langkah dan cara menjana pendapatan


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langkah dan cara menjana pendapatan

  1. 1. 1 © Ultimate Youtube – Adsense Blueprint How do we make money? ~Main Method~ Remember that in this part, we only take action in the 2nd Gmail that we’ve created in the last step of the previous book. If we take action fast & carefully, we will see the result in the next 24-48 hours. During your first attempt to try this method, it maybe take you longer but when you understand all the system and how it works, then you can only spend 1 – 2 hours / day. I want to give you a heads up that almost every person that I taught this method to didn’t believe that this method works when they first started. But when they see the results, they all say “omg, I can’t believe my eyes”, “Amazing method”.  It’s a very BIG problem for newbies. They don’t believe enough in any method so they never take action or never stay in 1 method till they succeed. Newbies usually start making good money when they have a coach. A coach will motivate him when feeling bad, show you right direction, and the best thing is a coach will say “You do right!”, “just do it!”, “pm me if you need my help”, “You will succeed, don’t worry” to you, because he know what you will achieve in future. It’s my experience. Now, we all stop reading any WSOs, relax, read carefully, take action step by step then see your result. Now, are you ready? 1. Sign in to your YouTube using your new Gmail. Create channel when YouTube asks you then STOP right there.
  2. 2. 2 © Ultimate Youtube – Adsense Blueprint We also leave this channel alone. Don’t upload any videos on it too. Why? You will understand soon. 2. Now we will create the 2nd channel by using this Gmail. How to create unlimited channel in 1 Gmail? - Choose “All my channels” and click “Create a new channel”. If you don’t see option “All my channels”, just click to “YouTube Settings” then click to “Create a new channel”. - Type in channel name you want. Choose “Other”. Tick “I agree” then Done. Now you have a new channel. We will take action in this channel. Make sure you are in the 2nd channel before doing anything. Never do anything with the first channel.
  3. 3. 3 © Ultimate Youtube – Adsense Blueprint This way, you can create unlimited channel with 1 Gmail and without phone number verifying it. But don’t do it too often if you don’t want google to verify your phone number. We only need 4 - 5 channels for 1 Gmail. Only create new channel when you really need one. To be safe, we should create 1 more Gmail then make more channels in it. Or you can do it later. Now we have: 1 Gmail for AdSense (don’t touch). 2nd Gmail: First channel (don’t touch), 2nd & 3rd channel (use for this project), 4, 5… 3rd Gmail: First channel (don’t touch), 2nd & 3rd channel (use for this project), 4, 5… 3. After we make a new channel, we must to integrate this channel with AdSense. Because if you don’t or forget, your channel’s earning will be never counted in AdSense account (IMPORTANT!!!). - Step 1: Enable Monetization for this channel. We go to “channel settings”, click “Enable”
  4. 4. 4 © Ultimate Youtube – Adsense Blueprint - If you can’t see the word “Enable”, maybe you forget use “United States” for location when create Gmail. We will fix it quickly. Go to “Advanced” in “channel settings”, choose “United States” for Country. Click “Save”. Done. - Now we come back to settings then click “Enable” in “Monetization” - Click “Enable My Account” - Tick all, then Click “I accept”.
  5. 5. 5 © Ultimate Youtube – Adsense Blueprint - Click “Got it”. Done. - Step 2: Integrating Channel with AdSense account. Go to “Channel Settings” again. Click “View monetization settings” - Click “How will I be paid?”, then click “associate an AdSense account”
  6. 6. 6 © Ultimate Youtube – Adsense Blueprint - In next screen, click “Next” - Click “Use a different or new Google Account. Because now we are working in the 2nd Gmail, and we want to integrate it with AdSense account that you used which is the 1st Gmail account that you created. - In next screen, click “Yes, proceed to Google Account sign in” - Now we choose “Sign out and …”
  7. 7. 7 © Ultimate Youtube – Adsense Blueprint - Sign in with the AdSense Gmail. - Next screen, click “Accept association” - Click “Next” - Now we are in screen that google ask you “Choose an account”. We choose Account that have the channel that we want to integrate to AdSense. - Now YouTube ask “Use YouTube as …” we will choose the channel that we are working in. Done! Go to Monetization menu to make sure your channel is integrated with AdSense.
  8. 8. 8 © Ultimate Youtube – Adsense Blueprint 4. Now we will upload videos to channel. What videos to upload? - Go to:, Choose “United States” trending. - For example, we choose keyword “Narendra Modi”. Click the link below this keyword then we will go to New York times. Read quickly to know what the keyword is all about. Now we have 1 main keyword (Nerendra Modi) and 4 related searches keywords (India election results, India elections, modi, election results). - Go to: then download Free YouTube Download then install it. You can use TD Downloader as well. - Go to YouTube then search for each keyword. First, search “Narendra Modi”. We will copy videos links in search result then paste to Free YouTube Download to download them. Now you can understand why we don’t choose keyword “Godzilla”? Because YouTube will show all “trailer videos” for this keyword. It’s hard to upload these type of videos. What videos to download, these are the rules:  Don’t choose videos that > 14 mins 59 secs. Because if you want upload videos more than 14 mins 59, you must to verify phone number for this channel. But we don’t need it. 14 mins is enough.  Don’t choose videos of some big channels. Like NBC, BBC News, etc., something like that. After you use this method about 1 month, you will know/remember what channel you can copy video from and what’s not. So don’t worry much when you start. - We upload all videos to YouTube, publish it. Remember that only upload and publish. Don’t do anything else. We will optimized it in next step.
  9. 9. 9 © Ultimate Youtube – Adsense Blueprint - If you see any videos that show “Matched third party content” or something like this, just DELETE it. - Select all videos that you have just uploaded. - Click “Action”, then choose “More actions…”.
  10. 10. 10 © Ultimate Youtube – Adsense Blueprint - Choose “Category”, “Description”, “Location”, “Monetization”, “Tag”. Choose each action like this picture, set “Location” to any location in US, then STOP. - Come back to Google Trend, then go to article. - Copy 10 – 20 lines of article.
  11. 11. 11 © Ultimate Youtube – Adsense Blueprint - Paste into “Description”. - Come back Google trend again, copy these keywords, paste into Description too.
  12. 12. 12 © Ultimate Youtube – Adsense Blueprint - Open “YouTube keyword Scraper”, write your main keyword then click start button. We choose some keywords that you think it good then paste into description again. Make sure you add comma between them. If your computer can not play .jar file, just go to then install java. - Copy all the keywords to Tags.
  13. 13. 13 © Ultimate Youtube – Adsense Blueprint - Click “Submit”. We done optimized all videos. - You can change each videos title if you want. - Now go to “Video Manager”, refresh browser. If you see any videos that show (!) then click edit. Because YouTube don’t let you monetize this video. You will use this video to drive traffic to videos that be able to monetize.
  14. 14. 14 © Ultimate Youtube – Adsense Blueprint - Go to “Annotations”. - Make an Note like this. You can make 2 note or more to drive traffic to some other videos if you want. Click “Publish” to complete. After this step you know how to re-upload video and optimize it for SEO. Video SEO for trend is a bit different with normal video SEO. For some reason you will worry that why we do SEO so simple and easy. But in my experience, it’s good enough for your income. It’s REAL experience, not some f*cking myths that you have read before. This method use keyword that have trend in 1 – 3 days. So you never worry about do too much SEO like buy view, like, dislike, subs, share, … It’s not worth your time. Doing more can make
  15. 15. 15 © Ultimate Youtube – Adsense Blueprint you earn more, but you must also evaluate if which action is worth your time or not. Think about it! Full video SEO techniques are used for sales videos, affiliate videos but not in this case. Some examples: - Rank in top of Youtube: And
  16. 16. 16 © Ultimate Youtube – Adsense Blueprint - Even rank in top of Google in just 10 minutes:
  17. 17. 17 © Ultimate Youtube – Adsense Blueprint Yes, base on my real experience after ranking many videos on top of Youtube and Goodle. And you wouldn't want to stop there, cause your videos would still be on the right side alongside of other videos as suggested videos. 5. Rinse and repeat. Now we will choose other keyword and do all step again. You will see 5 – 10+ trending keywords a day for US. You need to work with all of these keywords. The more you work, the more you’ll earn. Once you are familiar with this method, you will do it faster. When you have done the United States trending keywords, use another country’s trending keywords. I usually work with Australia, Brazil, Canada, United Kingdom, or anywhere that you see a keyword that have good trendings.
  18. 18. 18 © Ultimate Youtube – Adsense Blueprint For a new AdSense account, sometimes you will see your earnings from YouTube will be counted in AdSense after 1 – 2 days, then will be counted immediately. Now you are understand how to make money in YouTube. In the next book, I will explain some IMPORTANT things about Youtube - AdSense. But don’t read the next book before you do this method at least 2 days. Making money first then learn how to keep it safe. See you soon!