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Fall berthelson newsletter


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Fall berthelson newsletter

  1. 1. BERTHELSON family B Y T H E N U M B E R S nnn Alex and Karen had a great trip to Louisiana. We went over a long weekend and crammed in as much as possible, includ- ing two football games, tailgating with Mr Keith, trying oysters with Ms Cindy and Mr Greg, and checking out the city of New Orleans. the
  2. 2. LSU Alex and I had a great time playing in Louisiana. He got to meet several of the people that I visit for work. Mr Greg has now met my father in law, my husband and my son. Guess it is time for Jasmine to come out now and have a Louisiana weekend! Alex with the oyster shucker Alex eating his first oyster. He tried them three different ways that night! Alex with the infamous “Mr Greg”.
  3. 3. Karen got an early Christmas present - a new camera. This was one of the first pictures taken with the new camera. I have the prettiest daughter! Notice the fruit on the trees in the background. Are you ready for some grapefruit and lemons? Jasmine got asked to go to the Fall Formal - such fun!
  4. 4. Bret had a chance to go back to Chicago/Milwaukee for a quick weekend visit. Top priority was to stop by his old office. He misses his “farmers” family. He also spent time in Chicago with the Zafir family and the Dodd family. Here is Nikki and Nate outside one of our favorite spots - Portillo’s. We miss our old friends and wish they would all come and visit us. Alex and Bailey doubled and went to Fall Formal.
  5. 5. Bret loves to dress up for Halloween. This year he was Coach Ditka. How did he do? JASMINE CREATED THIS AMAZING PIECE FOR HER ART CLASS. CAN YOU TELL THAT SHE IS A CUBS FAN? No surprise we love Halloween at our house. Bret and I met Halloween nine years ago.
  6. 6. Jasmine and Alex dou- bled for Homecoming. We had fun taking pictures before the dinner and dance.