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Kids product


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Kids product

  1. 1. Alfy PRSRT STD 40 Oakview Drive U.S. POSTAGE Trumbull, CT 06611 PAID CLINTON, IL PERMIT NO. 401 lf y! Hi, I’m A ide and Come ins fr iends. meet my here’s so Hur r y! T do! much to Free Gift The Sample Family 123 Main Street Inside 2nd Line ! Anytown, USA 12345 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////O59598101 FREE Adventu Inside! Activity M re & e! Alf y The Max! Learning To for a spin! Get ready to take your brain
  2. 2. Why Clever Clubhouse Special Limited-Time Offer! Rocks! Get a $2500 Add It Up! American Express® Gift Cheque The “Ant Parade” will teach your when you try Clever Clubhouse with the first month for only $1 child invaluable math and logic skills. You could be encouraging Wouldn’t you like an American Express® GiftSprinkle a future engineer or architect! Cheque? Use it for things on your “to do” list with your child, like going to the latest museum exhibit, Some heading over to the new sports complex that opened down the street, even buying some brand- Magic! Let’s Chat new books to add to their growing collection. Or, just use it on anything you Improve your child’s vocabulary and might need for your family. We’d like to verbal skills in “Word Machine.” This will help improve their spelling, help you make your life a little simpler! grammar, and reading skills. How about a future writer or politician? Go to to use your Magic Decoder. Go to Get Creative m/dedicatedurl Coloring and puzzle games will get your child’s creative juices flowing! They’ll also be learning about nature and the world around them. Clever Clubhouse Reply Form Artists and botanists need apply! Complete ALL information and return Please reply by: X/XX/07 in the enclosed postage-paid envelope. Please print clearly in blue or black ink. By signing below I can claim my $25.00 Gift Cheque Sample Sample and review my Clever Clubhouse® membership 123 Main Street Second Line materials with the first month for $1, charged to theAbracadabra! Science Rules Anytown, USA 12345 credit card account I have provided or paid for with the check I am enclosing. If I decide that Clever Clubhouse Go to Every future doctor or health care ❑ Charge the $1 to my ❑ Visa® ❑ MasterCard® ❑ American Express® is not for me, I’ll cancel my service during the one- worker will need to know about the Credit Card Account Number Expires month trial period by calling toll free. Unless I call various body systems. In “Body Basics” I_I_I_I_I–I_I_I_I_I–I_I_I_I_I–I_I_I_I_I I_I_I–I_I_I cancel during the first month, my Clever Clubhouse membership will be automatically continued at the $11and use your Magic Decoder to see your child can learn about lungs OR monthly fee, or then-current monthly fee, charged to and muscle groups. ❑ I am enclosing a check for $1, made directly to Clever Clubhouse.things no one else can. This is not the credit card account I provide or deducted from my checking account associated with the $1 check I have Please make any corrections to the information above:hocus-pocus! You’ll be able to solve enclosed, without my having to do anything further. I ________________________________________________________________ may cancel at any time and owe nothing further. Thefun riddles and reveal secret messages ________________________________________________________________ $25.00 Gift Cheque is mine to keep.meant just for you. Go to ❑ Yes! I want to claim my $25.00 Gift Cheque when I try Clever Clubhouse! and sign up to play over 90 FUN, educational games with your child! Please sign here. (Required for processing.) This form entitles you to a $25.00 American Express® Gift Cheque and to try Clever Clubhouse for one month for only $1!
  3. 3. Alfy’s Jokes How would you like to have some pure learning fun & Riddles My Just for your child and you? et One ivity Use your Magic Decoder at Something that could help improve student test scores... Me and get all the answers! Oh, you’ll be amazed at what your child can do. ? How do you make a tissue dance? of Alf y’s ook There’ll be tons of activities for Reading, Writing, ? What bird can lift the most? B Fri ends! Math, and more. Your child will never again say: “Learning’s a bore!” You’ll be expanding your child’s brain. ? What is a skeleton? Think of all the knowledge to be gained! ? What is someone who steals things to read? Hi, I’m D arby! luck— So, come along with me, Alfy, I’ll show you the way. Just my ? What do you call a bee that drops things? I broke t he Let’s go online to Clever Clubhouse Detach your Activity Adventure Here! ck! bank’s clo Where there are over 90 exciting games to play. help ? What is a sad thing you put on your foot? Will you ? me fix it This award-winning experience is designed by experts Who know education ? Why is Russia a very fast country? And, are renowned throughout the nation. ? How many words can you make from the Darby is just one of the many It’s also 100% advertisement free, So your child can surf like a learning banshee! word "animal"? friends you’ll make at Clever Clubhouse. ? Knock, knock. She’ll help you learn to Share Clever Clubhouse with your children ages three to eight Oh, the wonder of learning — it can be so great! Who’s there? tell time. But you’ll go on The site even provides a measurable score Aitch… even more fun learning So you can track your child’s progress, compared to before. adventures with Jasper, Pip, ? What can run but not walk? Squeak, Laney, Gotan, and Peep. You’ll be giving your child the skills to succeed ? Why does the chicken cross the street? in school. om Alf y Now that’s just plain cool. ? Did you hear about the cat who ate wool? Your Fre e Gift Fr You can almost feel teachers all over becoming ecstatic That your child has become a learning fanatic! Go to
  4. 4. Prepare your kids for a lifetime of learning fun with Clever Clubhouse . Clever Clubhouse is an online Web site filled with learning fun. Get Sudoku Fun! Every row and column must contain all the numbers 1 – 4. access to over 90 high--quality educational games and activities designed by teachers and child development experts. Children ages 3 to 8 will play age --appropriate activities to improve their learning skills. As your child progresses, activities become more advanced, challenging their intellect. 3 Find Alfy! Your child will enjoy activities and build skills in: Color Alfy! Reading Writing 4 Math Geography Science 1 Art With Clever Clubhouse, you will be instilling the joy of learning 2 Detach Your Activity Adventure Here! for a lifetime. Enjoy continuous privileges and convenient billing. You can review your membership materials with the first month for one dollar. If you decide Clever Clubhouse is not for you, you can cancel your membership during that time by calling toll free. Unless you call to cancel during your one-month trial period, your membership will be automatically continued Help Alfy find his car! at the $11 monthly membership fee, or then-current monthly fee, billed each month to the credit card account you provide, or deducted from the checking account associated with the $1 check you enclose, without your having to do anything further. Your Word Scramble satisfaction is important. You may call toll free to cancel at any time after your initial trial period and owe nothing further. ehmo ______________________ Share the power of knowledge with your kids today. Don’t delay. payl ______________________ Join Clever Clubhouse now! Return the attached form or go to oolc ______________________ url sbte ______________________PC System Recommendations: Pentium®-class processor running at 233 MHz minimum; 64 MB RAM; 64Kbps modem; Microsoft® WindowsTM 95, 98, ME, NT, XP or2000; Microsoft Internet Explorer® 4.0 (or higher) or Netscape Navigator®/Communicator 4.0 (or higher); Macromedia Shockwave Player 8; Flash Player 5 (freedownload). Macintosh® System Recommendations: iMacTM or PowerMac G3 with 233 Mhz processor minimum; 64 MB RAM; 56Kbps modem.Clever Clubhouse is a service of Trilegiant Corporation in conjunction with Clever Island and ALFY, Inc. Trilegiant Corporation may modify or improve any part ofthe service at any time and without prior notice. Clever Clubhouse is a registered service mark of Trilegiant Corporation. rfiden ______________________ Answers: home, play, cool, best, friend© 2006, Trilegiant Corporation L59598101
  5. 5. Magic DecoderLog on nowto reveal my secret messages to you!
  6. 6. © 2006, Trilegiant Corporation K59598101
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