Alongside these and other events we also want to draw attention to the new safe- guarding page on and the on-line survey link to participate in discussions about developing safeguarding confidence in faith and BME communities.
  2. 2. The Barnet Safeguarding Children Board (BSCB) is a multi-agency group that ex- ists 'to make Barnet a safer place for all children and young people'. A safer place means children and young people are safe at home, safe in school and safe in the community. BSCB includes a wide range of members from different organisations and commu- nities in Barnet and tries to ensure that services work together effectively to protect children and young people from harm. Your representative on the main board and executive group is Dadia Conti. Sub Groups of the BSCB and your representatives include: Standing Serious Case Review Sub Group: Overseeing all of Barnet’s Serious Case Reviews, monitor action plans and su- pervise and ensure learning for local agencies. [Barry Rawlings] Child Death Notification Panel: A review process set up to investigate unexpected deaths. [Susan Clydesdale- Cotter] Performance and Quality Assurance Sub Group: Set up to explore and carry out work on behalf of the Board in terms of the qual- ity of safeguarding activity and outcomes for children and young people in Bar- net. [Barry Rawlings] Professional Advisory Group: Set up following the restructure of the BSCB with a remit to oversee policy, pro- cedures and practice. [Barry Rawlings & Eileen Martell] Training and Development Sub Group: Training is necessary to ensure that all staff working with children and adults who are parents are appropriately trained to recognise and act on safeguarding and child protection concerns. [Lisa Barry & Eileen Martell] Cross Generational Sub Group: Established to address issues that affect children in voulnerable adult house- holds and transition issues that are the responsibility of both the Safeguarding Children Board and the Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Board. [Barry Rawlings & Peggy Sharp] Other ‘task and finish’ or advisory groups include ‘Faith & Culture’ [Barry Rawlings, Harris Rosenberg & Ally Cooper] ‘E-safeguarding’ and the Gangs Group Page 2 SAFEGUARDING MATTERS What is the Barnet safeguarding Children’s Board? Safeguarding Independence As well as benefiting from an In- dependent Chair [Tim Beach] the Board is also currently recruiting community members who will act as critical friends Have you identified a child, young person or family that needs more support? Our CAF advisor can Answer your questions in confidence Guide you through the process Support you to complete your first CAF Find an appropriate person to complete the CAF Identify or provide a lead professional to manage the CAF The CAF is a simple way to support a child or young person to raise issues and communicate with other workers. Contact Karen Lewis, CAF Advisor Tel: 020 8364 8400 Policies, staff recruitment?Policies, staff recruitment?Policies, staff recruitment?Policies, staff recruitment? Safeguarding Advice Surgery : 10-12pm 24th November One Stop Shop Graham Park estate Inc CRB check service booking essen- Join usJoin usJoin usJoin us at the next Children and Young People’s Network [CYPnet] Friday 19th November to find out more about the Barnet safeguarding board
  3. 3. If you attended the CYPNet meeting in September then you will know something of the work that CommUNITY Barnet is doing to contribute to the Pan London faith and culture safeguarding project. The aims of the project are to improve understanding of safeguarding in faith and BME communities. This is through increasing access and up- take of resources by community leaders – and by equipping profession- als to understand better how faith and culture shapes parenting and child rearing practices. We are holding an event to explore this further at One Stop Shop Concourse Grahame Park NW9 7pm on Tuesday 30th November THIS EVENT WILL BE PARTICULARLY RELEVANT TO SUPPLEMENTARY SCHOOLS AND ORGANISATIONS WORKING WITH FAITH OR BME GROUPS. • What are the safeguarding issues in your community? • What do you want professionals to understand about your faith and/or culture? • Where do you go to get information and advice? Safe Networks are coming along to promote their new materials for BME voluntary and community groups. We have discovered some other excellent resources for different cultural groups which we will be able to tell you how to get for your group. Please contact to book a place. FREE SAFE NETWORKS RESOURCE PACK FOR EVERYONE WHO COMES ALONG. Likely outputs from the project will be guidance and a strategy toolkit and part of the work will include focus groups involving community groups and profes- sionals. In Barnet we will aim to run groups within 2 different Jewish groups and also possibly an Af- ghan group. Different boroughs will be work- ing with different faith and cul- tural groups to try and achieve a good spread and boroughs are working in different ways, for ex- ample, in Hackney, they have a model of community advisors. The questions will also be avail- able as an on line survey To see further details of this project go to this link: karenwalkden/pan-london- Pan London Faith & Cultural Project Winter 2010 Safeguarding in Faith and BME Communities Page 3 Karen Walkden is the lead for Barnet’s contribution in the Pan London Faith and Cultural Safe- guarding Project. This short term project is support- ing London Safeguarding Boards to look at issues affecting BME communities in accessing safe- guarding resources and to de- velop improved confidence for all agencies in working with faith and cultural diversity. New Junior Safeguarding Board 10 young people gave up a day of their autumn break to meet with board members and tell them what the most important child protection issues are for them and their friends. The group included young people who have been in trouble, disabled young people, young carers and young people in care and they came from all over the borough. They want to be safe and keep other children safe too. Interested? Email mark.hinton@barnetchildren .org
  4. 4. Tel: 020 8364 8400 Fax: 020 8364 8488 52 Moxon Street, High Barnet, Herts, EN5 5TS Barry Rawlings safeguarding line 07947 819 Take your level 1 Child Protection course on line whenever or wherever it suits you For those of you, or your volunteers, staff and col- leagues who find it difficult to get to training courses because of time or caring responsibilities have you thought about on-line training? This free course is a good introduction for new staff or anyone who has not been on child protec- tion awareness training. Protecting Children: Developing Basic Awareness (Level A) Online course This online course provides an introduction to key issues in safeguarding children. It is for those who cannot attend the standard face-to face courses provided in Barnet. Is it for me? Yes Level A is for anyone whose work, whether paid or voluntary, brings them into contact with children and families. This includes: children’s organisations administra- tors, sports coaches, drama and music workers, supplementary school, youth group volunteers, and many other groups. How does it work ? Students can study at home, at their desk, or in an IT suite at a convenient time. All students receive a free resource pack to download or print, with information on legislation, useful references and further reading. Students complete each module by passing an online test – they can retake the test as many times as needed. Safeguarding and early intervention service for the voluntary and commu- nity sector This essential service provides organisations with specialist support for safe- guarding policies, concerns over individual child welfare and protection, allega- tions against staff and representation on Barnet’s Safeguarding Children Board. ∗ Specialist safeguarding advisor ∗ Safeguarding Surgery, training and policy development ∗ Criminal Record Bureau checks ∗ Common Assessment Framework Advisor BARRY RAWLINGS safeguarding line 07947 819 642 Email Child protection training– anytime, any place, any where! How much does it cost? Nothing - this course and all materials are completely free. How long does it take? The course comprises 5- 10 hours of learning What dies the course cover? Developing awareness of child protection and child abuse Why children need protecting What child abuse is Appropriate responses if you think a child may b being harmed When to tell someone if you think a child might be being harmed Who to tell Who to inform about known or suspected child abusers, and the local arrangements: what happens in your area? How to tell them what they need to know Making a referral Looking after yourself when dealing with issues of child abuse How do I apply? Contact Barry Rawlings to register and receive your log on password. Still worried? Barry is offering an introductory session and sup- port for people new to safeguarding or to com- puters! When? November 22nd