Better health survivor story


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Born nine weeks before their due date, twins Madison and Miranda Landino were facing risks typical for premature infants, including low birth weight and breathing problems...

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Better health survivor story

  1. 1. a survivor’s story NICU provided expert care for premature twins Born nine weeks before their due date, twins Madison and Miranda Landino were facing riskstypical for premature infants, including low birth weight and breathing problems. Fortunately,the twins’ early arrival last July was at the Hospital of Saint Raphael, where experts in theNewborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) provided the specialized care they required. Better Healthwriter Karen Pasacreta recently caught up with Marc and Michelle Landino of Branford toreflect on their daughters’ journey. Michelle Landino stared down family to lean on whenat several early photos of her there were setbacks. First,adorable 10-month-old identical the twins lost weight;twins, as she shared their story. then they needed blood“During your delivery, you get transfusions; thencaught up in the excitement about Madison developed apnea,seeing your babies. But when you a condition common infinally get to see them and this is preemies, and wouldwhat you see – well, it was hard,” stop breathing for noshe said, referring to photos of the reason. “It would usuallytiny newborns hooked up to large happen when she wasbreathing tubes. eating,” Michelle recalled. Madison and Miranda were Sometimes it would lastborn at 31 weeks via emergency Preemies at birth, twins Miranda and Madison Landino for a second, other times aC-section in what is now the (l-r), shown here with their parents, Michelle and Marc, bit longer, but before are happy and healthy today.renovated Vidone Birth Center at Madison was allowed to goSaint Raphael’s. After they were generally between 34 and 36 home, she had to have a full weekborn, the girls were immediately weeks,” Golioto explained. without any episodes. Through itwhisked away to the NICU, where Saint Raphael’s NICU, with all, the Landinos’ spirits remainedthey were placed on respiratory its dedicated team of neonatologists high. When the day finally arrivedsupport and had specialized and other neonatal specialists, – the day both girls could comecatheters placed to provide their provides advanced care 24 hours home together – “I cried, Marcnutrition. The girls weighed under a day, seven days a week for babies cried,” Michelle said.4 pounds each. born as early as the 28th week of Today, Marc marvels at the girls’ “Delivering nine weeks before a pregnancy. “Because we have up progress. “Every time they dodue date is not that uncommon in to just 10 patients at a time, we are something new, it makes me feelmultiple births,” said Annmarie able to provide personalized care so good inside,” he said. “I like itGolioto, M.D., medical director of for babies and their families,” when I walk in the room, and theythe NICU and an attending Golioto noted. light up and get happy. I haveneonatologist at Saint Raphael’s. For Michelle and Marc, Saint the perfect family!”“But when babies are born that Raphael’s NICU was a second With a highly trained andearly, there are risks that the team home for 37 days – a place where specialized staff – includingneeds to be prepared to deal with.” they would bond with their babies neonatologists and other neonatal Miranda and Madison both and deliver expressed breast milk specialists as well as respiratoryneeded special tubing called three times a day. “The staff therapists, lactation consultants,continuous positive airway pressure, made us feel as if there was nothing physical therapists, social workersor CPAP, which goes under the wrong with our babies,” Marc and others – Saint Raphael’snose to keep the lungs from said. “It was a very comfortable NICU delivers advanced care tocollapsing. “Both babies required atmosphere and always welcoming. premature babies born as early asbreathing assistance because the It began to feel like family.” the 28th week of pregnancy. Tolungs are the last organs to mature, And, it was important to have learn more, visit Saint Raphael’s MAY/JUNE 2011