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Cannes Lions 2015 Trends


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A personal view on the key trends at the Cannes Lions 2015.

Please feel free to download, improve, and share the credits.

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Cannes Lions 2015 Trends

  1. 1. Photo Credits:
  2. 2. DATA DRIVEN CREATIVITY Photo Credits: The Guardian
  3. 3. “Creativity is fuelled by Culture and Code” AOL Photo Credits:
  4. 4. Lions Innovation is a festival within the festival that takes place for the first time during Cannes Lions week. It’s a unique two-day event where data, technology and creativity will intersect. Today, data and technology are driving creative solutions in ways never seen before, and at a rate that’s unprecedented. Photo Credits: Cannes Lions and Mish Fletcher
  5. 5. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Photo Credits: The Guardian
  6. 6. Photo Credits:
  7. 7. Google Cardboard – Mobile Grand Prix Photo Credits:
  8. 8. EMPATHY AND INTENTION Photo Credits: The Guardian
  9. 9. “It’s not about who’s right, it’s about what’s right. There’s a new age of accountability.” Pharrell Williams Photo Credits: Forbes
  10. 10. Photo Credits:
  11. 11. “As people become more aware and engaged around climate change and societal inequality, they are increasingly holding businesses and brands who aren’t part of the solution to account. Brands need to have more depth and breadth to engage consumers. Connecting purpose to purchase.” UNILEVER Photo Credits:
  12. 12. Glass Lion – The Lion for Change recognises work that implicitly or explicitly addresses issues of gender inequality or prejudice, through the conscious representation of gender in advertising. NEW FOR 2015: GLASS LION – THE LION FOR CHANGE
  13. 13. Whisper – Glass Grand Prix (and more) Photo Credits:
  14. 14. THE GREATER GOOD Conversations, seminars and awards (for unbranded campaigns) celebrating ‘The Greater Good’ were a highlight at the Cannes Lions 2015 Al Gore on Climate Change Monica Lewinsky on Cyber Bullying Jamie Oliver on Trust & Education Photo Credits:, The Daily Mail and Andrew Parsons
  15. 15. EVERYONE IS CREATIVE Cannes Lions is becoming a festival that celebrates creativity as a whole, no matter where it comes from. Testament to this are three Grand prix winners this year. Google Cardboard – Mobile Grand Prix Soundcloud – Radio Grand Prix Apple – Outdoor Grand Prix Photo Credits:, The Drum and
  16. 16. City Of Buenos Aires – Grand Prix Press Photo Credits: Ads of the World
  17. 17. City Of Buenos Aires – Grand Prix Press Photo Credits: Ads of the World
  18. 18. City Of Buenos Aires – Grand Prix Press Photo Credits: Ads of the World
  19. 19. City Of Buenos Aires – Grand Prix Press Photo Credits: Ads of the World
  20. 20. Great Work … Doesn’t shy away from data, it embraces and simplifies Uses Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and technology to enhance Doesn’t overcomplicate, it simplifies Has a purpose, gives something in return Can come from anyone, anywhere!
  21. 21. And most importantly Remember to have some fun doing it! Photo Credits: David Griner