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Twitter, facebook, or youtube


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Twitter, facebook, or youtube

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  2. 2. Where are you getting the most traffic? Twitter?  Facebook? Youtube?
  3. 3. I was just over at the Daily Blog Tips blog reading  10 Simple Tips to Get More Page Views  and noticed that the author asserts you should forget about getting a lot of traffic from Twitter.  I found this to be an interesting comment, as so many people hype up Twitter as the best website on the planet to constantly get a stampede of traffic.  Based on what I am noticing in the very early phases of marketing this blog, I would have to agree with the author that Twitter traffic ain’t quite what it used to be. As with many marketers, I go through phases when it comes to social media marketing.  I’ll get really into it, then I’ll get burned out and focus on other stuff.  I used to be really focused on building a huge Twitter following and putting out at least 10 tweets per day linking to blog posts, Youtube videos, and so on.  This used to work quite well, as my Twitter traffic alone would often be 100+ visitors per day (nothing mind-blowing mind you, but pretty good for free marketing). After taking a break from Twitter for several months, I am now promoting this blog through my Twitter network again, and it’s interesting to see that Twitter traffic is much less than it used to be. The main way I am currently getting traffic to this blog is through Facebook.  As of now (keep in mind that this baby is brand spanking new) I am only getting about 5% of my traffic from Twitter and about 90% from Facebook.  The rest is coming from random Google searches.  (Google traffic is a whole other subject, but it’s sure to pick up significantly on this blog in the next few weeks).  I get most of my traffic from my Facebook fan pages and one of my person profiles.  Not only is the quantity of Facebook traffic  much greater, but I sense that the quality is as well.  I can’t confirm this, but I get the impression that Twitter traffic is pretty lame in general.  Maybe a lot more spammers on Twitter than ever before?  It’s hard to say.  Or maybe people just aren’t paying as much attention to the live tweet stream.  I know that I really don’t.  If I want to focus on what people are saying,  I will always use Facebook.  It’s more in-depth and allows for a more powerful level of engagement.
  4. 4. What about Youtube?
  5. 5. Well, I personally have not done much Youtube marketing on my blog yet, so the jury is still out.  I think it really depends on your niche.  In the information marketing niche, the Youtube competition is ferocious.  It’s pretty tough to break into that scene when you have some of the top marketers on the planet that you’re competing against.  In other markets, Youtube can be a phenomenal source of traffic.  For instance, the membership site at  Fuzzy Yellow balls  has relied on their hundreds of thousands of Youtube views to drive traffic to their site and sign up for their membership. Personally, I am most intrigued by the potential of Facebook marketing far and above any other social media site.  While I still place a strong emphasis on Google traffic ( I am having my SEO team do lots of link building, article submissions, and press releases for this blog), my personal energy is going into Facebook more than any other site.  Since it’s relatively easy to build out large fan pages (through PPC, friend adding, and integrating your fan page with your blog) that drive high quality traffic, and it’s generally a more fun marketing medium than just about anything else I have tried, I am leveraging Facebook as my main asset for taking my business to a higher level in 2011.
  6. 6. What about you?  Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube?  Who is winning the traffic war?
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