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Ufa Ppt 1


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UFA Business Consulting Presentation

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Ufa Ppt 1

  1. 1. Ultimate Fashion Apps Business Consulting Service
  2. 2. UFA’s Target Customer: Fashion Boutiques and Fashion Retailers
  3. 3. Problem• Sales are down• Larger stores offer best deals• Customers no longer loyal• Taking a loss with heavy markdowns• Sales Associates don’t apply themselves
  4. 4. Solution• Get an appointment with UFA • Professional evaluation of operation: sales history data, sales strategy, employee evaluation, marketing and merchandise evaluation • Add new UFA tools beginning with a new Ultimate Focus for your company, a UFA business and marketing plan including a UFA merchandise plan.
  5. 5. Fashion Retail Counseling• Big Changes = shifted roles• Evaluate needs = beneficial UFA plan of action• Put innovation and technology to work• Restructure: branding, advertising, management, selling techniques, merchandise mix
  6. 6. UFA Services• Comprehensive UFA Business Plan• Customized Merchandise Plan• Marketing and Promotional Plan• Sales Strategy• Customer Experience Enhancement
  7. 7. WEST COAST MARKET SCHEDULE Market SeasonOct. 15 - 18 LA FASHION MARKET SPRING 13Oct. 15 - 18 Accessories, Gift Show SPRING 13Oct. 22 - 24 LA INT’L TEXTILE Fall/Winter 13Jan. 14 - 17 LA FASHION MARKET SUMMER 13Mar. 18 - 21 LA FASHION MARKET Fall 13TBA LA INT’L TEXTILE Spring/Summer 14June 10 - 13 LA FASHION MARKET Holiday 13Aug. 12 - 15 LA FASHION MARKET Holiday/Resort 13Oct 14 - 17 LA INT’L TEXTILE Fall/Winter 14/15
  8. 8. Contact Us•• E-mail:• Karen Mathis (858) 457-0277