Barnet li nk training flyers


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Barnet li nk training flyers

  1. 1. Free training for Barnet LINk membersLINk Ambassador Training, delivered by Emma Whitby (Islington LINk) Monday 21st March 2011, 12:00-3:00pm at Avenue House, East End Rd, Finchley, N3 3QE (lunch provided) Ambassadors can represent the LINk at community events and in public places eg the local summer festivals, coffee mornings and drop-ins. They will have publicity materials and information to pass on to the public and be able to explain the role of the LINk, encouraging people to sign up as members. Ambassadors will also talk to people to determine what is working well in the delivery of local health and social care services - and what could be improved. This information will feed into the workplan of Barnet LINk – to ensure that this reflects local priorities.The training is focused on practical skills that LINk members can use when speaking about the LINk andcollecting information from local people on health and social care services. Training to include listeningskills, boundaries, confidentiality, disability awareness and what it means to be a representative.Effective Representation at Meetings, delivered by Sally Brearley (HealthLink)24th March 2011, 6:00-9:00pm Venue: Avenue House, East End Road, Finchley, N3 3QE(refreshments provided)This workshop is for members who represent the view of Barnet LINk members at a variety of differentgroups, committees, boards and network meetings. It is also suitable for members who would like to getinvolved with the LINk work in this way. There is a lot of doubling up at present, and a broader team ofpeople willing to represent the LINk would mean that the workload can be spread more evenly.If you can make a commitment to attend meetings for the LINk (largely in the day time) – and to providevery brief reports back – then this could be the workshop for you. Fill in the slip overleaf to book your place.Enter and View Training, delivered by Elizabeth Manero(HealthLink)
  2. 2. Dates and venue to be agreed – contact us to register your interest.LINks have statutory powers to look at the way that health and socialcare services are being delivered locally. One way of doing this is toundertake Enter and Views. These take place through a small team oftrained LINk members – and can include hospital wards, day centres,GP surgeries, care homes and a variety of other services. This is afascinating area of work - and one where LINk members can make areal difference. After the Enter and View the team will makerecommendations for changes, and there is a requirement for localproviders to respond to these recommendations.Enter and view training involves commitment to attend 5 half day workshops – 2 are introductory, 2include real Enter and Views (one health and one social care) and one is a review session at the end of theprogramme. Once we know who is keen to have the training we will contact you to arrange the dates.Contact the office 020 8364 8400 or e-mail to book your place. Or fill in the slip below and send it Barnet LINk at CommUNITY Barnet, 52 Moxon Street, Barnet, Herts EN5 5TS – or hand it in to a member of staff.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -I would like to attend: Please tick below:LINk Ambassador Training (21.3.11 12-3pm)Enter and View Training (24.3.11 6-9pm)Effective Representation at Meetings (tbc)Contact details:Name:E-mail address: Many thanks from the Barnet LINk Steering Group Team