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Summary 简介


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Summary 简介

  1. 1. What is asummary?
  2. 2. Summary 简介 page 36 Based on the passage文章 in page 34 – 35, write a summary of: 1. How the Haitians海地人 helped each other and 2. The contributions贡献 of others其他人 towards对 the Haiti earthquake地震 victims受害者Your summary must:- Be in continuous连续 writing form方式 (not in note笔记 form)- use material资料 from lines行列 7 to 37- not be longer than 130 words, including包括 the 10 words given给予 below以下Begin开始 your summary as follows如下:The Haitians searched寻找 the rubble瓦砾/碎石for days很多天 andthey dug挖 …
  3. 3. 1. How the Haitians helped each otherLine no. 10They dug with their bare hands手无寸铁 for survivors生存 者.They shared共享 the little仅 they had拥有andcomforted安慰 each other彼此 in sorrow悲伤.Line no. 12A group of一群 Haitians found a 6-year-old boy still alive活着 in the rubble threethree days the earthquake after days afterdevastated摧毁 Port-au-Prince海地首都.
  4. 4. 1. How the Haitians helped each otherLine no. 16Haitians working together to help neighbours andstrangers陌生人.Line no. 20A lot of people who have been working don’t have simplethings like hammers钉锤, saws锯 and picks鹤嘴锄, butthey’ve pulled a lot of people out alive.
  5. 5. 2. The contributions of others towards the Haiti earthquake victimsLine no. 13When Mennonite Central Committee (MCC)基督教志愿组织worker, Ben Depp happened to see the Haitians struggling挣扎inthe rubble, he was able to get a hacksaw钢锯and a flashlightthat helped them complete完成 the boy’s rescue拯救.Line no. 23Countries from all over the world send aid援助 in various不同forms类型 to Haiti.Line no. 24Voluntary志愿 organisations组织 responded回应 immediately立刻 by going to Haiti and organising举办 the recovery复原 andrebuilding重建 of Haiti.
  6. 6. 2. The contributions of others towards the Haiti earthquake victimsLine no. 25People collected donations捐款 and sent money, food andclothing衣服 to help the victims.Line no. 27Four-year-old Jack rode骑 6km to raise money募捐 for thevictims of Haiti’s 7.0 magnitude earthquake.
  7. 7. 2. The contributions of others towards the Haiti earthquake victimsLine no. 28Jack Murphy rode a total of 6km in support支持 of theCompassion慈悲 Fund基金 which has already raised over$1 million for Haiti since自从 the quake.Line no. 35Jack’s inspiration灵感 came from Charlie Simpson,another little boy who rode his bike around a local当地park in Fulham, West London to raise funds for Haiti.
  8. 8. Suggested answerThe Haitians searched the rubble for days and they dug withtheir hands for survivors. They shared the little they had,despite尽管 their poverty贫苦. They comforted each other insorrow. Haitians found a 6-year-old boy alive in the rubble afterthree days. MCC worker Ben Depp lent借 a hacksaw and aflashlight to complete the boy’s rescue. Haitians workedtogether to help neighbours and strangers. They didn’t evenhave simple tools工具 but pulled out many people. Manycountries sent various forms of aid and voluntary organisationsorganised the recovery and rebuilding of Haiti. People collecteddonations and sent money, food and clothing to help thevictims. Four year-old Jack Murphy, like Charlie Simpson, rode6km to raise money for the victims. The Compassion Fundraised one million dollars for the victims. (131 words)