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Two sisters in grade school start a successful rock painting business and donate a portion of the proceeds to a worthy cause—breast cancer prevention organization "Get In Touch."

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  1. 1. ":! *-i r-. i ,. ,,:,,i11-:3. :t. r]rrj :,: r.t flsabella and Soledad Meade really ty know what it means to rock. ln fact, they do it every day after they finish their homework! Even though theyre only in elementary school the sisters from Milford, Connecticut, are already the owners of Rock On, a painted rock business that they acciden- tally started back in May 2010. Accidentally? Well, kind of. The whole thing began as a gift for their mom. "On Mothers Day I decided to make my mom a garden because she likes plants, and I thought it needed colo;" says lsabella, 10. "So -4f I painted some rocks." Soledad, 8, noticed that l. her sister could use some creative help, so she began arranging the rocks around the garden to make it look even more beautiful. When they showed the garden to their mom, she was overwhelmed. "lt was a sur- prise, and we yelled Happy Mothers Day!" { : Soledad says. "My mom kept saying, Thank ,{ you so much,and gave us lots of hugs." H Their dad was also impressed with the girls work. "Our dad said we should start our own il business," explains Soledad. H :; *==<**MH
  2. 2. r" riii;iil :it ;r ,, , ;r.r 1r" il;j il*l :il Ever the proud papa, Mr. Meade put the ,$ , . pictures of the rocks on his Facebook page. tiil People began to take notice, posting mes- ill sages asking how much they cost. Then they ;lK {"{9, began ordering rocks. The family couldnt .3i1 mom*a Mother,s Day gift that launchei lrri""ri. believe it! " ,But earning mone)/ for themselves wasnt With the help of their family, the two set enough. The girls wanted to use the rocks to up a workstation over their garage. Rocks and benefit others. "lm a helper person," says paint take up two huge tables, one for paint- lsabella. "l have all these ideas in my mind ing and the other for drying. "We do it one at that are too big for me, but I am always think- a time," says Soledad. "l do the background ing about how I can help people." and when it dries, Bella does the design." Every year the family donates to a home- Lately theyve been thinking about painting less shelteri but the girls wanted to do even other things, too. "My dad found these chairs more. 5o they decided to hold a rock-painting our neighbor was throwing out," says lsa- contest as a fundraiser for Get ln Touchi a bella. Mr. Meade brought them home for the non-profit breast cancer awareness organiza- girls to paint. They werent up on Facebook tion started by a family friend. People paid more then a few days when they, sold. $5 to enter their painted rocks in the contest. "lm getting better as an artist, and ljust Others made generous donations. When it want to grow with our business," says Soledad, was ovel the sisters had raised $ZSOI The giv- who plans to be a full-time artist when she getst ,ing;exp,erribhce felt so good, they decided they older;tHopefullyWe can continue to make, wQuld donate a portion of all of Rock Ons l money for college.". profits to Get ln Touch. "And help the community," lsabella adds. @